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NOTE: First published on February 17, 2021. The publishing date that appears on the tab is actually the date that it was uploaded on this new site. The point is that, although issues herein may still be current (depending on…), please don’t mistake this piece as current news.

This is “No Bullshitting”, by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

All leaders of the world today have a primary goal to design ways to improve their countries for better life for their citizens. The search for a better life in a given country encompasses various elements or components that work as a system to improve her economy. The elements include but are not limited to education of the citizens in order to improve productivity; providing conducive environment (infrastructure and other conditions) for productivity in all sectors of the economy, in order to improve employment of citizens in one form or another, which, in turn, improves Gross Domestic Product (GDP); Reducing Inflation in order to improve values for whatever money that a citizen spends on products and services. I will limit my stipulation of the elements that make a good economy and good society to the above-named, but definitely not without the special mention of the fundamental element of security, which falls under the conducive environment sub-heading.

I am aware that I must be sounding like “a broken record” to some of my fans or readers when I consistently mention that I am very conscious of being OBJECTIVE and SINCERE as a Communications professional, encompassing, among other hats that I wear, journalism, social criticism, and in the present instance, “No Bullshitting” blogging. Unfortunately, it may be hard to believe my OBJECTIVITY and SINCERERITY sometimes when my blog is about something that affects me or my tribe or my religion or any other personal leaning. However, I cannot allow possible skepticism over my objectivity and sincerity to faze me. It is between God and me to know that if my own mama was still alive, I would blame her for anything that I see as wrong deed by her. This also means that if she should be right, I would also defend her vehemently, meeeeeeeeen!!!

The foregoing paragraphs are a preamble to the following piece on the current war against the Eastern Security Network (ESN) by Nigeria’s armed forces in Imo State in southeast Nigeria. I am an Igbo man, and so, some of my readers may think that my strong interest is for the fact that I am Igbo. But, as I said in my analogy above with my own mama, I am among the hardest critics of any wrong-doing by Igbos. Hence, whosoever that chooses to be skeptical about my objectivity and sincerity, is the one with the insincerity problem, and not I. And, guess what; I don’t really give a fuck when or if anybody accuses me of bias when I talk about the OBVIOUS persecution of my people by Buhari’s government, as long as I speak facts. I was an Igbo man before I became an objective communicator, and, it is an insult to expect me to avoid speaking out on behalf of my own people for fear of being accused of favoritism or bias. And, I would look the accuser in the face and tell him or her to go to hell and fuck himself or herself, meeeeeeeeen!!!

For instance, on February 1, 2021, I blogged about today’s topic from a different perspective. The blog was inspired by a presentation of the overall views of majority of the Igbo people of southeastern Nigeria on Africa Independent Television (AIT), by the President General of the “Eastern Union Congress,” Chief Edozie Ezeugwa, who is also a member of the “Ime Obi Ohaneze Ndigbo” in Abuja. He asked, “What have the Igbo people done to deserve constant and consistent persecution or victimization by Nigerian governments?” I am bringing this up again because the reason for Ezeugba’s concern is currently escalating in Orlu in Imo State, southeast Nigeria. Nigeria’s armed forces have continued to bombard Orlu communities from the ground and from the air with military helicopters. Their targets are the operatives of “Eastern Security Network (ESN), but, their casualties are said to be MOSTLY innocent Orlu citizens who are not members of ESN, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

As always, I must mention that my commentaries are primarily COMPENDIA of what members of my public are saying and doing, and not necessarily my own views. That is the journalistic Harry, whose job is to OBSERVE the goings-on in any given society, and comment on them. Of course, I do have my personal views, too, which will most often appear as editorial complements and/or summaries. The difference between me and the next guy who is also a journalist is my purposeful radical no-bullshitting style. This is a commentary on the sufferance of the people of Orlu in Imo State under the reported brutality of Nigeria’s armed forces, and their lamentations.

Here is where “No Bullshitting” Blog objectivity comes into play again, with a look at the other side of the story that may favor Buhari’s government. Lai Mohammed argues that the matter of ESN is different from other comparable vigilante outfits in Nigeria that are fighting the jihadist Fulani herdsmen. He posits that the difference is in Nnamdi Kanu’s position for Republic of Biafra, which implies that ESN is a parallel army against Nigeria’s army. Guess what, I do buy LAIR Mohammed’s argument on the issue of parallel government of Biafra against Nigerian government. Yes, due to Kanu’s Republic of Biafra posture, any vigilante outfit formed by him can be viewed as a formation of Biafra Army parallel to Nigeria Army. However, and a very huge however at that, parallel Biafra Army or not, the fact still remains that the ESN is presently protecting the Igbos of Nigeria from the onslaught of jihadist Fulani herdsmen who are on land-grabbing rampage in Igbo land. To begin to make any sense at all, and for fairness to the Igbos who are being kidnapped, raped, and massacred by the invading herdsmen, Lair Mohammed must first address the need to stop the Fulanization jihad.

This brings me again to my regular argument against addressing a reaction to evil without first addressing the action that brought about the reaction. Allowing jihadist Fulani herdsmen to carry AK-47 assault rifles to massacre the Igbos, and then fighting the ESN that protects the Igbo against the onslaught is exactly equal to open support to, or empowerment of jihadists. Hence, many fair-minded Nigerians, Igbo as well as non-Igbos, do see Buhari’s government as using Nigeria’s armed forces to OPENLY PROSECUTE A JIHAD WAR IN IGBOLAND under the guise of stopping a parallel formation of Biafra Army, meeeeeeeen!!!

Again, there is no justification for the bombardment of ESN in Igbo land by the armed forces without commensurate bombardment of the Fulani invaders who the ESN is fighting. Besides, even in a full-blown international war between two independent sovereign nations, a UN charter forbids collateral damages against innocent civilians in the battle areas, and Nigeria’s armed forces are flagrantly violating this global rule of engagement in Igbo land, which amounts to a genocide against the Igbo race. So, the alleged EVIL recklessness of Nigeria’s armed forces in massacring too many innocent Igbo people as “collateral damage” is easily describes by many as a result of “Buhari’s hatred for the Igbos in general.” Look at this dispassionately even as a Fulani person (as long as you are sincere), and you would see that I ain’t bullshiting ya, meeeeeeeeen!!!

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