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August 19, 2022


Greetings, folks!

This is “No Bullshitting,” by Harry Agina. And, it is Friday…as if you didn’t know already; right? You most likely wanno say something like, ‘Harry, shut the fuck up and tell us something we didn’t know already.’ Go ahead and say it then. You know that I would say it to you if you told me something that I already know, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Anyway, I only wanno say that I’m introducing the “Comedy & Jokes” category of No Bullshitting Blog (NBB), for your Friday weekend fun. This maiden edition is by our “AfroCultural Dramas” dramatist, Michael Shaibu. He will be bringing your way a regular series of riddles, comedies, and jokes.

By the way, if you do have any of those to offer to our fans, we will be more than appreciative about it. Just leave us a message in our comment box at the end of this, or email us at nobulshiting002@gmail.com. Note that nobulshiting is spelt with single ‘l’ and single ‘t’ in the address. We shall contact you and discuss terms and conditions for a relationship. Please bear in mind that NBB does have an affinity for AfroCentricity in all our presentations. So, the more African the jokes and comedy, the better, meeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Now, folks, let’s ‘cut-to-the-chase,’ and ‘the chase’ this time is Michael Shaibu’s swipe at the womenfolk. I’ve gotta tell ya, though, I’m definitely not personally part of this joke. No way! I ain’t gonno be party to Mike’s swipe at the womenfolk. I love my life. Some of the women out there may wanno chew up whoever is involved, and I sure don’t wanno be part of their wrath, meeeeeeeen!!!

Hahahahahahaaaa! Anyway, folks, here’s Mike with NBB’s maiden joke of the day, “Buried Up-Side-Down”:

Hmm! Hmmm!! Hmmmm!!!

I won’t say anything more than that! Let the “hands” of the snake and the “legs” of the snake remain in the belly of the snake. QED!


Okay o. I should talk, eekwa (right)? Okay, then tell me this: why are some people of the female gender so damn goooooooood, when it comes to mischief? Tell you what? I even learned that one just started an online tutorial on how to commit mischief!  


Imagine someone asking me to swear fa! Me, to swear to this kind thing so that my mouth will bend, abi? Tufiakwa! Aha, see as my inbox just full quick quick o. Plenty daughters of Eve already asking me to direct them to the online tutorial! Chai!


See, ehn…I cannot talk too much today. Let me just thieve another joke from my eBook, Jokes for Comperes. I am sure you will enjoy it. Just make sure you don’t ask me to give you Kilmi’s address.


Kilmi and her new hubby had a big fight, and both vowed to kill the other at the slightest opportunity. And on that note, they separated. Haba…how would they kill each other then?


Anyway, soon the hubby got terribly sick and bed-ridden. And Kilmi came with her friends to visit. The hubby picked a fight with her and accused her of poisoning him. Gbam! She did it o. Or…did she?

The husband vowed (if he died), to dig his way back up and haunt her to death, too! What a vow! Chai, some dead bodies wukedu o…The hubby truly died without a chance to change his WILL.  And so Kilmi inherited all his wealth…Immediately after the funeral, Kilmi called her friends:

KILMI: Come on girls! Let’s go and party!

FRIEND 1: But are you not afraid he will really dig his way up and haunt you like he vowed?

KILMI: (Laffs heartily): Let him try all he can; he will only dig himself deeper.

FRIEND 2 (Confused): I don’t get it.

KILMI (Laffs heartily again): I had the idiot buried up-side-down!

See as your eyes just popped out! Sorry, would you like me to pick up your jaw from the floor for you?

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