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August 10, 2021


This is “No Bullshitting,” by Harry Agina.

A former United States Ambassador to Nigeria, John Campbell, said on August 8, 2021, that Buhari’s leadership style is the cause of the insecurity in Nigeria. Campbell said, “Buhari created the belief among Nigerians from other parts of the country, that he is a jihadist with a hidden agenda. Nobody wants a jihadist president.”

Now, folks, that’s what I have been talking about! According to Campbell, this belief that Buhari is a jihadist “is the fuel for the separatist agitations in the country, especially from the southern parts of the country.” Again, I concur, with a little modification! Understandably, Campbell could not be as blunt as my No Bullshitting Blog, for the obvious diplomatic reasons. I am actually impressed that he was so bold, albeit cautiously. My point is that Ambassador Campbell didn’t really say anything new to Nigerians. But he has just helped us Nigerians to inform the rest of the world about Buhari’s jihadist agenda. Personally, I had called Buhari a jihadist long before Campbell made his “politically-correct” guarded or cautious remark.

Buhari had in 2013, berated the then President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration for “attacking Boko Haram instead of treating them the same way that his predecessor, the late Umaru Yar’Adua, treated Niger Delta militants.” He described Jonathan’s approach as an act of injustice against the North. Buhari at the time spoke in a Liberty Radio program titled, “Guest of the Week,” which was monitored in Kaduna. He said, “What is responsible for the security situation in the country is caused by the activities of Niger Delta militants. Every Nigerian that is familiar with what is happening knows this. The Niger Delta militants started it all.” So it was that Mr. President dumped the evil activities of his Islamic Boko Haram terrorists on the doorstep of Niger Delta militants, meeeeeeeen!!!

“What happened is that the governors of the Niger Delta region at that time wanted to win their elections’” Buhari continued. “So, they recruited the youths and gave them guns and bullets and used them against their opponents to win elections by force. After the elections were over, they asked the boys to return the guns; the boys refused to return the guns. Because of that, the allowances that were being given to the youths by the governors during that time were stopped.

“The youths resorted to kidnapping oil workers and were collecting dollars as ransom. Now a boy of 18 to 20 years was getting about 500 dollars in a week. Why will he go to school and spend 20 years to study and then come back and get employed by government to be paid N100,000 a month, that is if he is lucky to get employment. So, kidnapping becomes very rampant in the South-south and the South-east. They kidnapped people and were collecting money.”

Sincerely and objectively, Buhari was partially correct concerning the Niger Delta militants. But his assessment, typically, was more of his clannishness than an objective critique by a sincere “Elder Statesman.” If he had any iota of integrity, he would have stated the major difference between the Niger Delta militants and the Boko Haram terrorists. He could have been honest to state the background information. It behooved him to say that the Niger Delta militants were primarily fighting for their rights to their God-given crude oil. The bastardized federal government system confiscated their oil and destroyed (still destroying) their land with oil and gas spills. They can no longer fish or farm on their land due to pollution with crude oil and allied dangerous chemicals and gasses. Their people have been dying, and still continue to die, from all manner of peculiar deceases, due to the pollution of their land, the air that they breathe, and their drinking water. They were only agitating for their rights when they took up arms, after years of unsuccessful peaceful approach.

On the other hand, the Boko Haram terrorists, as the meaning of their name says, was formed to fight against western education. For my non-Nigerians readers who may not know, “Boko Haram” means “Western education is abomination.” The criminals insist that everybody must only learn the Islamic teachings of Prophet Mohammad. So, the group’s mainstay is to discourage western education by bombing schools and destroying anything that supports western education in the country. This includes massacring innocent students in order to discourage people from going to school. Ironically and stupidly, the same Boko Haram commanders do use the products of western education in their operations. They watch television, use communication gadgets, drive vehicles, all derived from western knowledge.

Buhari knows all this about the terrorists, yet he sees nothing with the people, only for the evil reason that they are his Fulani kin. In his evil clannishness, he conveniently compared, and still compares them to Niger Delta freedom fighters as same evil, who must be treated alike. No, correction, he does not even see the terrorists as evil at all, because they are fighting his evil cause of Islamization for him. But he considers the Niger Delta freedom fighters to be evil, because they are fighting against the Fulani domineering claim over the Niger Delta oil.

Sure, I said that Buhari is minutely partially right in his assessment. Yes, indeed, some miscreants among the Niger Delta militants, eventually down the line, went rogue. The few rogue militants did those things that Buhari said. But it is evil of him to overplay their minute skirmishes, at the expense of the real just cause of the militants. Rogue-soldiers, rogue-police, rogue-militants do happen in every part of the world. That does not make the police and the soldiers to be compared to terrorists, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Then, on Boko Haram, the dangerously bigoted Buhari said, “How did Boko Haram start? We know that their leader, Mohammed Yusuf started with his militants. The police couldn’t control them, and the army was invited to fight them. Yusuf was arrested by soldiers and handed over to the police. The appropriate thing to do, according to the law, was for the police to carry out investigations and charge him to court for prosecution. Instead, they killed him, killed his in-law, and demolished their houses. Because of that, his supporters resorted to what they are doing today. You see, in the case of the Niger Delta militants, the late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua sent an airplane to bring them to Abuja. He sat down with them and discussed with them, they were cajoled, and they were given money and granted amnesty. They were trained in some skills and were given employment. But the ones in the north were being killed and their houses were being demolished. They are different issues. What brought this? It is injustice.”

I want my reader to take away one specific point here concerning President Buhari’s evil ethno-religious disposition. A sane man with any atom of integrity in him does not compare make such evil comparison. A group woke up one day and decided to fight western education, and subsequently turned into Fulani jihadists. Another group was fighting for the rights of their people; and Buhari decided to compare them to his jihadist kin. Besides, the Niger Delta militants were not indiscriminately bombing everywhere and killing people, as Boko Haram does. Indeed, when the Niger Delta militants wanted to bomb oil installations in their region, they warned people to stay away from those installations. They did not want to kill innocent Nigerians, And, they never went outside their territory to fight their cause. They only attacked relevant installations in their region to make their point that government must do the right thing, or the oil installations, one after the other, would go, kaboom!!!

Buhari’s 2013 description of attack on Boko Haram as an act of injustice against the North drew criticisms, with critics calling him a terrorist sympathizer. The stone-hearted ethno-religious bigot and dangerously clannish Buhari didn’t give a fuck about the criticisms of the people. As soon as he became president in 2015, he made it a priority to rehabilitate “repentant” Boko Haram members. He claimed that they were “being trained in some skills, rehabilitated and then reintegrated back to the society.” Abominably, some were even employed into the nation’s armed forces. Mind you, Buhari has ignored every call to rehabilitate the victims of those terrorists. The millions of people who were sacked from their villages by the terrorists over the years of Buhari as president are still languishing in Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps.

We are all aware today how some of the so-called repentant Boko Haram terrorists who were recruited into the military have been sabotaging military operations and getting soldiers killed almost every fucking day. Those lives were lost because Buhari’s clannishness would not let his mind to rest, until he favored his Fulani terrorists. He cannot rest until his Islamization and Fulanization jihad succeeds in Nigeria. Our extremely clannish, destructively twisted president has to appease his ethno-religious bigoted-cum-clannish jihadist mind, or he cannot rest, meeeeeeeeen!!!

When Buhari described President Jonathan’s military fight against Boko Haram as “injustice against the North,” he actually meant to say ‘injustice against his evil sect in the Fulani race.’ So, he fought tooth-and-nail to become president. His agenda all along is clear now. His mission is to pamper, empower, and support his Fulani-kin jihadist terrorists to overrun and domineer Nigerians, at the expense of millions of innocent lives. Yes, indeed! We are all aware of his evil “pardon” of his so-called “repentant terrorists.” We are all aware of the fact that he planted many of them in our military institutions that are supposed to be fighting the terrorists. Umm huh, we are also aware of the fact that his evil so-called pardon of terrorists was a jihadist ploy. His so-called “reintegration of repentant terrorists into the society” was an act of treason and sabotage against our armed forces. Yes, indeed, we all know that scores of our fighting soldiers were ambushed and massacred because the terrorists who Buhari planted in the army sabotaged military operations against the terrorists, meeeeeeeen!!!

We also have the matter of Buhari’s current Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Isa Pantami. The minister was recently exposed to be an ethno-religious extremist, and an open sympathizer of terrorists. He has now confessed to the accusation, only because he knows that he cannot possibly deny the circulating video evidence of him uttering his let’s-eliminate-the-infidels campaign comments. Pantami has confessed that he did rejoice a few years back over the massacres of innocent people by terrorists. In the video, he says, and I quote, “I am glad when the infidels are being punished.” Pantami was also identified among terrorist circles of sorts, rooting for their evil “achievements.” The man has openly admitted being an Islamic extremist who has been campaigning for jihadist cleansing of the “infidels.” And those “infidels” did nothing to him other than being Christians. Like Buhari, he also hates people of tribes other than Fulani tribe.

Nigerians have openly accused Buhari of deploying the nation’s armed forces to support Fulani terrorist jihad to overrun Nigeria. There is almost no doubt anymore about this “fact” among Nigerians. There have been countless incidents where Nigerian soldiers were seen openly supporting the Fulani jihadists to massacre Nigerians and grab their parcels of land. Fulani jihadists disguise as Fulani herdsmen. And Nigeria soldiers support them to let loose their cattle to destroy farmlands and crops of non-Fulani Nigerians all over the country. With all that going on, Nigerians are complaining against open-grazing. But President Buhari is telling us that open grazing of cattle must continue, in the 21st century, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Mind you, I am not the accuser here. Nigerians all over the country have been reporting their experiences with Nigeria Army officers. The recalcitrant soldiers have been fighting with the jihadists to massacre Nigerians. At best, soldiers often torture farmers who refused to allow access of their farmlands and crops to the cattle of Fulani herdsmen-cum-terrorists. Prominent Nigerians have openly accused Buhari of prosecuting a Fulani jihadist war to Fulanize Nigeria. And they have evidence to support their accusations. Retired General Theophilus Y. Danjuma was courageous, and he did not mince words, when he declared Buhari a jihadist. This has happened more than three times that I know for sure, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Ambassador Campbell wrote an article about this on the Foreign Relations website. He cautiously said, “Insecurity and perceptions of discrimination by the federal government have caused it to bubble up once again. Harsh security-service tactics drive separatist sentiment, as does religion for the overwhelmingly Christian Igbo people. Some Igbos believe the Buhari government cooperates with—or at least tolerates—jihadist Muslim bandits.”

And, as things presently are in Nigeria, I trust, that you know, that Campbell ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

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