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Note: First published on May 19, 2020. The “published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this info is to avoid mistaking the piece as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.

The governors of the six states of the Southwest Region of Nigeria recently took a great bold step toward true federalism in Nigeria. They took a step to, legitimately and indirectly force the Federal Government towards True Federalism. I hail them for that trail-blazing initiative. The region has applied one of the important prescriptions of the nation’s “Federal Republic” constitution. The constitution grants independence or autonomy to all the federating states, in policing and security matters. Like the others, this element of true federalism has not happened so far. This is Nigeria, where every human concept is peculiarly corrupted to grand ridiculous heights, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Anyway, this is now, and the southern governors have finally took the bull by the horn. The voted in favor of creating regional policing units, one each in the three zones of southern Nigeria. They are defined as Militant formations. They should call them Regional Police Units; but, who cares about the name? I don’t! The important thing is that they protect the society, just as, or better than Nigeria Police.

Now, the great “Amotekun” Security Outfit has emerged from the stables of courageous governors and sociocultural leaders of the Yoruba land in the southwest region. “Amotekun” has defied the corruption of federalism, and the federal government can’t do shit about it. Sadly, the governors of the remaining 30 states in the federation are goofing–big time!!! They fail to key into the “Amotekun” revolutionary initiative to power the consolidation of policing federalism. They have various excuses that don’t amount to anything to me. In my No-Bullshitting language, I would simply call the excuses nonsensical. But, hey, I wanno be nice this time, with conscious effort to defy the spirit of No Bullshitting in me. My point is, if the southwest can do “Amotekun,” so can all other regions. Why all the excuses, huh? “Amotekun” is already legislated, and the federal government cannot possibly discriminate against the other states. What is good for the goose, is definitely good for the gander, period!!!

For my foreign readers that missed the “Amotekun” saga, this regional security outfit was jointly established earlier in 2020 by the six States that comprise the southwest region. “Amotekun” is Yoruba name for leopard, and the initiative is an emergency response to the rising insecurity in the country. It is a pragmatic response to the scary and escalating atrocities of bandits, kidnappers, and Fulani herdsmen in the region. The response has become imperative, to address the huge deficiency of the nation’s bastardized, overwhelmed, inefficient, and ineffective Federal Police System. The atrocities pervade across the entire Nigeria. But, as the governors of the southwest region took the bold step to secure their people with “Amotekun”, the governors of the other five regions have been busy playing cowardly subservient politics with the federal government.

Do remember that No Bullshitting Blog seriously frowns at religious and racial or tribal stereotyping. Our notions that there is good and bad in every tribe, every religion, indeed, within one individual. No wonder, I condemn a man today for evil or bad deed, and the next day, I must praise him if he does good, period!!! So, when I use words such as evil Fulani herdsmen and jihadists, please remember that there are great Fulani people, indeed, great Fulani herdsmen, too. The good ones do not support the mayhem of the evil ones. Importantly, the good Fulanis far outnumber the bad ones; just as my good Igbo people far outnumber the bad ones. I have Fulani friends that show me more love, and they are more useful to me, than many of my Igbo friends, and even brothers. That’s a fact!!! But, as they say, unfortunately, “empty (bad) vessels make more noise than full (good) vessels.” The “noise” of the terrible  Fulani herdsmen-cum-jihadists, is louder than the sound of the good people of the entire Fulani race in Nigeria.

Anyway, back to my “Amotekun” topic. I am especially disappointed with the Igbo governors and the “Ohaneze Nndigbo Socio-Cultural Organization. I hate their extreme subservient approach to the matter. In my No Bullshitting language, I would call it ass-licking. But, again, I wanno be nice this time, to respect my governors and the Ohaneze elders. However, even in that respectful mood, I still have to say that I am truly embarrassed, very appalled, quite ashamed, and extremely disgusted by their style. Those leaders that I respect, are behaving like total cowards, like men without any ‘balls,’ otherwise known as “sissies.” Please note that I have not called my Igbo leaders sissies; no, sir!!! I say that they are behaving as if they are all sissies; there is a big difference. They are “behaving like,” because I thought that they are not sissies. So, I wonder why they are pretending to be sissies. Yeah, I know; try to make sense out of that rigmarole, meeeeeeeen!!!

Their trending display of slavish weakness on global television, is utterly disgraceful to me Here’s my knowledge of the “Amotekun” situation, in a nut-shell: Nigeria is a federation, similar to the American system of democracy. In federations of the world, the federating units or states have the right to establish various agencies or systems to run their governments. They are largely independent of the federal government. The federal government is like a coordination center to hold the federating units together as a country. My interest here is true federalism in policing or security systems. In the USA (whose system that Nigeria has basically copied), for instance, there are several independent policing and security systems. There are federal central agencies, including the “Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),” the “Central Intelligence Agency (CIA),” and Federal Marshals (attached to the Courts and the Justice Departments). CIA is the nation’s International Police.

And then, there are several Security or Policing Agencies of the federating states, including the State Marshals, County Sheriff Departments, down to City/Town Police Departments. A state is made up of several counties; and a county is made up of several towns and cities. The State of Texas, for instance, has 254 Counties, comprised of about 1,752 cities and towns. And, each of the counties, each of the cities and towns has its own Independent Police Department.

So, the USA federalism that Nigeria has copied, prescribes that all Nigerian Cities, LGAs, States, and the Federal governments should all establish Independent Police Departments of their own. All the policing departments have their own jurisdictions. And, none steps into the jurisdiction of the other without agreement and permission. When the FBI (the federal police) enters any county or state or city, the case must be a federal case. The FBI has no power to get involved in state or city cases, except if it can show that the case has a federal link. And, even then, it has to be with cordial collaborative stance, not bossy. If a state or city police needs help from the FBI, it requests it.

And, when a sheriff of one county enters another county, or the police of one city enters another city to pursue a case that is linked, it is in collaborative mode. If one county pursues a fugitive that crosses state borders, it is also collaborative. The visiting police must report to, and carry the host state or city police along. For instance, when New York City Police enter the city of Dallas, it is often because the same suspect or criminal has operated in both cities. So, they often collaborate to track or prosecute him/her. Sometimes, arguments arise on which city has the upper hand in prosecuting the suspect. It is a collaboration/help/support relationship, similar to the relationship policy that guides the global Interpol.

That’s my “nut-shell” analysis of federalism in policing, in the democratic world. The bottom line is that Nigeria’s federal government is wielding overbearing unconstitutional powers, which usurp the powers of the federating units. Please forgive Mr. “Nut-shell.” ‘He’ gives me no room for expatiation on these concepts and policies now. I only want to briefly establish that Nigeria, as usual, has taken a global democratic concept called federalism, and bastardized it pitifully into an autocratic demo-crazy.

I had a chat with my learned friend, a lawyer, Walter Orji, who grew up, schooled, and practices law in the USA. He also practices law in Nigeria. I asked him to compare Nigeria and USA in federalism. The gist of his response is summed up in the late Fela’s statement that Nigeria is a demo-crazy, or demonstration of craze. I constantly affirm this fact. So, I ask my key questions to all that read this:

  • How the hell did we even get to this situation where the federal government flagrantly usurps the powers of the federating units?…
  • Why and how did the federating units allow the federal government to subjugate them so?
  • When we started bastardizing federalism, why didn’t we just officially change the name of our governing system altogether?…

So, yes, indeed, I am very proud of the southwest governors and socio-political leaders for the bold “Amotekun” step to grab the usurped power back from the federal government. And, I am amazed and appalled that the other 5 regions that are comprised of 30 states did not follow suit. Instead, they are hiding under nonsensical cowardly excuses. Everybody (especially in the south) is clamoring for “restructuring,” and when a good chance to be pragmatic emerges, people in power are chickening out.

The effect of “Amotekun” the Leopard, and the differences in the non-‘Amotekunized’ regions are clear!!! Whereas “Amotekun” the fearsome Leopard is howling and roaring in the southwest region, putting the fear of God into killer herdsmen, kidnappers, and other criminals; southeast governors and Ohaneze are busy begging the federal Police Inspector General for protection from the criminals. And, whereas criminals are scampering out of the “Amotekun” region; bad Fulani herdsmen are still seen in southeast region toting illegal AK47 rifles that are slung over their shoulders, in clear view of the public, in broad daylight, with utmost impunity.

Trending now is that southeast governors and the Ohaneze Socio-Cultural organization are subserviently virtually weeping on TV. Rather than follow the trailblazing Amotekun, they are weeping that their masters have not granted them the permission to take what is already theirs. It is already in the power of the state governors, according to our constitution, to apply the federalism in protecting their people!!! The southwest governors understand the nation’s federalism, and, they have the balls to grab their rights to establish “Amotekun.” On the other hand, the southeast governors are apparently ignorant of their full rights as the Chief Security Officers of their states. They are busy complaining that the Inspector General of Police of the federal government “is reneging on his earlier agreement” to permit them to do their constitutional job. Their complaint is currently trending on Nigeria TV, including the AIT where I saw them virtually weeping…and, that’s a whole lot of bullshitting, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

As always, I invite opinions and critiques to enrich my blog. And, please don’t forget to share.

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