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NOTE: First published on October 26, 2021. The publishing date that appears on the tab is actually the date that it was uploaded on this new site. 

This is “No Bullshitting”, By Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

No Bullshitting is not a specialty blog; it is a variety blog. This means that I blog on any topic and any subject under any sector of the society, be it science, art, social, or anything else under the sun, and even beyond, to the entire universe. My promise is that I don’t dabble into any area without some research to know what the heck I am talking about, without bullshitting ya. This does not necessarily mean that I’m perfect; any human who claims to be perfect is a fool. I can only claim that I do try my best, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Today’s subject happens to be in my own professional area of Communications, which encompasses Broadcasting, Journalism, Motion-Picture Production, Theater Arts, and more. I want to talk about Journalism in Nigeria, and I title it part 3, because I have done this twice before from different perspectives. My topic today is on the fact that too many journalists in Nigeria have fucked up some of the valuable principles of journalism. I am zeroing-in on pronunciation of African names by our TV and Radio on-air broadcasters. Too many of them disappoint the hell out of me in this area, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

I speak of the fact that it pisses me off when I see that white, Indian, Chinese broadcasters, and broadcasters of all the other races of the world pronounce our African names and other African words much better than some of the motherfuckers in Nigeria who call themselves broadcasters. Oh yes, indeed! And, I will tell you why those broadcasters of the other races pronounce our own African words better that us. They still practice the principle of researching to find out how those words are pronounced properly, before they go on air. Gone are the days when Nigerian broadcasters took time to follow the principles that guide broadcasting, in other to do it right. In those good old days, when a student in school, for instance, listened to a Nigerian broadcaster on TV or Radio, he or she could write an exam based on whatever the broadcaster said. And, if the exam was oral, which required the student to pronounce words, the student was sure to pass the exam based on how he/she heard a broadcaster pronounce the words. Today, all that has gone with the wind of contemporary fuck-up by our contemporary broadcasters, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

If you are Nigerian; have you listened to some of the wanabe broadcasters in Nigeria these days as they pronounce names and other words of your vernacular language? You must agree with me that some motherfuckers completely murder the words, with annoying nonchalance that pisses me off like hell!!! They do know that their pronunciation is wrong, but they don’t give a fuck about it. The most annoying ones end up with some idiotic statements after murdering the words, such as, “…or whatever.”  There is nothing like ‘whatever’ in somebody’s name; it is supposed to be said properly. Their stupid, irresponsible, unprofessional excuse is that the words are not their own vernacular language, hence, they don’t really have to know how to say them. And, I’m like…“Yes motherfucker, you DO HAVE TO KNOW how to pronounce every fucking word that you say. It is your fucking DUTY to know how to say every word that is contained in your script for the day before you sit your motherfucking ass on your seat to address your audience, you unprofessional fool!!!” Yes, indeed; if a broadcaster is Yoruba, he/she has to ask persons of Igbo, Hausa, Efik, and other races how their words are pronounced before he/she goes on air. Same goes for broadcasters from all the races in pronouncing words of other races in Nigeria, meeeeeeeen!!!

A broadcaster is actually supposed to go beyond Nigeria/Africa, and learn how to say words in all the languages of the entire world that are contained in their script for the day, if they call themselves broadcasters. Broadcasters of other races learn how to say African words before they go on air, and majority of them who are true professionals pronounce our own words better than our fucked-up broadcasters. So, if you are a broadcaster, don’t give me that idiotic excuse that you don’t pronounce some words well because they are not your own native language. If you do hide under such idiotic excuse, then you have no gadamn business being a broadcaster. Take your fucking ass to a market as a trader, or whatever the fuck that you can do well, motherfucker!!! I trust, that my reader knows, that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeen!!!

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