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NOTE: First published on August 28, 2021. The publishing date that appears on the tab is actually the date that it was uploaded on this new site. The point is that, although issues herein may still be current (depending on…), please don’t mistake this piece as current news.

This is “No Bullshitting”, by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

This is your No Bullshiting Blog Praise Worship “Sunday-Sunday Medicine”, with a little controversial Commonsensical discourse on “Hypocrisy and Pretense in the Contemporary Christendom.” If you’re a regular, you may recall once upon a blog, when I told you that I am not cut out to be a pastor, or man of God, or anything else that we call the Christian clergy today. I also said some of my reasons. Um huh, I did say that the moral burden that goes with it is too much for me to handle. You know, before you do anything you have to think first about how it looks to other people. If you don’t think that way, then, you ain’t fit to be a man of God, period! I wanno be free from such burden, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

As far as I’m concerned, a pastor has no moral right to do some of the things that I can easily do without raising an eyebrow; he has to show that he is beyond some of those “worldly sinful” acts, including foul or rude language. He needs to be nice all the time, too. If you can’t handle such ‘heat’, then stay the hell away from the kitchen, I always say.  Now, don’t get me wrongly and start misconstruing my words to mean that I don’t like to comply with some social etiquettes or norms, or what have you; no sir, no ma’am! I mean, acts like the example that I cited in the said past blog, where Pope Francis lost his cool in public and showed that he was human, devoid of pretense.

In case you’ve forgotten already, I’ll remind ya. Just as in the Holy Bible with Jesus Christ, an ecstatic fan of the pope, a woman, grabbed the pope’s hand, and held onto it just a little too long for his liking. The dude busted out in anger as he grabbed back his hand from the ecstatic woman. If ‘Mr. No Bullshitting’ (not Harry Agina o) should get so annoyed over something, ‘he’ would most likely ‘let out the steam’ and say something like…“Motherfucker, let go my fucking hand. Now, that’s what I’m talking about…no pretense, meeeeeeen!!!

But, really, in all seriousness, I must say that ‘Mr. NB’ wouldn’t even get offended in that manner over a fan grabbing ‘his’ hand in a show of love and happiness, no sir, no ma’am! But, anyway, that’s beside the point that I want to make here now. The point is that we have too much pretense and hypocrisy in the contemporary Christendom. But, in that brief moment, the pope just couldn’t pretend about his frustration and anger any longer. Human nature took over, and, when you prick a human, he/she bleeds; you tickle him/her, he/she laughs, and, when you piss him off, he loses his cool, too. The subject or, should I say, the catalyst of my little commonsense discourse today is similar, but in a different form.

I speak of a current viral video clip, where a “man of God”, a Reverend Father, kissed three young ladies in a public event, only to tell us later, “I pray for forgiveness, the kiss was to add human touch.” I’m almost certain that you expect me to lambast the Reverend Father for kissing the ladies; right! Wrong!!! No sir, no ma’am! If I blame him for anything, it’s naivety, perhaps. Otherwise, I actually blame the Christendom for hypocrisy or pretense…the hypocrisy that a “man of God” is not supposed to kiss a lady in public. I’ll tell ya, I, Harry Agina (not ‘Mr. NB” this time), do not see anything wrong about anybody, “man of God” or man of Satan, kissing anybody anywhere; and, Harry Agina will never pretend about it, nor will I ever apologize for it. Now, here’s where the matter of naivety that I mentioned comes in, though.

Unlike the priest, apparently, I do know how and what part of the body to kiss—lips, cheeks, forehead, or back of hand—depending on the type of relationship that I hold with a given lady. It’s my suspicion that the good old scandalous Reverend Father was simply a victim of naivety in etiquette. The poor dude probably spent most of his life so far in convents and wherever the heck that they do their things or have their training. So, he failed to learn the etiquette of what part of the face to kiss, and how to kiss young ladies that are not his girlfriends or wives. Maybe, all that he hitherto knew was that men often kiss women to “add human touch”, as he put it. So, he kissed the three ladies right smack on their lips, probably innocently, in a way that looked sexually sensuous, because he probably saw nothing wrong with his act, until it went viral, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Now, I’ll expatiate on my assertion on hypocrisy in contemporary Christianity. Actually, I’ve got to tell ya, the foregoing was just an excuse to lead to my real topic to lambast, once again, the nonsensical man-made doctrine of sexual celibacy among Catholic Reverend Fathers. I am particular about this because it causes sexual depravity among such priests. I feel that they should just stop pretending that they don’t have the urge to have sex or indulge in sexual activities. They have blood running in their veins, and it is very natural for A MAJORITY of humans to have the urge for sexual activities. In fact, I insist that whosoever that does not possess that natural endowment is the odd or weird one, and not those that are blessed with it by God.

Nonsensically, Catholic Reverends pretend to possess the “divine” power to overcome the natural urge for sex, yet, many of them, behind closed doors, commit some sexual atrocities that even we, the so-called sinners, do not indulge in. I challenge anybody to show me where God, Christ, or the Holy Bible said/says that anything is wrong with sex. Considering the fact (until I am proven wrong) that neither God nor Christ forbids sex, the sensible question that begs for answer is: Why the fuck doesn’t the Catholic Church kill that nonsensical doctrine of celibacy? The priests would stop pretending and get married or have lovers, so that they may be free to enjoy sex like normal human beings. That way, they would spare us all the scandalous acts of some of them who are sex-starved and frustrated. The same goes for the Reverend Sisters, meeeeeen!!!

For crying out; sex, or love making is among the best experiences that Baba Goddey created, and He has no problem whatsoever with anybody that enjoys it. Otherwise, with their obsession with women and sex, Kings Solomon and David would never have been among God’s most favorite and blessed children of the ancient Israel. If sex is so evil, how come God loved those two so much, huh??? In light of this, even if abstinence happens to be in the bible, I would have to say that it’s one of those corruptions that I speak about when I assert that the bible contains man-made errors and mischief.

So, here is my commonsense extrapolated conclusion for ya: Long before Christ, long before Christianity, and long before the Christian Bible, there lived a couple of sex lovers, maybe even sex addicts called David and Solomon, who God loved so dearly. And so, folks, I insist that sex never makes anybody a sinner. If so, God wouldn’t have loved David and Solomon so much. In fact, if my memory still serves me right, Solomon was David’s child, a product of evil adulterous sex, and he grew up to love women and sex so much, too…like father, like son. Yet, they were both God’s favorites. If you ask me, or even if you refuse to ask me, as much as I don’t endorse obsession with sex like those two, I still say right here and now that, not having sex is what may actually be a sin, meeeeeen!!!

Only bad sexual acts, such as rape, incest, pedophilia, and others, are what make sex sinful. And, those are the sort of activities that we often hear that the sex-starved and frustrated Reverend Fathers and Sisters who pretend to abstain from sex commit. So, who the hell are they really deceiving, and for what Godly purpose? Just give this a thought, and I bet that you will agree that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeen!!!

Finally, here comes Lynda Randle and her support choir, with “God On The Mountain”, for the NBB “Praise Worship Sunday-Sunday Medicine” of the day. You’re gonno love it.

Just in case you want to read about the Reverend Father who prayed for forgiveness for the “sin” of kissing, the link comes after the music. Here we go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCTl4tUYIAg

The kissing Reverend’s link: https://barristerng.com/i-pray-for-forgiveness-the-kiss-was-to-add-a-human-touch-rev-father-caught-on-camera-kissing-underage-school-girls-begs/

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