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Owo massacre: How killers outsmarted security operatives – Ondo Amotekun Commander

In this interview, the pioneer Commander of the Ondo state security outfit codenamed Amotekun, who is also the special adviser to the state governor on security matters, Akogun Adetunji Adeleye, spoke on the Owo massacre where over fifty worshippers including children were massacred at St Francis Catholic Church, Owo.  Adeleye also spoke on how the security outfit is coping with the influx of criminals from neighborhood states and the achievements of the outfit.

It was a very serious embarrassment to the entire security architecture, especially as we put everything in place to prevent that particular incident. Amotekun Corps got an intelligent report that such attack was likely to happen and we put everything in place. I personally met the Brigade Commander (of the 32 Artilery Brigade of the Nigeria Army, Akure) and we went out on a joint patrol to all the areas and we were patrolling Owo township and the environs’ forest for seven days. We withdrew on Saturday and on Sunday morning, the incident happened. So, it was a serious embarrassment.

There’s this believe in some quarters that some security personnel must have compromised

No, I believe these perpetrators were around monitoring us and when they saw us withdrawing, they took advantage to strike. However, we have re-strategised immediately. All the security agencies came together and held series of meetings to plan against the repeat of such an occurrence and how to arrest the perpetrators

How do you explain another attack which took place in the same town within an interval of a month?

I need to explain some things here. Isolated criminal activities are not out of place in a cosmopolitan setting that we find ourselves. The total criminal records in the entire Ondo State in one month could happen in one week in other places if you recall the number of cases. This one you are talking about is an isolated case aimed at a particular construction firm. And you will find out that the attackers were aware that security agencies were close by. So all the operation did not last more than three minutes otherwise we would have caught up with them. That was why they couldn’t enter the houses but they just hit those who were outside and ran away. So we looked at it as an isolated case.

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