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Note: First published on May 13, 2020. The “published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this info is to avoid mistaking the piece as current news.

This is “No Bullshitting,” by Harry Agina.

My subtitle in quotation marks is the news caption that caught my attention, and inspired this piece. Not to worry, at the end of this, I will give you the link to read the news yourself. This dude called Pastor Oyedepo has come again with his bullshitting scamming or “wayo” (419) visions and prophecies, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

The man forgot to have his concocted conversations with God before covid-19 arrived. He should have warned and informed us how God wants us to deal with it. But, nope, he didn’t. Now he has woken up from his prophecy-slumber to start his bullshit again. I blogged my dissatisfaction with the FG’s premature move to unlock the nation before Oyedepo. But I did not claim that I had a conversation with God, meeeeeen!!! Surely, God gave me the inspiration and the sense to critique and criticize what I disagree with. And, in fact, my critique/criticism, and hundreds of critiques of other Nigerians, have more and better reasons than Oyedepo. His own is a selfish, commercial Christianity, holier-than-thou reason.

A lot of us condemned the premature lifting of the lockdown long before Oyedepo did. But, we don’t go about claiming to be holier-than-anybody. Just like Oyedepo, we simply exercise our God-given senses to critique the society; we don’t pretend that we had conversations with God. The difference is that Oyedepo wanted to falsely attribute his critique to God. As with all Pentecostal pastors, he deceptively quoted the bible. All that, just to boost his commercial image to make money, that’s all, shikena!!!

So, I ask: why don’t all the funky pastors like Oyedepo act right and contribute to social conversations like normal mortals, huh? That way, when they make calculated predictions that fail to come true, we would not laugh at them and call them liars or false prophets. Those failed predictions are bound to happen, because you are just human. I am yet to know of any “prophet” in Nigeria whose “prophecies” always come true, consistently. Nope! Sometimes, just like I, they predict correctly; and, sometimes, they fail woefully, just like I do, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

FACT: Most, if not all Nigerian Pentecostal “prophets” are guilty of fake prophecies. I often cite the following TB Joshua proven example. In 2016, like millions of people all over the world, I predicted that Hilary Clinton would beat Donald Trump in their presidential election. Pastor TB Joshua also predicted that Clinton would win. The difference was that Joshua called his own a prophecy, claiming that he had a special conversation with God. And God told him that Clinton already won the race. In fact, Joshua predicted long after my own prediction. He had waited until everything looked very much in favor of Clinton before he predicted. Then, an ordinary monkey in China challenged Joshua with a prediction that Trump would win.

When Trump won the election, the Chinese Monkey’s prediction effectively became a prophecy, and Joshua’s so-called prophesy was proven to be a lie. The prediction of all of us millions around the world failed, too, but Harry Agina’s failure was no big deal. It was just another failure of another sensible calculated mortal prediction. But Joshua’s failure was a total disgrace, because he had claimed that he had a conversation with God who gave him the message that Clinton would win. That left us with two options: either Joshua is a huge liar, or our Almighty God is the liar. Which option do you choose, meeeeeeeeen?!!!

However, Oyedepo did say my opinion, that easing up the lockdown for markets and leaving churches locked down does not make sense. My reason is that the crowds in neighborhood churches cannot possibly be as bad as markets. Markets have all kinds of individuals of wide variety of origins and backgrounds. But, the deceitful style that Oyedepo and his co-swindling pastors always throw in those holier-than-thou claims pisses me off, meeeeen!!!

Why didn’t Oyedepo just say his criticism the same way that thousands or millions of Nigerians like me have said it, huh? Which God tells him all the bullshit that he often comes up with? Couldn’t he drop his holier-than-thou claim, and just talk like a normal human being who wants to contribute ideas to topical conversations? Why all the “God told me so” prophetic bullshit? And, we’re talking about a man whose so-called prophesies in the past never ever came true. Yet, each time he opens his mouth, he shamelessly continues to tell us that God told him so. He insults God when the so-called prophecies fail, as if our God is a liar. No wonder, I ask: which God do all our funky-pastors have all their fake conversations with, huh?

Besides, if Oyedepo spoke for my God, he would have included the shutting down of mosques and other worship centers in his so called vision. Does his own God discriminate between or among Christians and Muslims? My God does not!!! My God is interested in good people, not our religions. Why did Oyedepo not generalize? Why didn’t he say that worship houses of all religions should not be closed, huh? Instead, he chose to play the divisive bullshit. He tells us that it’s all a conspiracy to stop Christianity, as if the lockdown does not include Muslims. Any wise Godly person would not play such stupid religio-political game.

Oh, wait, I know! Oyedepo is an ignorant Pentecostal Christian. He must be one of those who ignorantly believe that only “born-again” Christians can make it to heaven. And Pentecostal pastors like him brainwash their flocks to worship pastors. They consistently pay money to the pastors, in order to attain the status to go to heaven. An evil ignorant, brainwashed Pentecostal  Christian actually believes that he/she needs only three things to make heaven. One is to do whatever the pastor says. The next is to profess or declare to be “born-again.” And, the third one, the most important to the crooks called pastors, is to pay tithe regularly. And that’s a whole lot of religious bullshitting, meeeeeen!!!

As promised, here is the link to one of my sources for Oyedepo bullshit:


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