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NOTE: First published on June 26, 2020. The publishing date that appears on the tab is actually the date that it was uploaded on this new site. The point is that, although issues herein may still be current (depending on…), please don’t mistake this piece as current news.

This is “No Bullshitting”, by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

I truly wish that the federal government of Nigeria would pay sincere attention to the issues that IPOB and other groups are agitating about, rather than take its insolent propaganda way out.  Yeah, reparation moves are the answer to the growing agitations, but, unfortunately, President Mohammadu Buhari and his team insist on wicked propaganda, insincerity, and lawlessness in addressing the matter. There is no better way to describe a government that very apparently glorifies and protects real terrorists from one section of the country, and then tags people from other sections of the country that are agitating legitimately for self-determination as terrorists and criminals, meeeeeeeen!!!

Nigerians know that some evil activities and war-mongering verbal utterances of a Fulani-tribe socio-cultural organization, the “Miyetti Allah” cattle breeders, are a major cause of all the insecurity and disunity in Nigeria today. If I said it once, I said it a gazillion times that whosoever that condones or defends such an organization, and proscribes un-armed IPOB, and other groups or individuals agitate for “Self-determination” as terrorists organizations or individuals, is nothing short of mischievous. I often wonder; are the rest Nigerians held by some form of juju (charm) to accept such injustice and criminal favoritism by our government? Miyetti Allah members are totting AK47 war rifles and committing atrocities all over Nigeria; in the name of herdsmen, and their purpose is to grab other people’s land. On the other hand, IPOB does not bear arms; it does not kill people all over Nigeria (like herdsmen do). IPOB is, operating only in its Igbo region; and its reason is to agitate for either equity and fairness for the Igbo people in “One Nigeria,” or allow them to go out of Nigeria as Biafrans, shikena!!! How can any leader reject both options, and claim to run a good government? Tyranny is an understatement of such inhumane disposition, meeeeeeeen!!!

Nigeria’s vice president, Yemi Osinbajo looked Nigerians in the eye on TV and declared IPOB a terrorist organization; justified the war-mongering activities of Miyetti Allah members; and asked us to forgive the atrocities of herdsmen and try to accommodate them. Spontaneously I said to myself; “Self, Mr. VP is SEEMINGLY being blackmailed to say those words; he must be under duress. I can’t help but muse, does Buhari’s government actually expect Nigerians to accept such crazy comparison of IPOB and Miyetti Allah, as though we are all idiots? The mischievous assessment of the two organizations is my second beef with Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. My first beef is that, though a Christian pastor, Osinbajo is a terrible ambassador of Christianity, meeeeeeen!!! With him as Vice President, the so-called balancing of the influences of Christianity and Islam in the presidency, is absolutely null. I subscribe to the popular public opinion that he does not represent Christianity well in the presidency; instead, he betrays Christianity. Many argue that it would have been better to have Muslims both as president and vice president.

Nigeria’s presidency seems to forget that all the embassies of the major countries of the world are in Nigeria. They monitor and see everything that happens; it is part of their job in Nigeria. And yet, Nigeria’s presidency’s propagandists are calling Nigerians liars, when we cry that our president does not belong to everybody as he had promised us. We see that he belongs to only one section of Nigerians. This is not necessarily about IPOB, it’s about equity among all Nigerian sections. Every sincere Nigerian will tell you that there is injustice in Nigeria. Facts don’t lie, and, these ones are very glaring!!! So, the federal government should pay attention to reparation; rather than its current propaganda, which makes the architects and the peddlers shameless liars. The entire world does have evidence of all the elements of injustice, long before Nnamdi Kanu articulated the evidence in a presentation to the world bodies. There’s already enough evidence in the recent repeated atrocious exclusion of the Igbo land in projects each time that Buhari borrows or plans to borrow billions of dollars for projects!

Come on, Nigerians complain…“We are not stupid, you can dialogue with Miyetti Allah, an organization that tells us that its herdsmen members must carry unlawful AK47 rifles; the Miyetti Allah that justifies the massacre of Nigerians by its herdsmen members; the same Miyetti Allah that tells us that they own Nigeria, and speak with impunity. You negotiate and pay them a lot of money. You even negotiated with the outright terrorists called BokoHaram, and paid them a lot of money. But you proscribe IPOB that does not bear arms as a terrorist group.” Now, Nigerians believe that nothing can be more bullshitting than this, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

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