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Note: First published on May 11, 2020. The “published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this info is to avoid mistaking the piece as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

As I read the post that I tag here, and similar stories of evacuation of Nigerians to Nigeria against covid-19, I ask this question: What makes anybody to leave more organized countries of Europe and America, and run home to the mess in Nigeria. Indiscipline, corruption and evil conspiracies are dangerously pushing Nigeria’s covid-19 situation to scary heights. And, you wanno tell me that someone wants to leave better organized societies and return to Nigeria, huh?

The current evil conspiracy of moving Almajiris in truckloads from northern Nigeria to all parts of the country is a case in point. Nobody knows how many among the truckloads is covid-19 positive. So, very likely, the plague is being spread from the more infected northern Nigeria to the south in  this conspiracy. For non-Nigerians who may not know, “Almajari” people are northern Nigerian beggars. They are indigent children, ages 2 to 15, whose parents throw into the streets to feed themselves, through any which way that they can.

Men and  women get together, fuck, and make babies. Then, they throw the babies into the street as soon as they are old enough to walk, each with a bowl in hand. The bowls are for them to either beg for food to survive, or die. They cluster in small groups in the streets to beg for food. Naturally, some of them veer from begging to all manner of crimes, and odd jobs. It’s an old tradition in northern Nigeria, quite hard to believe if you’re not Nigerian, meeeeeeeeen!!!

All that, just to talk about indiscipline in the management of covid-19 pandemic in Nigeria. Nigerian governments at state and federal levels are not paying attention to activities that may spread the pandemic. The Almajiri mass movement from one region to another is just one example of the terrible leadership failure. So, I can’t help but wonder how come that some people in the USA and Europe want to return to the mess in Nigeria.

Also, rumors of conspiracies and bribery are flying all over the place, about the administration of the covid-19 protocol. It is alleged that persons in our government are making blood-money and compromising the lives of Nigerians with questionable anti-covid-19 moves. For instance, it is alleged that Bill Gates has bribed our National Assembly to make a draconian covid-19 related law. The idea is to force Nigerians to be vaccinated with Bill Gates’ controversial covid-19 vaccine. Some spokespersons of the National Lawmakers have denied this allegation. They call it a fabrication.

Meanwhile, another allegation has it that our covid-19 Presidential Task Force (PTF) is playing politics with the cure of the disease. Unlike serious African nations, such as Madagascar, PTF is not paying attention to Africa’s local possibilities. Suffice to say that the excuses offered by the PTF sound suspicious to many Nigerians. It doe not make sense not to take seriously our local scientists who claim to have effective natural remedies. Nigerians are disappointed that the PTF and the powers-that-be cannot act decisively like Madagascar, in the sincere interest of Africa. Many believe, therefore, that the Nigerian government is compromised, and controlled by the west.

In particular, a Medical Doctor has made his opinion public. He believes, and said unequivocally, that Nigeria’s Information Minister, Lai Mohammed (aka Liar Mohammed), is involved in a fraud. That is a challenge to the Minister to refute the allegation. The written allegation, which I read, has the author’s name, physical address, email, and phone numbers. He does not mind anybody who wants to contact him, or challenge his allegations. He accuses Mohammed of conspiracy, and, indeed, he reveals that he had a talk with Mohammed. Here’s an excerpt:

“On March 3rd 2020, I got a call from The Honorable Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed. It was a 5 minutes call. The call was centered on Iris medical foundation Drugs and it’s effectiveness in treating the Corona virus. I was blunt with the minister,  I told him the truth I asked him, ‘do you people in Abuja want the Cure, or you guys just want to be making billions from grants from America,  WHO and other international agencies.’”

Here is the contact information supplied by the bold physician who challenges Lai Mohammed to refute his allegation that he (Mohammed) is an evil blood-money maker:

Iris medical foundation no 12 Ajayi Road Ogba Ikeja.



Dr Paul Ojeih 08023950797

Dr Solomon Ojeih 07030595310

Sure, some rumors and allegations are not so easy to confirm. But, to me, the Nigerian Factor makes them very, very believable. Worse proven leadership atrocities are perpetrator with utter impunity every doggone day in Nigeria. Besides the allegations of financial inducements resulting in criminal activities by the PTF, there is also the matter of “Oyibo Inferiority Syndrome” among Africans. Traditionally, Africans, especially Nigerians, have always believed that Africans are inferior to the “white man.” They believe that anything from the west is superior to African products. Stupidly, therefore, Nigeria’s covid-19 PTF team already believes that Africans do not have the capacity to produce the vaccine. They grossly insult African scientists, due to their stupid “Oyibo Syndrome,” meeeeeen!!!

And so, in conclusion, I ask again, why would anybody evacuate his/her family from sane societies to Nigeria? Certainly ain’t for me, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Here is one of my reference sources for the evacuation news:


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