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NOTE: First published on September 22, 2020. The “Published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this is to avoid mistaking this piece as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

Yeah, I know; I did say that I’m taking a hiatus from politics. But, I also said that I can’t help myself sometimes. I just can’t stay away from the current nation-wide jubilation over the recent disgrace of Adams Oshimhole at the poll, meeeeeen!!!

If I said it once, I said it a gazillion times, that the biblical Adam who introduced sin into the world would marvel at the evil machinations of his contemporary descendant and namesake, who, unfortunately for us, ended up in Nigeria instead of the Garden of Eden. Even more unfortunate, is that our own version of Adam has an ‘s’ attached to the end, as Adams. Naturally, with double Adams, double sin comes, with double trouble for Nigeria.

        Nigerians, including many of Oshiomole’s own party members, are joyous over his disgraceful defeat at the Edo State governorship election last Saturday. Oshiomhole’s candidate, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu was knocked out, and Governor Obaseki got his second-term mandate from Edo people. With this, many Nigerians believe that the Edo evil-grandstanding son of the biblical Adam and Eve, Adams Oshiomhole, has finally been disgraced out of Edo State politics, and, by extension, rendered impotent in the national political scheme of things, too. I laugh at this euphoria, because, much as I would love to bask myself deep inside it more than anybody else, I just can’t do that yet. I know that the dude is too shameless and too irresponsible to quit, and, he does possess the annoying tendency to “keep on ticking, even after taking a serious licking,” just like an “Omega” wrist watch.

        When he was disgracefully stripped of his Chairmanship of the ruling APC party, I could have sworn that he was finished in politics. But, nope; he promptly bounced right back up from the fall, as though nothing ever happened, and promptly went into his evil political godfather war against the incumbent Governor Obaseke, in support of Pastor Ize-Iyamu. I’ve got to tell ya, I had to doff my hat to Oshiomhole for his resilience, albeit an evil brand of resilience, meeeen!!!

        Folks, as raw and hard as “No Bullshitting” is, nobody is called any names that he/she does not truly deserve, and not without facts, either. So, when I consistently say that Oshiomhole has an evil streak in him, I’m not being frivolous or flippant, meen!!! I think through every word that I utter, very mindful of the law of the land. As long as I obey our democratic constitutional provisions on free speech (knowing where my rights stop), I am willing to answer anybody in court, who sue me based on his/her autocratic military mentality.

 Please tell me, what else is there for any sincere person to call such a man, huh? We’re talking about a man that shamelessly admitted, and boldly announced to the world that he is a chronic liar. He virtually confessed that he can lie at the drop of a hat, in effort to destroy a fellow man (or a woman, for that matter), in order to get whatever it is that he pursues.

         Four years ago, the dude told Edo people (and the entire world, on TV) that Pastor Ize-Iyamu was/is a crook and a false pastor, and nobody should vote for him. He campaigned for Godwin Obaseki as the man to trust and vote for.

       Today, the son of a gun has completely reversed his assessments of Governor Obaseki and Pastor Ize-Iyamu…I mean, a complete reversal, meeen!!! Pastor Ize-Iyamu who Oshiomhole portrayed as the devil’s incarnate four years ago, is now his saint, while his former “saint” has become the devil himself. It is alleged that this evil reversal was for the reason that Obaseki fought his antics to control Edo State’s treasury. And, the son of a gun was proud to tell us that there is nothing wrong with such evil. It’s all part of politics, he said, with the mad excuse that he had a duty to market any candidate that he supports, regardless what the candidate may be. Wow!!!!

       Even more appalling, and disgraceful to Nigeria in the global community, is that APC as a party endorses this man’s madness. On the eve of the election, I watched an APC propagandist as he defended Oshiomhole’s flip-flop madness on an online channel, with a stupid affirmation that “it is acceptable in politics.” Meeeen, I was disgusted and nauseated to the point of almost puking on myself. And, as usual, off I went again with my solo argument with my TV set, and the fool inside the TV ‘tube,’ who could not hear me. I was like…shut the fuck up, motherfucker, don’t blame your evil nature on politics. No sane human being tells such evil lies in the crazy name of politics. Sane, decent, and intelligent politicians possess the art of lying without actually lying. If you don’t know the art, then ask me for a lesson or two. You don’t turn yourself into the devil himself, and have the audacity to give me the crap that it’s all part of politics, motherfucker!!!

Anyway, the current euphoria is that Oshiomhole is now down and out in politics. Yes, down he is, but I’m not so sure about being out. He has shown us that he can always find a way to “bounce back” again. The way that I see it, the only thing that can and should save us from this dude, is to compel the “Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC)” to stop their bullshitting and do their job to fight crime. Yes, indeed! The entire world knows that there are enough crime indictments that are most likely more than enough to lock Oshiomhole up for the rest of his sadistic life. Now that he is apparently no longer valuable to APC, maybe the party will finally drop their evil act of shielding him from the law, and throw his ass in jail, and I hope that they will throw away the key to his prison cell, so that he can never come out again to continue to contribute to destroy Nigeria, meeeen!!!

Interestingly, we are talking about the defeat and disgrace of Oshiomhole, virtually forgetting the actual candidate of APC in the election, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu. Oshiomhole is the one receiving all the disgrace from the Nigerian public for the defeat, and the blame from his own party members. This brings me to the issue of APC’s medicine to a patient after the patient is already dead. APC leaders sat on their asses, mute, while Oshiomhole was destroying their party with his madness, and now many are complaining. I watched one of them on an online media platform today, who was clearly bitter at Oshiomhole for his “irresponsible” antics. The dude was very bitter that APC has lost three states in the recent past due to Oshiomhole’s antics, but he still made effort to maintain Nigeria’s bullshitting “political correctness” in his choice of words…the same “political correctness” bullshit that gave rise to “No Bullshitting” Blog, as a hard-hitting antidote.

        You know, if I was a prominent member of APC, I would have strongly proposed the sack of Oshiomhole from the party. I would accuse him of “anti-party” activities and SABOTAGE. I mean, only a total idiot, a mad man, or a saboteur would come up with Oshimhole’s evil scheme to deny an incumbent governor the ticket for reelection, solely for his alleged evil selfish quest for godfather-control of the treasury of the state. It amounts to sabotage, because, an incumbent always stands better chance to win an election. Oshimhole knows this fact, yet, he still schemed Obaseki out of APC, in his evil desperation to regain the godfather position that Obaseki rejected and fought him for. I consider the entire leadership of APC to be completely idiotic for allowing this to happen.

        I had to wonder how the hell APC expected the Ize-Iyamu dude to win the election against an incumbent governor without rigging, especially when we consider Ize-Iyamu’s pending criminal indictments, and the other allegations against him. Obviously, APC leadership expected their master rigger to rig Ize-Iyamu in, unaware that Buhari would not allow the security agents to support rigging this time.

        Please note that, as always, I am not in anyway biased in favor of Obaseki and PDP; I’m just analyzing the current situation as I see it, ojectively and sincerely. Obaseki and PDP do have their own flaws, too…most Nigerian politicians of this evil era do have their flaws. No wonder, we are in this rot called a country, meeen!!! Every discerning Nigerian knows that the two major political parties, the PDP and APC, are both comprised of many of the same crooks that have destroyed Nigeria. So, I truly don’t give a damn who wins any election. My only interest is the right of the electorate to choose the better of the two evils by themselves, without rigging… shikena!!!


Once upon a time in not very distant past, a man called Chris Ngige took a very courageous step to stop political godfatherism in Anambra State, in southeast Nigeria. I hailed him to high heavens for that courage. He saved Anambra from some crooks who virtually owned the State then as their personal property, in the criminal name of godfathers. Ngige was kidnapped and held hostage for several hours, overnight, and he, very likely, would have been killed, but for his smart maneuvers and God’s intervention. With the courageous move, Ngige set a pace for other governors to save the entire Nigeria from the criminal, evil political phenomenon of godfatherism, which has bedeviled our nation since the inception of this Fourth Republic.

        On September 19, 2020, Governor obaseki and the people of edo state defied the sinful son of Adam and Eve, to defeat godfatherism in Edo State, and I hail them for it, meeeeeeen!!!


I must thank God that my pre-election prediction of doom and murders in the Edo State election did not come true. And, undoubtedly, President Muhamadu Buhari was God’s instrument to avert the murders, when he pronounced that he wanted the Edo election to be free and fair. The message was simple, clear and powerful. My only doubt then was the sincerity behind the message. My fear was that Buhari was probably not sincere. Lying and deceit are common among Nigerian politicians. Buhari could have told his security officers something different in private, such as…‘O boy, don’t mind what I said oh; just go ahead and support APC to rig the election with Oshiomhole.’

        But, obviously, Buhari’s pronouncement was sincere. No wonder, Oshiomhole could not rig the election with FEDERAL SECURITY OFFICERS. And, I hail buhari to high heavens for this, especially because his sincerity saved lives in Edo State n September 19, 2020.

        Indeed, I am joyous that MY PRESIDENT made a liar out of me and my pre-election prediction of doom in Edo. Contrary to my prediction, which was justified by previous events, no life was lost in the election, and Buhari ensured this with that single pre-election pronouncement. Do note that I now call him “my president,” because he has done something great. And, for this, he is the “No Bullshitting” hero of the month. I have been disappointed in him for quite a while now, because he went astray from our Nigerian Dream. Now, it seems to me that, like the biblical prodigal son, he is coming back home. So, today, I celebrate him as the Christian Holy Book celebrates the “Prodigal son.”

By the way, is it just I, or has anybody else noticed the marked difference between Buhari of today with Ibrahim Gambari as his Chief of Staff, and the Buhari in the years of the late Abba Kyari as his Chief of Staff? Whereas Abba Kyari, certainly, led our president astray, his new Chief of Staff, Ibrahim Gambari, DOES SEEM to be leading him back home. So, Gambari also deserves a “No Bullshitting” Man of the new Buhari era Award. Seriously, our president is now, unbelievably, promptly responding to issues in the land as they arise, quite unlike in the era of the late Abba Kyari. The sudden positive transformation is remarkable, meeen, even if his responses are not always in favor of public opinions and desires. I pray that our president has truly realized that he has been going astray from Nigeria’s dream, and has now totally turned around to come back home, as the biblical prodigal son did.

 If it was possible to prove, I would bet you anything, that Oshiomohle pissed in his pants the very moment that he realized that Buhari’s pronouncement was sincere. What a blow it must have been when Oshiomhole realized that the game was over for him, because whatever plan that he had hatched for the support of the federal security agents to rig the election was dead. So, he knew before the polls that he already lost the election, because he knew that he could not possibly win without rigging. He would be stupid to believe otherwise, because he knows that he is no longer favored by majority of the Edo people. The handwriting has been clearly on the wall for a while now, which culminated to his dethronement as the APC Chairman.

 The result of the Edo election is a clear demonstration of my consistent position that the body language and verbal pronouncements of a president (or any leader) help to determine the acts or behaviors of his/her appointees. Buhari’s declared will or position in the Edo election, obviously warned the security agencies to be non-partisan.

       Furthermore, President Buhari promptly congratulated Obaseki for his victory. This is also symbolically powerful, because, again, a clear message has been sent to the judiciary that Buhari wouldn’t support any Governor Uzdimma-styled judicial rigging of the election in court. This will make a huge difference in the impending legal battle by APC. Actually, if the party’s leaders have any common sense and dignity left in them, they would discard the petition that they have threatened, which I call “medicine after death.”

The party allowed Oshiomhole’s evil machinations to scheme out Obaseke. I considered the entire leadership of APC to be completely idiotic to allow it to happen. And now, they want to go to court to fight the election that most Nigerians know to be free and fair enough to defy any challenge. I had to wonder how the hell they expected the Ize-Iyamu dude to win the election with his crime indictment and all the other contents of the negative baggage that he carries. Obviously, they expected their master-rigger to make it happen, until Buhari dropped his bombshell that their would be no rigging support from his police and soldiers this time.

Naturally, today’s “No Bullshitting” Award would not be complete or fair without hailing the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for a job well done. INEC goofs up  a lot of time, but it perform quite creditable in Edo this time. I hope that they will keep it up until we can finally force our federal lootmakers, sorry, I mean lawmakers, to stay away from their self-serving activities and all their mischievous bills, long enough to give us our electoral reform law.

Meanwhile, I want to end this with three “No Bullshitting” Gbosa (cheers) for Buhari, Edo people, and INEC…Gbosa! Gbosa!! Gbosa!!!

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