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Here’s introducing, “No Bullshitting” Blog (NBB), and its components! My name is Harry Agina, and I am the blogger. “No Bullshitting” is a journalistic pseudonym for the blog. NBB was born out of the blogger’s acute disgust with a pervasive hush-hush mentality among contemporary Africans. There is hardly “Freedom of Expression” among the people. This is most prevalent in Nigeria, West Africa. So, Nigeria is the primary focus of No Bullshitting Blog. It is an Analytical Socio-Political Critic, and a Public Enlightenment Democratic Project. Generally, it addresses the leadership and followership issues that have bedeviled Nigeria since her 1960 independence. However, this site offers much more than the No Bullshitting Blog. It aims to share the African Culture with the rest of the world. The idea is to contribute towards bridging the InterCultural-Understanding Gap Between Africans and The Rest of The World. Let’s start with the blog first:

THE BLOG BACKGROUND: Nigeria has gone through protracted military rule since her independence. For this reason, contemporary generations of Nigerians grew up with little or no knowledge of democratic principles. Democracy finally arrived in 1999, and the people have been learning the ropes. But criminal and evil politicians have refused to accept the paradigm shift. They insist on autocratic rulership, instead of democratic leadership. They have bastardized democracy into what is better called demo-crazy, or demonstration of craze. The democratic principle of “Freedom of Speech” is one of the most regrettable casualties in this demo-crazy. The crooks in power victimize dissenting voices, so, the people are too scared to condemn the evil rulership.

BLOG CHARACTER: No Bullshitting Blog (NBB) was born as a dissenting-voice, to defy the expression and information censorship in Nigeria’s demo-crazy. It is an antidote to the foolishness that Nigerians call “Political-Correctness” in expression of opinions. The culprits fail to pointedly speak the truth about the atrocities of Nigeria’s evil rulers. They call it being “politically-correct.” So, No Bullshitting Blog counters with extreme radical bluntness, to the delight of most sincere uncompromised Nigerians. The “political-correctness” culprits sound polite and nice; and, NBB is absolutely rude and hard. The culprits tend to rigmarole with “nice” words that amount to saying nothing in clear condemnation of the bad rulers. ‘Mr. No Bullshitting’ says, ‘To hell with that nonsensical hypocritical niceness!’ When a political ruler is a thief, we must call him a thief, point-blank. ‘Mr. No Bullshitting’ does this radically, in befittingly rude, hard, nasty, and direct language. There is no niceness, no fear, no favor, and no bullshitting!

The writing is in simple flowing colloquial or informal style, for simplicity, and for joyful reading. In other words, for “Effective Communication,” it is written without much gigantic or bombastic grammar. This is important, for the reason that the blog is for the literate as well as not-so-literate masses. Indeed, the masses are the main target of the “Public Enlightenment Campaign” that the blog stands for. “Objectivity-cum-Sincerity” is the motto of the blog. ‘Mr. No Bullshitting’ is very particular about being absolutely factual. ‘He’ avoids unsubstantiated allegations that may malign, or slander, or defame the character of a subject.

The Christian Holy Bible has it that, “Evil triumphs when good people keep quiet.” The Holy Qur’an of Islam also contains something similar. In this instance, evil triumphs in Nigeria because too many so-called good people—critics, “opinion-leaders,” and elder statesmen—only pretended to speak out. In reality, they are saying nothing! They are too busy nonsensically beating around the bush with fancy words. They refuse to ‘hit-the-nail-on-the-head’ with direct or pointblank truth to condemn evil. It is all a bunch of bullshit, indeed!

So, to do it right, ‘Mr. No Bullshitting’ was born, with ‘his’ “No Bullshitting Blog (NBB).”  ‘He’ was born as a rude antidote to the nonsensical political-correctness of Nigerians. ‘He’ has the befitting character and language—no “political-correctness,” no niceness, and absolutely no bullshitting! ‘He’ has no unwarranted or undeserved respect for anybody who should be lambasted! ‘His’ character is as radical as they come—rude, nasty, and direct—no fear, and no favor!

          Importantly, the masses of Nigeria are loving it, and I’ll tell you why, pronto! ‘Mr. No Bullshitting’ is expressing their opinions, and in the angry manner that reflects their own anger. The blog has developed great followership over the couple of years that it has been in existence, for this fact that it is speaking the minds of the masses. In other words, great majority of Nigerians have always hated Nigerian rulers. They curse them out for their bad rulership, but their voices are hardly ever heard. So, in rudely and bluntly condemning the bad rulers, the radical ‘Mr. No Bullshitting’ speaks for the angry masses in the language and attitude that they love. Also, a majority of the elite who do not benefit from the bad rulership also love the blog, too. Many do reach out in various ways to show their appreciation of the blog. Specific examples include a couple of Nigeria Federal High Court judges in Abuja. They found me on Facebook and called me on Messenger. One judge in particular, like many other persons, confessed his wish that his position as a judge did not bar him from being like ‘Mr. No Bullshitting.’ He would have love to express his own anger about Nigeria’s rulership and followership, as No Bullshitting Blog does. And, as for non-Nigerians out there in the world, they get a true uncensored feel of the atrocious political situation in Nigeria!

It is common global knowledge that the so-called Nigerian political leaders in Nigeria’s current demo-crazy, are actually rulers. It is also common knowledge that too many of them commit untold atrocities while in power. Sadly, rather than pointedly speak the truth to shame the devil about the atrocities, my typical Nigerian senseless “politically-correct” culprits seek and find some nonsensical, verbose, rigmarole ways to say it. They feel that they must sound polite and nice when they condemn bad rulers and bad “highly placed” members of society. They call it “political-correctness.” They often get so politically-correct that their comments turn out sounding more like words of encouragement to the crooks. I see this as a product of fear and/or hypocrisy. Some of the culprits don’t want to be seen to be condemning the wrongdoers, for the reason that they are scared of repercussions. You really can’t rightly blame some of them a lot, you know! We’re talking about a society that has rampant assassinations and other forms of victimization by agents of the evil rulers. Another sect of political-correctness mongers do so because it favors them, one way or another, not to condemn the rulers. They benefit from those wrongs.

Mind you, this is not only about the bad rulers; it’s about the followers, too! Too many Nigerians are bad followers. Some Nigerians, the so-called masses whose country is being destroyed by the evil rulers, are very quick to verbally attack critics of the evil rulers. They want everybody to be nice when we condemn the acts of the bad rulers. In fact, many don’t even want anybody to condemn the bad rulers at all. ‘Mr. No Bullshitting” has something to say about such bad followers, too. Like the politically-correct elites, the followers do have the scared, and the ignorant hypocrites among them. The hypocrites do know that the rulers are bad, but stupid sectionalism sways them to support the evil rulers. If a given ruler is Hausa-Fulani Muslim from northern Nigeria, for example; too many foolish Hausa-Fulani Muslim followers revere him. This means that they agree with whatever he tells them to do, or say.

Such blind followership does happen in other tribes and religions, but I advisedly choose Hausa-Fulani race for my example. It is a fact that they are more blind in followership than the rest. Unlike the northerners, southerners, who are predominantly Christian, have their limits in taking directives from anybody. No wonder, it’s a great sight for sore-eyes to see the current political revolution among the northern Nigerian Hausa-Fulani youths.

OUR AFRO-CULTURAL EXCHANGE CATEGORIES: Our contribution towards better understanding of the African Culture by the rest of the world comes in various forms. We offer what we call “AfroCultural Dramas.” Obviously, this is our “InfoTainment” category, where we entertainingly inform you about the African Culture through dramas. Seeing is believing, and we do have quite a number of them to see already; so, please check them out through our menu. We also offer you our “AfroCultural Titbits” Category. This is where we also regularly give you narrative information about the traditions and other elements of the African Culture. Again, we have quite a bit of those already for you to check out, too. And then, we have “Africa News & Sports,” among other categories. In essence, we are an AfroCentric InterCultural Exchange shopping mall for ya! If you want to find out some of the simple cultural differences between Africa and the rest of the world, this is the place to come, henceforth.

ABOUT THE BLOGGER: Again, I am Harry Agina. I am a Nigerian-American, aged 65 years, as at June 24, 2022. I am originally an Igbo man from Anambra State of southeast Nigeria, in West Africa. I emigrated from Nigeria to the United States of America as a student in 1979 after my Secondary School (High School) education. I eventually Naturalized as an American citizen in 1986. I am a very versatile Communications Professional, encompassing various areas. They include Broadcasting; Journalism; Writing (with published books); Theatre Arts; and Telecommunication/Motion-Picture Production (TV Programs & Movies). I do possess two Bachelor’s degrees—in Theatre Arts and TV/Film Production—and a Master’s Degree in Mass Communication. All my tertiary education was in the United States of America.

I am a progressive traditionalist, so I love to introduce my tribal origin and brief history whenever I get the chance. The southeast region of Nigeria is the heritage of my indigenous Igbo race of Nigeria. At the time of this writing (2021), the southeast region is comprised of five states, namely, Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu, and Imo states. A version of history has it that my Igbo people are descendants of Eri. He was the fifth son of Gad of ancient Israel, as contained in the Christian Holy Bible. And, Gad was the seventh of Jacob’s twelve children (“the twelve tribes of Israel”). This information is found in the Book of Genesis 46: 15-18, and the Book of Numbers 26:16 & 18.

History has it, and archeological evidence suggests that, thousands of years ago, Eri and his entourage emigrated to West Africa. They settled in a place that was subsequently named “Agulu-Eri” in the present Igbo land in southeast Nigeria. From there, they dispersed to various locations of the southeast region. “Agulu-Eri” means the abode or the place of Eri, and it was established as far back as the 10th century (about 948AD) upon the arrival of Eri and his entourage. Then, the gradual inevitable cultural evolution from their original Hebrew name and identity followed. The result is the present culture, and the name, “Igbo” or “Ibo” as some call it.

This blog is among my various works in the Communications field in the areas that I already mentioned. They are contributions of a man who left Nigeria as a youngster for education in the USA, in the 20th century; went through the educational and professional phases in diverse or versatile Communications; and then, in the 21st century, shuttles between Nigeria, his original country, and the United States, his second country. My mindset is to study the current situation of Nigeria; and, to impact her in various ways with my American knowledge and professional experiences.

My first return to Nigeria as a Communications Professional was in 1996. I was contracted from Texas to establish the Programs and Production Department of Africa Independent Television (AIT). It’s the first privately owned International (Satellite) Broadcast Television Station ever to come out of Nigeria. AIT became the trendsetter for quality programs and programming in Nigeria, the first to compete with the western world in TV Broadcasting. My responsibilities as the pioneer Head of Programming and Production included Manpower Development—Training and orientation of Production personnel, on state-of-the-art production equipment, and production techniques. They included producers, cameramen, scriptwriters, editors and other technical personnel. My two-year establishment contract with AIT ended in 1998, after which I returned to Texas, which has been more of my permanent home than Nigeria.

Finally, I seize this opportunity to announce the coming of “No Bullshitting” in the form of a book. Um huh, the book will be published in the second quarter of 2023, and there is a reason for this timeline. The book’s subtitle is “A Journey into the ‘Fourth Republic’ Nigeria.” The “Fourth Republic” is still ongoing, and will continue indefinitely as long as there is no more military overthrow of the present democracy. Naturally, the “No Bullshitting” book cannot continue forever. So, my cut-off point is the present tenure of President Mohammadu Buhari, which ends in May 2023. If you think that “No Bullshitting” Blog is intriguing, then the more daring book will literarily blow your mind away!!!

Trust me as I say that “No Bullshitting” book is well researched, highly intriguing and informative. It tells you about the goings-on in the successive atrocious governments of Nigeria, since her “Fourth Republic” commenced in 1999. It will certainly be a global bestseller, and I hereby pitch it to major publishers around the world to express interest in publishing it with me.

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