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NOTE: First published on December 11, 2020. The “Published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this is to avoid mistaking it as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting”, by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

If I said it once, I said it a gazillion times, that quite a great majority of No Bullshitting Blog (NBB) contents are inspired by Harry Agina’s encounters with nature, humanity, and other creatures of planet Earth; and even other faraway planets and their own creatures, meeeeeen!!!

And, yes, NBB is most often radical and hard-hitting as a Social-Critic, because it was born of Harry Agina’s deep hatred for the annoying bullshitting culture in Nigeria, where too many politicians, too many Elder Statesmen, and too many so-called “Opinion Leaders”  fail to speak out the truth POINTEDLY or DIRECTLY, against all the evils in Nigeria, and the crooks that commit those evils. The culprits conveniently hide under the fucking notion or mentality that is called POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. Yes, indeed, many are too fucking POLITICALLY-CORRECT when they address the POLITICAL and LEADERSHIP rot in Nigeria. This ammounts to PURE COWARDICE or/and EVIL HYPOCRISY. They are too cowardly to OUTRIGHTLY CONDEMN the crooks that ruin Nigeria in the name of leaders, all in the fucking name of being politically-correct, meeeeeeeen!!!

So, No Bullshitting Blog (NBB) was created as an ANTIDOTE to the bullshitting POLITICAL CORRECTNESS culture in Nigeria. NBB wants to POINTEDLY and HARSHLY say things as they should be said; as a common saying goes, “to SPEAK THE BLUNT TRUTH, AND SHAME THE DOGGONE DEVIL,” meeeeeen!!!


However, folks, beneath all that HARDNESS and RADICALITY, No Bullshitting Blog does also posses some SOFTENESS that bears some messages of love and encouragement to my fellow men (and women, of course). And, today’s NBB “nah wan no bangarang,” as my Jamaican in-laws would say; meaning that I don’t want to speak about any commotion or trouble or problem today. Instead, “I-man hafi bring unu some peace and love…seen?” Meaning that I have brought you all, some peace and love…have you seen, or, can you see?

        Hahahahahaa!!! You can see from some of my past blogs, and today’s blog, that I am determined to teach my fans a little bit of the little and simple-level Jamaican Patois (pronounced Patwah) language that I posses.


My love or encouragement message today is dedicated to a Nigerian great gentleman, apparently, who I met over the phone by some stroke of chance, just few days ago. Our meeting was over a minor business mix-up, but, due to his great nature, we quickly overcame the little mix-up, and instantly hit it off as friends. I speak of CALLY CUSSONS, owner of one of the best and most successful International Business Schools operating out of Nigeria today.

        He is a little physically challenged (not handicapped as some people erronously put it), but he is SUPPERBLY endowed with great nature, great attitude, and importantly, great tallents and knowledge. All these qualities have apparently rewarded him tremendously in business successes, and therefore, obviously endowed in material ways, too. A little digging in Cally’s life reveals that his Sean Cally Business School (SCBS) delivers “cutting edge Consultancy and Training to Governments, Higher Education Institutions and Corporate Organizations,” not just in Nigeria, but worldwide. If you ask Cally’s SCBS team who they are, they will simply tell you that they are “A team that loves to see Governments and Higher Education Institutions in Africa compete with their peers globally.” Now, if you want to expatiate on this info, then google “Sean Cussons Business School.”

Yeah, I know; you must think that Harry has been paid handsomely to say all this and shower Cally with hypocritical encomium; right? W-r-o-n-g…wrong!!! If you have been a fan of NBB for a while, then you must know that Harry ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeen!!!

        I say all this because Cally excellently fits my topic of the day, and, the topic is drawn from my infotainment music of the day, which is titled “ARISE.” And, in turn, the music talks about arising and rising above challenges that life may throw at you.

Anyway, my topic and message of love today was INSPIRED by, and dedicated to the owner of SCBS, my new friend, CALLY CUSSONS, who is a little physically challenged, which, as a lion, he has CONQUERED. The message is generally dedicated to all the physically challenged persons out there who have also challenged their challenges, and made good lives for themselves.

        And, importantly, it is my challenge to all the physically challenged folks out there who believe that physical challenge means the end of life. Many of them actually have so much tallents or gifts that God gave them to make up for their physical challenges, but they allow their weak minds to put them down. Too many of them resort to begging, wasting their God-given tallents, which they can apply to excell even better than majority of the people who are not physically challenged, meeeeen!!!

To such weak minds, I offer the song “Arise,” which was written and sung by a beautiful lady of song with equally beautiful voice, who is named Etana.

       She starts with “I was born strong, I was made the best, I met so many hard times, and I thought I couldn’t make it. See, I had my trials when my pillows dried my eyes. Then the moment came, and my wings still fly. Arise!!!”

Oh yes, indeed! Etana tells you to arise and overcome all the challenges that you believe to have brought your life to an end, meeeeeen!!!

     As motivational speakers would tell you, “It ain’t over yet, until it’s over,” meaning that it’s only over when you actually drop dead. God ain’t done with you yet, except if you give up trying. Trust me; I know what the fuck I’m talking about. To God be the glory, I don’t even have any physical challenge, but I have also gone through those trials and trbulations, too…all mortals do, meeeeeen!!!

       But, no matter whatever you may call a handicap or challenge, either physical or otherwise, you can ARISE above it, as long as you have the right attitude.

Etana says in this beautiful song that she is “hurting, but not broken…down but I won’t die…” Putting it differently, you may be down, but not out, and you shall rise again if you don’t give up. “…Soon I will reach the sky, and still arise,” says Etana.

        She says that it’s a mystery, how she still believes that in spite of all she has been through, she can still push through. “See, I have all power they can’t see with their eyes,” she says.

       And then, she talks about that POWERFUL thing called FAITH, which she refers to as “a little thing called faith.” Have faith in yourself, and faith in God, and “that makes broken wings fly.”

“…If I see how to sell my song to win, I can take it, I can make it…”

I wanno sign off with that last line, to say that Etana may be challenged or “handicapped” in other ways, and she may not have any other gift, but she pushes foward with that one gift from God, her music tallent, which she recognizes. And, sure enough, it is definitely pulling her through, and she is making a great life for herself.

       And, folks, I must say, damn, Harry sure knows how to pick great music! And, even if you refuse to hail me, I’ll hail my doggone self, meeeeen!!! Hahahahaaaa!!!!!!!

So, can you stop whining about your challenges already, and try to recognize your gifts from God, just like my new friend, to whom I dedicate today’s No Bullshitting Blog…and I know, that you know, that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeen!!

So, here is Etana, with Arise!!!: https://youtu.be/SHs556OGGzM

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