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July 17, 2019


This is “No Bullshitting,” by Harry Agina.
Greetings, folks! The news report that incited this blog is truly unbelievable, meeeeeeen!!!

President Buhari of Nigeria is perceived by many sincere, uncompromised, non-hypocritical Nigerians to be the most unpatriotic living Nigerian. Now, this disgracefully incompetent president says that all well-meaning Nigerians are unpatriotic. Why? Because we complain about his gross incompetence in protecting Nigerian lives and property; that’s why! This truly frightens some shit outta me, and I’ll tell you why, pronto! Mr. President’s position means that he does not really see how terribly terrible insecurity has become under his watch! He is still under denial, for two reasons, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

One, he does not have the presence of mind to know what is going on in the country that he is supposed to be governing. Two, the criminals who are in his governing cabinet and cabal, are shielding facts from him. Nigerians are aware of these facts about Mr. President. And patriotic critics are trying to hit him hard with the reality, and wake him up from his mental slumber to protect Nigerians. He is supposed to thank the critics and say that the crooks who are shielding him from reality are unpatriotic. Instead, he decides to lay the blame on the patriotic critics…un-fucking-believable, meeeeeeeen!!!

This is so frightening to me because the first step towards solving a problem, is to recognize that the problem does actually exist. And here we are, with a president without the presence of mind to recognize our terrible security problem. And, the matter is made worse by his criminal cabinet and cabal (represented by an old fool called Liar Mohammed), who deceive him that there is no problem. They tell him that all is well, for whatever evil self-serving reasons that I can’t even try to fathom at all! Folks, Nigeria is truly, totally fucked, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Another issue here, really, is whether Buhari truly wants to save Nigeria, or is he part of the security problem, with possible complicity to jihadist terrorism. He is perceived by Nigerians to be doing everything possible to split Nigeria with his ethno-religious bigotry and “dangerous, murderous clannishness.” In my own patriotic commentaries, I always say that Buhari does all the terrible things that he does either wittingly, or unwittingly. There is no questioning the fact that Buhari is an unrepentant religious bigot, and he is evil clannishness personified, too! However, we do know that he is deceived to endorse many of the wrongs in his government, without knowing what he is doing. But, of course, I blame him severely for not knowing what is going on in his so-called government. We pay him to know every fucking thing and govern us well.  This is a man who had fought tooth-and-nail for over twelve years to become president! He finally became president, and he obviously has no interest in being the president beyond his Fulanization and Islamization agenda. He has left Nigeria in the hands of self-serving criminals who are destroying Nigeria and stealing her blind, meeeeeeeeen!!!

The entire world is worried about the Nigerian insecurity problem, apparently except the president and the deputy president of the country. So, I put my worry in the form of a question this time, thus: If Mr. President does not even accept that the insecurity problem is as bad as the entire world sees it to be; where is our hope, huh? His apologists and his evil propagandists, including Femi Adesina and the old fool called Liar Mohammed, attack everybody that brings up the issue. So, I ask again, how the fuck is Buhari going to solve the problem? Buhari’s mad dogs are busy attacking and calling us names for talking about the problem. When they take a little break from their mad-dog attacks, they resort to blaming everything on past governments, meeeeeeeen!!!

Yesterday (July 16, 2019), Buhari told us that we are all unpatriotic Nigerians, because we condemn his incompetence in handling terrorism in our country. This is quite laughable to millions of Nigerians! We can’t help but wonder if his memory problem is much worse than we think. Mr. President gets offended whenever anybody accuses him of wittingly or unwittingly supporting a jihadist movement of an evil sect of his Fulani race. Some people are arrested and brutalized by his armed forces who are only good at persecuting innocent Nigerians for exercising their freedom of speech rights. Yet, Mr. President never makes any move to prove his critics wrong, by disassociating himself from the evil jihadist Fulani sect, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

          Any innocent, sensitive, sensible, peaceful, uniting, president would make visible effort to disassociate himself from this evil jihadist sect!!! Instead, Mr. Buhari openly encourages them in utterances, actions, inaction, and body language. They consistently and openly declare war on the rest of the nation with utter impunity. Rather than arrest and prosecute the threatening jihadists, the idiots who work for Buhari in the name of media aides, tell us that they are “just miscreants.”

My friend, a world boxing champion, Bash Ali, is an unbelievably ardent Buharist, and we often hold lovely friendly debates about Buhari. He says that I am too hard on Buhari in my blogs; and I accuse him of being unbelievably blind to Buhari’s incompetence and terrible disposition. I always task him to show me one blog where I condemned Buhari falsely. I am only voicing out the worries and sufferings and lamentations of a majority of Nigerians. I represent the voices of those Nigerians who are not encumbered by ignorant or hypocritical sectional biases of ethnicity and religion, or/and political partisanship.

My consolation against Buharists such as Bash, is the fact that some of my friends and acquaintances who are Fulani like Buhari, do agree with me. Such good Fulanis practically cry that their kin, Buhari, is among the worst presidents that the world has ever known. They lament particularly for the fact that their brother is “destroying the good name of the Fulani race.” In my last debate with my friend Bash, I gave him some examples of my objectivity and fairness in the Buhari matter. I do praise him whenever he does any of the few itty-bitty good things that he happens to do every once in a very long while.

My examples are: (1) I hailed Buhari when he felt the pulse of the southwest Nigerians to address the nation’s “June 12 saga, and the aborted Abiola Presidency of 1993.” (2) I also hailed his signing of “Not Too Young to Run” bill in 2018, which opened Nigeria’s electoral system to accommodate younger participants. (3) I supported him very firmly in the Buhari and EFCC Vs Senator Sarkis in a legal tussle. (4) I hailed him and lambasted his critics in the matter of his arrests of suspected corrupt judges. I name just these four very controversial cases.

In my avowed objectivity, I truly look for good things to say about Buhari, but it is difficult to find much. I have always said that he was once my favorite guy, in whom I had the hope to save Nigeria from the crooks who had been ruling and destroying Nigeria. Only for him to finally climb the seat of the president in 2015 and completely destroyed Nigeria. And yes, indeed, my hard criticism of his evil government is mostly born out of my great disappointment with my now fucked-up former hero, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Some critics insist that Buhari is apparently hell-bent on leading Nigeria to another civil war. It is justifiably argued that his intention is to populate the entire nation with his nomadic rampaging herdsmen from around the West African region. In other words, it is argued, very justifiably, that Buhari is leading an extremist Fulani-cum-Islamic jihad. At best, he is encouraging it! The evidence of the already commenced jihad is there for everybody to see. The only question is whether Buhari is actually leading it.

But, forget about the large body of evidence of the jihad, which some fools claim to be acts of “ordinary miscreants.” Let’s talk about the fact that the so-called miscreants are constantly declaring jihad war against the rest of the population. They boast of their aim to overrun Nigeria with the aid of imported Fulani jihadists from the West African region. And, to my knowledge, neither Buhari nor his armed forces’ leadership have ever uttered a word of warning to the jihasists, not to speak of arresting any of them, meeeeeeen!!!

Now, I want to get back to Buhari’s statement that Nigerians are unpatriotic. As far as he is concerned, the youths who recently caught his Fulani jihadist killer herdsmen with AK47 rifles in Imo State of southeastern Nigeria are “unpatriotic.” In other words, in order to be patriotic in Buhari’s warped definition, the Imo State youths should have been very nice and sweet to the killers. They should have treated the killers to a state dinner banquet, in order to qualify as Buhari’s patriotic citizens, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!!

Now, check this! Nigeria’s security/intelligence outfit, the DSS, has just “invited” the southeast MASOB leader, Mr. Uwazuruike, for interrogation. Uwazurike’s crime is that he is of the Igbo tribe, and he called on Nigerians to prepare themselves for defense against the jihadist Fulani herdsmen. Apparently, Buhari and our DSS under him do not want Nigerians to defend themselves against the Fulani jihadists. They want them to  continue massacring innocent Nigerians on their farms and in their homes. Uwazueuike’s statement was necessitated by jihadist Fulani groups who had issued ultimatums, and openly threatened the nation with a war. Nigerians have constantly complained and agitated against the audacious threats of war by the Fulanis, but Buhari’s DSS refuses to arrest any of their spokesmen. Instead, the DSS summoned a man who told other Nigerians to be prepared to defend themselves against the open threat. Mind you, we are talking about a very small group of people who can easily be crushed, even if the nation’s entire military should support them against the rest of Nigerians, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

So, millions of Nigerians are accusing our president of aiding jihadists to Fulanize and Islamize Nigeria. And, rather than make moves and say words to douse the suspicion and tension, Mr. President and his deputy utter words that actually lend credence to the people’s allegation. And now, Mr. President tells us that we are unpatriotic because we complain about the hell that he has plunged us into…un-fuckiing-believable, meeeeeeen!!!


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