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Note: First published on February 26, 2021. The “published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this is to avoid mistaking the piece as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting”, by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folk!

I want to start with the complaint that I have been unable to blog in the past one week because of the fucked-up internet service of Nigerian Airtel Telecommunication company, which is extorting Nigerians without rendering the services that Nigerians are paying so exorbitantly for. A deserving campaign against them and the nation’s lawmakers who are too compromised to sanction all the terrible telecommunication companies in Nigeria, is story for another day.

It is common knowledge that, generally, the people of the Igbo tribe of Nigeria have little presence in Nigeria’s competitive national political scheme of things, and, even worse in appointive positions, especially in the present Buhari’s presidency. The bigoted, nepotic and punitive conspiracy for the dearth of Igbo presence in appointive positions have already been over-flogged and unnecessary here. My focus is on the failure in the competitive realm. Non-Igbo Nigerians, as well as sincere Igbos, have posited that this is so because the Igbos have failed to work together and rally around their leaders for a united national front in inter-tribal competitions. My response to this position is both yes, and no. I do have my areas of divergence, but, yes, I am among the Igbos who subscribe to this position. Igbos are truly full of shit in this regard meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Um huh…there is truth in the position that the Igbos have too much in-fighting among themselves, which adversely affects Igbo engagement against the other tribes in inter-tribal contests. The Hausas and Fulanis especially, and the Yorubas to a good extent, tend to rally around one chosen individual in a national inter-tribal contest. But Igbos tend to defeat themselves because too many motherfucking Igbo persons insist to be the candidate. Even worse is the fact that those who fail to be chosen as the candidate, strive to destroy the chances of others. The obvious result is that, as the gazillion contesting Igbos split the votes of the electorate, one Yoruba or Hausa candidate is supported by majority of his kith and kin. So, the Hausa or Yoruba votes for their chosen candidate far outnumber the votes of each of the gazillion Igbo contestants.

Having cited this one example of the many self-defeatist factors that destabilize the Igbo nation, I will address another perspective where other tribes wrongly condemn the Igbos. Unfortunately for the Igbos, many of the present so-called “national leaders” who the critics of Igbos expect Igbos to rally around in other to present a powerful united front, are evil crooks. I, personally, reject a lot of them as the Igbo ambassadors that we should rally around. I would rather not have any Igbo emerge as a national leader, ever, than to have EVIL CROOKS as my ethnic ambassadors. The Igbo nation has intelligent and decent characters to represent us, and, representing the Igbos with crooks, some of whom are dumb, is insulting to our sensibilities and intelligence, meeeeeeen!!!

We already KNOW (as testified by Olusegun Obasanjo) that there is a conspiracy to destroy the Igbo nation in Nigeria. And, many of Igbos believe that part of that conspiracy is to empower greedy, self-serving, TREACHEROUS Igbo crooks, and pitch them against their own people. To my hearing, northerners (including my personal friends and acquaintances) have asserted that it is easy to pitch greedy Igbo traitors against their own people. I’ll give you a couple of examples of leaders who many Igbos reject as their ambassadors for this and some other reasons. And, though a strong subscriber to the rejection, I speak now just as a no-bullshitting presenter of popular Igbo opinions that I have observed. If the subjects have any sense and want to be sincere, they should thank me for confronting them with the overwhelming disapproval of their persons by their own people, rather than blame me for stating the disapproval in blunt no-bullshitting manner. I advise them to make amends very quickly, in order to be accepted as Igbo leadership ambassadors.

They have plenty of wealth now, which is widely alleged (some proven) to be stolen wealth. They know that such wealth is a major reason for their rejection. Sure, the Nigerian moral psyche has been fucked up to worship wealth instead of values that matter more, a moral decadence that is abhorred in the global community. But, much sooner than later, when the lootmakers that we call lawmakers finally give us good electoral law, wealth will become less consequential in Nigeria’s politics. When this happens, all political leaders who lack moral and good leadership values are doomed, meeeeeeeeen!!!

According to the ratings of the Igbos, top on the list of Igbo leaders that WILL be affected by the new electoral law are former governors Rochas Okorocha and Orji Uzor Kalu. They are both seen as traitors and crooks. Starting with one example about Kalu in my expatiation, many Igbos believe that his ALLEGED recent intervention in the clashes between Fulani herdsmen and farmers in Imo state was treacherously hypocritical. A story has it that evil jihadist Fulani herdsmen destroyed farmlands and crops in Imo State, and, allegedly raped and killed some Igbos. And, rather than intervene like a sensible intelligent man would, Orji Uzor Kalu only condemned the retaliation against the herdsmen by the Igbos, with little mention of the atrocities of the herdsmen. Further, as a couple of NBB fans who mimicked NBB language put it, “the motherfucker quickly offered to compensate Miyetti Allah with N100m for the motherfucking herdsmen’s cows that were slaughtered in retaliation for the atrocities of SOME herdsmen, without offering to compensate HIS OWN PEOPLE whose farms and crops had been destroyed by the herdsmen, meeeeeeen!!!”

Many discerning Igbos, including I, believe that Kalu’s words and action were “treacherous.” I postulate, and many critics of Kalu agree with me that his “treacherous hypocrisy” is to buy favors from Miyetti Allah. He knows that Buhari has virtually empowered and elevated Miyeti Allah cattle breeders as an arm of his government. The organization can influence Buhari to stop Kalu’s impending re-arraignment and retrial for looting Imo state treasury when he was governor. I wanted to say alleged looting, for legal correctness, but that is not really necessary. The man has already been tried, convicted and imprisoned. He was only temporarily released because of some cooked-up “technicalities.” If the allegations about what Kalu said and did are true; then I agree with the allegation that he is a traitor, and, of course, this means that my postulation that he was/is trying to buy favors as a self-serving traitor is correct, meeeeeeen!!!

It is very important that I clarify my objective position in all this. I don’t necessarily condemn Kalu for condemning the killing of herdsmen’s cows or herdsmen, nor do I condemn his offer of compensation to Miyetti Allah; no, sir, no ma’am! In his national political position, it is okay for him to be diplomatic. What I do vehemently condemn is his failure to also show some concern over the atrocities of SOME evil herdsmen. It’s their bad action that resulted in the reaction of killing their cows, or, maybe even the cows of some innocent but unfortunate herdsmen. The point is that killing of cows can never be compared by any sane person to killing of humans, hence, the retaliation is a justifiable reaction, especially if the cows belonged to evil herdsmen and not the INNOCENT ones. As I have consistently said, a true statesman without an evil agenda would balance his comments and acts, to show objective maturity in conflict resolution, meeeeeen!!!

Check this out in comparison: Several fucked-up northern leaders are clannishly defending the atrocities of their herdsmen kins. Some, including Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State, go as far as actually justifying the possession of AK-47 assault rifles by terrorist herdsmen. Northern sensible peaceful leaders are condemning the stereotypical victimization of innocent herdsmen, but they are also remorseful about the activities of the evil ones. In the south, Orji Uzor Kalu and his favor-buying kind are said to only sympathize with the herdsmen. Again, in the name of objectivity and maturity, I don’t really expect or want Kalu to be as bad as the bad northern leaders. I only want him to be as good as the good northern leaders who are objective. On the basis that “two wrongs don’t make a right”, I don’t want him to take sides with the southerners who killed herdsmen’s cows. However, he would be a mad traitor to condemn his own people for defending themselves against invaders of their land, in order to buy favors, without a commensurate condemnation of the atrocities of the invaders, too. And, importantly, like many Igbos, I loathe his treacherous compensation to the invaders of Igbo farmlands (if true), without compensating their victims who are his own people, meeeeeeen!!!

Rochas Okorocha is my next example of visible Igbos who sensible Igbo people reject as ambassadors in the national political scheme of things. Okorocha is also a former governor. Like Kalu, he has been widely accused and proven to have looted his Imo state dry when he was governor. Also, he was widely reported on national media to have attained his present position as a senator with deadly intimidation. He forced an INEC officer, at gun-point, to announce him as the winner of the 2019 senatorial election. Most recently, the motherfucker’s insane lawlessness surfaced again when he forcibly tried to unseal and possess an Imo state property. He had illegally acquired the said property when he was governor from 2011 to 2019. When the current governor came into office, he sealed it off and reverted the possession to the state. But, Okorocha in his characteristic thuggery went with his armed thugs to repossess the property. He was accosted, overpowered, and arrested by the police, who detained him for criminality.

Add the foregoing to scores of his alleged past criminal activities, and then you see why he is not fit to represent the Igbo race anywhere. Tell me who, in his or her right mind, wants the Igbos to “rally around” such character as our national leader, just so that we may have representatives. If other nationalities do so, then, I am glad not to be member of those nationalities who are so desperate to have national leaders that they don’t mind fielding devil’s incarnates as candidates. For instance, there are oodles and oodles of bad-character allegations against Bola Tinubu by Nigerians (including decent Yorubas). Yet, he is presently being endorsed and celebrated for 2023 presidency by some so-called Yoruba elder statesmen and traditional rulers. Most of it is for the reason that he has money to spread around. What a doggone shame, meeeeeeeen!!!

It’s high time that Nigerians started to kill the crazy mentality of instituting evil persons in leadership and worshipping them. This is a country that has millions of relatively decent persons to lead us, but we continue to worship indecent persons. Note my emphasis on the word “relatively”, for the fact that the world has no perfect humans. But, we can do much better than what we have today as Nigerian leaders, meeeeeeen!!!

Unfortunately, people like my two examples who are widely rejected by the Igbos, make it impossible for decent Igbo candidates to win elections. We have the nation’s evil murderous election-rigging tradition to thank for this. Igbos can only have true political ambassadors to represent the tribe in the national scheme of things when the lootmakers that are called lawmakers finally give the nation a good electoral law. Until then, I don’t give a fuck if we have no national political presence, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Considering my foregoing background, I frown at members of the other races who say that the Igbos are “denigrating their emerging national leaders” who are crooks. I don’t mind us staying out of national scheme of things, rather than have crooks as representatives. We must reject and keep denigrating such crooks. We would be better for it if Nigeria finally breaks up as it presently looks very impending, and we finally get Biafra Republic. We would have leadership of more decent people than there are in this present fucked-up Nigeria.

So, my pertinent sign-off question is: Why would any sane person blame the Igbo race for rejecting “worthless crooks” as leaders? To hell with such leaders in the misguided hypocritical name of united-front for national representation, I say! And, I trust that you know that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeen!!!

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