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NOTE: First published on December 16, 2020. The “Published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this is to avoid mistaking this piece as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

I will go in hierarchical order (top to bottom) of culprits in Nigerian government as I address the most recent in the spate of abductions of students in Nigeria by Boko Haram terrorists. You may also consider this as a partial “STATE OF THE NATION” blog, because I veer a little away from the key abduction subject of the day to expatiate a little on some related issues.

Naturally, Muhammadu Buhari, the president of Nigeria, and Commander-In-Chief of the nation’s Armed Forces, is to blame, entirely, for the total collapse and worsening situation of every sector in Nigeria. My present focus is insecurity and the recent abduction of hundreds of students (exact number unknown) from an all-boys boarding Secondary school in Katsina State of northern Nigeria, on December 12, 2020. President Buhari’s failure to secure Nigeria is so infuriating and unpardonable because of his insensitive and insensible refusal to sack his disgracefully incompetent Service Chiefs, despite the consistent and rising demand by Nigerians, and, inspite of his own several admonitions that their “best is not good enough.” And, the security chiefs themselves are too disgracefully dishonorable to retire on their own, meeeeeen!!!

Naturally, Nigerians can’t help but wonder why Buhari adamantly refuses to sack the security chiefs. Nobody understands what he stands to gain by retaining them, and, nobody dares to offer any possible reason. What’s more, the security chiefs are all constitutionally long overdue for retirement anyway. Some are overdue by exceeding the constitutional age limit to stay in office; others are overdue by exceeding the number of years that they are constitutionally allowed in service. In fact, some are actually overdue both by age and by tenure in office, meeeeeen!!!

    Well, whenever there is no known fact or reason for anything (especially when the facts are purposely hoarded for evil reasons), No Bullshitting Blog (NBB), customarily, fills the void with legally-correct postulations. This time, my postulation is that Buhari is very likely under some form of blackmail to retain his Service Chiefs. He is possibly being forced by somebody to retain them, or else…(you fill the blank with your own imagination).

In the past, Buhari’s northern kith and kin verbally attacked any southern Nigerian who dared to critique or criticized Buhari and his fucked-up government, with their equally fucked-up nepotic ethno-religious sentiments. They used to claim that there was a southerners’ “evil conspiracy to rubbish Buhari’s image and government.” Now, those same northern elites and the entire northerners are leading the call for Buhari’s resignation or impeachment.

The word “impeachment” brings me to the next level down in this hierarchical condemnation of the culprits in the destruction of Nigeria, and the horrific, worsening insecurity in particular. I speak now of the lootmakers in the nation’s National Assembly (NASS), who Nigerians (not Harry Agina) call lawmakers. Yes, indeed, as far as I’m concerned, those dudes and ‘dudesses’ in the National Assembly (NASS) are crooks who are there only to fill their bank accounts and bankrupt Nigeria. In particular, the current 9th Assembly has endorsed all Buhari’s senseless policies to bankrupt Nigeria, with a second recession in Buhari’s six years in office.

        So, tell me, other than a den of crooks, what else does any sincere observer call a NASS where one individual takes home about 1.2 million naira every fucking day for doing nothing other than endorse all the fucked-up policies of Buhari, which have bankrupted and destroyed Nigeria, as well as turned the nation into an uninhabitable war zone; whereas the Nigerians who actually work for the country are still going home with 18 thousand naira in one whole month, huh, huh, huh???

      The most annoying rubbish that recently came out of the rotten foul mouth of one idiotic Senator, on Channels TV, was that “Nigerians are complaining too much about the remuneration package of lawmakers.” The motherfucker then asked the interviewer “Why is it that nobody complains about the Ministers who are getting more pay than the lawmakers?” Can you believe shit like that being vomited by an idiotic insensitive crook called a lawmaker? So, the crooks in power in Nigeria are actually competing for who will loot our treasury more than the other, while Nigerians are dying in penury.

        It has been over a year since the fucked-up federal government upgraded Nigeria’s minimum wage of workers from miserable 18 thousand naira, to another miserable sum of 30 thousand naira per month. And, all the nation’s lootmakers (federal as well as states) fail to perform their constitutional oversight functions to prevail on all the state governors to honor the miserable raise to 30 thousand naira.

        Meanwhile, each governor squanders billions of naira every fucking month. Their so-called “Security Votes” alone is as high as 3 billion naira to one governor every month, which, according to the nation’s crazy constitution, they are to use “at their discretion,” which means that they don’t have to account for those funds. Remember that this is in addition to all the other billions that they squander as remuneration and allowances packages every month, and the billions that the insatiable crooks among them (majority) still steal from their state treasuries. Yet, many of those governors tell us that they cannot pay beyond 18 thousand naira in a whole month to our workers.

        Folks who are not Nigerian, may I inform or remind you that 18 thousand naira amounts to just 47 US dollars at today’s official exchange rate of 380.75 naira to one US dollar. And, a small 25kg bag of rice in Nigeria is currently over 19 thousand naira (higher than a worker’s monthly salary). So, a small family that decides to eat just rice alone, and without any condiments at all, cannot afford the small bag of rice, which cannot even feed a family of papa, mama, and two children for one month. Now, ask yourself; does a family that cannot afford to feed, even consider school fees and other family needs?

        And, if a member of the family resorts to petty stealing for survival, he/she is swiftly thrown into prison by our fucked-up judges; while, in an evil irony, most of the crooks called leaders who empty the nation’s treasury into their private bank accounts and force the masses into petty stealing, don’t ever get punished. Majority of our judges who are evil, are bribed, blackmailed, or intimidated to set free their fellow crooks in power when they are prosecuted.

        To add salt unto all these injuries, a motherfucking crook called a Senator tells us that we are complaing too much that his co-crooks in power and he are stealing us blind and living larger than ancient Roman Emperors, at our detriment. I don’t need to remember the motherfucker’s name now, but he knows that I speak of him, and I dare him to sue me to court for calling him names, meeeeen!!!

        Listening to that motherfucker, I wished that it’s possible and legal to crawl into my TV set and strangle him to death for his insensitive audacity to vomit that Nigerians are complaining too much. I am sure that most (not just majority) Nigerians who listened to that idiot felt as pissed off as I did. I was like…you motherfucking crook, we complain more about the lawmakers because it’s your fucking constitutional duty to protect us and make sure that the Ministers, you, and other crooks do not bankrupt us and starve us to death, meeeeen!!!

And, back to the matter of inscurity; of course, the lootmakers are responsible for Buhari’s adamant refusal to sack our fucked-up Security Chiefs who are too incompetent to protect Nigeria. The NASS leadership is under blackmail by the Executive branch not to perform their oversight functions, because they are so fucking compromised in their various ways. If they dare to try to impeach Buhari or try any other sanction, they may all end up in prison.

     I’ve said it a gazillion times, that the now disgracefully deposed APC Chairman, the mad grandstanding chief of Nigeria’s political thugs, Adams Oshiomhole, knew exactly what he was doing in 2019 when he insisted that his choices of the NASS leadership MUST prevail. APC and Buhari needed very compromised NASS leadership that can be blackmailed to be APC’s/Buhari’s rubber-stamp. The Chairman of the NASS, Senate President Lawal has confirmed this fact in several insensitive audacious, impunity-driven statements, in his various fucked-up “politically-correct” ways.

        As for the floor members of the NASS, many sold their own souls for money when they sold their votes to the selectors of the NASS leaders, contrary to the democratic rules of election. We all heard when the few lawmakers who did not sell their own votes complained on TV about the evil vote-selling and vote-buying, meeeeen!!!

And now, hundreds of Nigerians are dying and being kidnapped every day because we have incompetent Security Chiefs who Buhari refuses to change, and we have crooks called lawmakers who are too compromised to call Buhari to order. Meanwhile, the motherfucking lootmakers and the other crooks that are called leaders, have  commandeered virtually half of the limited police officers that Nigeria has, to protect them and their families, leaving the rest of the population to be massacred by bandits and terrorists.

I won’t bother to waste much time on my next subject, Mallam Garba Shehu. I will only say that he has graduated from daft and incompetent spokesman of Buhari, to a total mad man. What else does any sincere observer call a man who reduced the number of students that were abducted from their school last weekend, from 333, according to the Katsina State governor, or 666 according to the registrar of the school where the students were abducted, all the way down to JUST 10, huh? Shehu has got to be totally mad to reduce the number so low, from hundreds down to just 10 students, meeeeeen!!!

        The entire half-baked members of Buhari’s propaganda gang who are led by Mr. Liar Mohammed, never fail to stupidly suppress facts in their evil bid to downplay the misrule of this government…so annoying, meeeeeen!!!

And, on its own, the initial conflicting numbers of abducted Katsina students between the State governor and the registrar of the school, is a shameful lack of coordination. Damn, meeen; the governor said 333, and the registrar said 666. They are so irresponsible that they couldn’t discuss it first and agree on one figure before going public. so disgustting!!!

I’m near the end, as I mention the acute insensibility and insensitivity of our police officers who were crazy enough to teargass a group of parents (or whoever they were), who were protesting the failure of Buhari and his incompetent security chiefs to protect the abducted students. The police always give us the fuked-up excuse that they want to prevent possible riotous situations that may be engendered by “hoodlums hijacking protests.”

        And I ask, when the hell are Nigeria’s police gonno learn that their constitutional duty is to protect protesters and prevent their so-called hoodlums from “hijacking” protests, which our constitution guarantees the citizens? Instead, they (or other arms of the presidency) empower their own “hoodlums” to harass legitimate protesters (as we have often witnessed on TV), so that Buhari’s government can have the evil EXCUSE to violate our constitutional right to protest against his acute misrule, meeeeee!!!

Finally, I must speak on the stupidity of Nigeria’s Army leadership, who reveal sensitive information that is usually kept secret by real and sane Armed Forces of sane societies around the world. Few hours after the abduction of the Katsina students last weekend, the nation’s military blabbed that it knew where the abductees were taken to. No wonder, our Armed Forces always fail so woefully to protect Nigerians, meeeeeen!!!

        Check this out in comparison: just about a month ago, the elite US Navy Seals entered Nigeria and rescued a 27-year old American with utmost precision, and eliminated the abductors without losing a single Seal. And, you know why? Because the Seals were not STUPID like Nigerian Army who announced to Boko Haram that they knew where they were with the abducted students, thereby unprofessionally warning Boko Haram to relocate…foolish talk and no action!!!

        On the contrary, the real professionals, the US Navy Seals, silently came into Nigeria/Chad border with the ADVANTAGE OF SURPRISE, and rescued their citizen before we even heard about the abduction…wise professional action without foolish talk. No wonder, Americans are proud of America! I know, that my regular readers know, that, as always, I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeen!!!


I will keep today’s Infotainment very brief because the blog is long. This means that I will cut down the “Info” arm of the compound word, and go straight to the “Tainment” (entertainment) arm.

        All I have to tell you is that I am veering away from my dominant reggae, to a South African soulful music genre. It is the music of Steve Kekana, titled “Ngidlaka Ukuhlupheka.” And, here we go: https://youtu.be/j6TNhRA8RnY

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