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NOTE: First published on August 22, 2020. The “Published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this is to avoid mistaking this piece as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.

Folks, the races for the seats of the governors of Edo and Ondo States of Nigeria are heating up by the day. And, the closer the elections draw, the stronger the stench of human blood in the air, especially in Edo state. The state is now like a keg of gunpowder that is ready to explode and spill the blood of several Edolites. The two major gladiators in the blood-thirst battle, APC and PDP, are trading blames on who is more war-mongering and blood-thirsty than the other. Some are quick to tell us that they are not armed, and they don’t plan to rig the election, but, they will defend their votes. And I’m like…yeah, right, give me a break, please. You’re not armed, but you are ready to defend your votes against armed riggers. How? With your teeth and bare hands against guns? Please, spare me the bullshit, and tell it to the Marines…I’m a Sailor, meeeeeeeen!!!

The fact is that both parties are going to try to rig; each killing and maiming Nigerians to out-rig the other. In the end, the better rigger will win, and then, scornfully and jeeringly and tortuously tell the loser to go to court (or go to hell). With the recent electioneering thuggery activities around several areas of Edo State, we can all see that the detonation cord to the keg of gunpowder is already ignited, and it is burning its way to the keg. On September 19th, the burning detonator cord will reach the gunpowder keg, and BOOM goes the explosion, with several lives blown to pieces in Edo State. And, all for what? Just so that two men will occupy Edo State House as governor and deputy governor, and be in control of our public funds, to squander as they want.

What often annoys the hell out of me is when I hear such politicians sound as if they are doing us a favor to be our leaders. I’m like…motherfucker, we all know that you’re all there primarily for your self-aggrandizement. No wonder, you are willing to get there by killing Nigerians.

My sadness, as I have said in my previous blogs, is that our national lawmakers could have saved us all these satanic blood-sucking electoral activities since 1999, if only they had God in them. In particular, our 9th National Assembly could have spared us the impending Edo and Ondo States murders, if only they had any spirit of God in them.

Yes, indeed; if only those lootmakers had a little conscience; if only they gave a damn about the lives of several Nigerians that will most likely be murdered on September 19 in Edo; if only they gave a damn about Nigerians that will also be murdered in Ondo shortly after Edo; if only they gave a damn about Nigeria and Nigerians, they would have given us our life-saving electoral law. If only the 9th Assembly lawmakers were not so evil and gave a damn about the lives of Nigerians, they would have focused all their first one month on the electoral bill, rather than their total bullshit of pursuing some draconian and evil laws for us. Yes, indeed, if only they had any good in them, they would not be pursuing rats while our house (Nigeria) is on fire, literally. If they had souls, they had the power to ensure that the impending Edo and Ondo states murders would not happen. Mind you, the electoral bill is already completed, done by the 8th Assembly. And, a good number (perhaps majority) of the lawmakers of the present 9th Assembly were in the 8th Assembly. My ten year-old grandchild can tell them what to do for a speedy passage, if it’s too difficult for their dumb brains. But, you and I know that it’s not about being difficult; it’s about a POSSIBLE conspiracy against that bill and its resultant law, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Corruption fights back; right? So, what do you think is happening with our electoral bill, huh? Many of those that are supposed to give us the law are the corruption that we are fighting, and they are fighting back by refusing to give us the law, period!!! Many of those lootmakers are not only gonno be booted out of the National Assembly if our votes count in 2023 elections, but they are also going to prison after the elections, when they are no longer under the criminal shield of APC as lawmakers. Hence, asking them to pass the electoral bill into law is akin to asking them to send themselves out of power and into prison, meeeeeeeeen!!!

So, instead of the electoral reform to save lives and put some sanity in our system, our lawmakers are busy trying to force down our throats some mad laws that will empower them to continue to hold us in bondage.

          Guess what; if they had passed their evil murderous “Hate-Speech” bill by now, they would have come after my life (if they could reach me). They could find a way to buy or force their cohorts in the judiciary to convict me of speaking hatefully against the Dis-Honorable and Distinguished crooks. And, the apparent vampires among them who are seeking death sentence for hate speech would be glad to see me hang…just as they seem to be glad to see several Nigerians die in Edo on September 19, 2020, and in Ondo shortly after.

I’ll tell you what; if the lookmakers claim not to be comfortable with the murders, then, I challenge them to show us what made it impossible to pass the Electoral Bill within just one month of the inception of the 9th Assembly. Forget about me, let’s say, if I can’t find a JSS student that can resolve the issue within just one week (maximum), then I would declare that I ain’t my daddy’s son anymore.

          Folks, my point is that there is absolutely no sensible, legitimate reason for the senseless delay of the life-saving and democracy-entrenching electoral bill by Nigeria’s 9th Assembly; especially when the lootmakers are busy pursuing comparatively-stupid and deadly bills that Nigerians neither need, nor want. So, I smell a rat, meeeeeeeeen!!!

But, seriously, just check it out for a moment, would you. Did APC legitimately win up to half of the electoral seats that it purportedly won in the 2019 general elections? Do you truly believe that President Buhari was legitimately re-elected by Nigerians? Do you really believe that up to half of the lawmakers of our 9th National Assembly, majority of whom are APC members, were legitimately elected? And, finally do you really think that APC wants to give us any electoral reform to stop our murderous rigging tradition?

If you say ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then, forgive me, but I have to nicely say that you are likely to be an insincere APC member or sympathizer, with no interest of the Nigerian nation at heart; or, you’re totally out of sync with the reality in Nigeria.

My postulation is that there seems to be a continued APC conspiracy to deny Nigerians the pending electoral law, because, with the reforms therein, APC has little or no hope to remain afloat in 2023. If rigging is defeated or curtailed and votes begin to count, APC may be dead in 2023, or close to dead, most likely without the presidency. Only a mad people would vote to retain the most terrible government that Nigeria has ever had since her 1960 independence; and, I know that my people of Nigeria are not mad. So, APC is likely to be massively voted out in 2023 if they give us the electoral reform. This, of course, will adversely affect our so-called lawmakers, especially those that have tons of indictments on their necks, who APC shielded from the law and rigged into our National Assembly.

Folks, this is one prediction that I pray it doesn’t come true, but, I tell ya, I won’t be surprised if those 9th Assembly guys refuse to pass our electoral bill into law before the 2023 elections. Passing it does not favor APC and several lawmakers. You probably just retorted with something like…’no, they can’t do that; 2023 elections are still about three whole years away. They have plenty time to pass the bill before 2023;’ right? If you think so, then you have forgotten that this is Nigeria, where shit always happens, and lots of flies flock around the shit all day long. If there is an APC conspiracy not to pass the electoral bill, Nigerians, as usual, won’t do shit about it. We would just accept it like slaves, as usual, and move on as if nothing happened.

Again, my postulation is that APC and our lawmakers may have a conspiracy to kill the electoral bill. It favors them to keep the rigging status quo…and, you know that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

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