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NOTE: First published on January 6, 2021. The “Published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this is to avoid mistaking it as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

Thanks to Nigeria’s Information Minister, Mr. Lai (“Lie”) Mohammed, a debate is currently raging in Nigeria.  And, the topic is whether the country is a failed state or not. A great majority of Nigerians, as well as a good number of foreign bodies insist that Nigeria is a failing state. Others insist that it is already a failed state. Sadly, President Mohammadu Buhari’s incumbent government attacks (like a mad dog) any and every person that proffers the failed state view. The attack dogs are led by Buhari’s chief propagandist, the Minister of Information, Mr. Lai (Lie) Mohammed.

There are variations in the definition of a failed state, and I pick a very basic one for this piece. It says that a failed state is a political body where basic conditions and responsibilities of a sovereign government no longer function properly.

Nigerians, and the world at large already know that most “basic conditions and responsibilities” of President Buhari’s government of Nigeria “no longer function properly.” Indeed, many “conditions and responsibilities” of Buhari’s government have gone way beyond “not functioning properly,” to a total collapse, including but not limited to security and economy. We have already over-flogged these facts on a daily basis, and I do hate to continue to beat a dead horse. Instead, I want to zero-in on the disgraceful failure of Nigeria in a little but important matter of the simple management of National Identity Number System for the identification of the citizens of Nigeria. In fairness to Buhari, however, the failure of the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) did not start in his government. The truth is that the former president Goodluck Jonathan’s government had irresponsibly squandered so much funds on the initiative, to no avail. He introduced it in 2010, with the initial funding of thirty billion naira (N30b) in 2011, and nothing to show for it. More funds continued to be appropriated and squandered in vain by him and his crooks, until Buhari took over the government in 2015.

Now, however, I lay the entire blame on Buhari because he deceived Nigerians to dump Jonathan and vote him into power so that he would correct all the madness of Jonathan’s irresponsible government; but, instead of correcting the wrongs, Buhari’s government became worse. The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has lasted longer under Buhari (the deceitful self-acclaimed messiah) than it did under Jonathan, yet, it has been impossible for Nigerians to obtain the National Identity Numbers (NINs) and its authentication Card. Once upon a visit to Nigeria all the way back in 2012 during Jonathan’s government, I applied for my NIN and card. I was in Nigeria for over a month and it was not issued before I left. I was back in Nigeria several times since, and, each time, I went to the NIMC office, and it was not ready. And, guess what, I have not obtained it til date after six years of “Messiah Buhari.” And, of course, I have decided to give up trying…“fuck the damned thing,” I finally said to myself. The story is the same for most Nigerians, not just a majority, mind you, I mean MOST Nigerians who have applied for the damned thing.

And now, out of the blues, Buhari’s senseless government has come up with a decree that mandates every citizen to possess their own NINs and the authentication Cards, or else, we shall be penalized. One of the penalties is that the telecommunication companies will soon bar the telephone lines of all the citizens who have no NIN, as directed by the fucked-up government. Yet, the same government continues to make it IMPOSSIBLE to obtain the NIN and Card. Only a crazy sadistic government of a failed state would impose such a decree against citizens, whereas the same government makes it impossible for the citizens to obtain the fucking NINs and cards. Terrible as Jonathan’s government was, he was at least humane enough not to punish the citizens for his own failure to issue the NINs to us. But Buhari’s inhumane crooks in power do not hesitate to punish the citizens for their government’s failure to issue the NINs. So, now, with the new decree, it’s a “Catch-22” dilemma for Nigerian citizens. We’re damned if we don’t apply for the fucking ID Card due to the fact that the government makes it torturous and impossible to obtain; and, we’re damned if we don’t possess it because we get penalized for not having it…what a fucking damned failed nation! Meanwhile, the motherfucking government’s stupid propagandist that goes by the title of Minister of Information idiotically attacks anybody that calls Nigeria a failed state, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Naturally, for fear of being penalized, Nigerians are now in mad desperate scramble every day to obtain the damned ID numbers and cards. Many arrive at the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) offices as early as 5am, and even earlier. They queue in unbelievably long queues, all day long, and, most times, to no avail. They have to keep going back and spend all day in the queues for several days, just to obtain a fucking ID number. If it was easy to prove, I would bet you anything, even my blokos, that officers of NIMC purposely make it so difficult to obtain the NIN and card, in order to create the anxiety and rush for the NIN, just so that they can extort citizens who are desperate to obtain theirs. Now that the fucked-up government of Nigeria has created the “Catch-22” situation by imposing a decree against the citizens who do not have the ID, evil NIMC staffers have finally gotten their money-making scheme down-packed. They capitalize on the mad rush to extort money from citizens. If you don’t bribe them to give you the NIN that is supposed to be free, you suffer the penalty that is imposed by the fucked-up government, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

The queues and jam-packed crowds at NIMC offices that I saw on TV yesterday were utterly saddening, and I will tell you why. This is the same crazy government that has just started its renewed campaign against the more deadly second wave of covid-19 and the flagrant violation of social-distancing protocol by Nigerians. So, I ask: where the fuck is our fucked-up incompetent Presidential Task Force that is supposed to do whatever it takes to stop such crowding at the NIMC offices. They only make noise on TV to justify all the funds that they are embezzling in the criminal name of enforcing the protocol! And, where the hell is the motherfucking propagandist that is called the Minister of Information, who, like a mad dog, attacks every person that says that Nigeria is now a failed state? Why the fuck can’t he do something useful for once in his life, to decongest NIMC offices to avoid the spread of covid-19, huh? He can easily influence the NIMC to do its job without frustrating and extorting Nigerians with demand for bribes for the NINs that are supposed to be free of charge. I know, that you know, that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!!


I want to ask you this question, for Nigerians, and non-Nigerians, too, who want Nigeria to rise from this hell that we are now: When was the last time that you shared “No Bullshitting” Blog? When did you last share other people’s messages that talk about the emancipation of Nigerians from the hell of our evil leaders, huh? Don’t you understand that you are working for the emancipation by sharing emancipation messages by emancipation agents? Well, NBB can’t force ya, but don’t you dare to claim that you want Nigeria to be good again, when you fail in your own little contributions to make things better, such as refusing to share NBB and all the other emancipation messages out there. What the fuck does it cost you to click the share button, meeeeeeeeen????!!!!!!!!!!!!


My regular readers and fans may remember the beautiful lady of song, Etana, and her equally beautiful “Lovers Rock” brand of reggae music. I had Etana on NBB Infotainment on December 11, 2020, with her inspirational song titled “ARISE.” She’s here again with another beautiful “Lovers Rock” reggae titled “Every Woman Has A Voice.”

Etana talks about failed promise by one lover to another. I’ll tell you what catches my fancy about this song and its beautiful rhythm: The dude who broke the promise has the DECENCY to admit that he did wrong by failing to fulfill his promise and lying. Importantly, he says the three little but very powerful words “I am sorry.” And then, he promises that it won’t happen again. Those nice little words, I am sorry, are so powerful and wonderful in a relationship. In comparison, President Buhari’s government has failed to fulfill any of his election campaign promises to Nigerians, and all we get from his idiotic propagandist called Minister of Information and his propaganda team, is insults. Like mad dogs, they are quick to attack anybody that complains about the woeful failure to keep the promises. To them, every Nigerian that complains is treasonable, and any foreigner that talks is invading their so-called fucking sovereignty. They want the entire world to keep quiet and take their unending bullshit, meeeeeeen!!!

My relevant gist of Etana’s song says “I know I promised I wouldn’t pull the trigger again, he cried, I’m so sorry I lied. I know I said I wouldn’t do it again, and I tried, but the words are not alongside on my mind…” Now, I don’t know and I don’t have to tell you what fucking trigger that you promised not to pull again in your own personal relationship (lover relationship, or otherwise); all I can say is, just stop the bullshit and stop breaking your promises to him or her, meeeeeeeen!!!

And the pertinent question is: Do you have the decency to admit when you are wrong, and then utter those three nice little words, I am sorry, which are powerful to wash away bitterness in the person that you wronged? Or, are you one of the indecent fools like Mr. Liar Mohammed, who prefer to add salt unto injuries with stupid denial and lies? As for me, I’m not perfect o, but I do know when to say those nice little words, I am sorry, meeeeeeeeen?!!!

So, here is Etana and her beautiful song with the equally beautiful Lovers Rock reggae rhythm: https://youtu.be/X0Ha6ZFrHFM

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