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NOTE: First published on January 3, 2021. The “Published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site.

This is “No Bullshiting”, by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

This is the first Sunday of the year 2021, as if you didn’t know; right? I’m sure that you want to retort with something like…“shut the fuck up Mr. No Bullshitting (not Harry, mind you), and tell us something new that we didn’t know already, instead of telling us that this is the first Sunday of 2021, which we already know, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!”

Yeah, you already knew that this is the first Sunday of 2021, and you didn’t need anybody to remind ya; right? Okay then, how about if I tell you that it’s a happy day for me, did you know that, too, ‘Smart Alec’? I bet you didn’t, and yes, it is a happy day for me. You wanno know why? No, it’s not just for the fact that I woke up today, as Pentecostal Christians are always quick to tell you. Nope, I always say that Harry Agina needs more than just waking up today, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

I always make the joke that, if you are always quick to tell God that you are happy for just waking up every day, then, Baba Godee may say something like…“Well, since this my child is very satisfied with just waking up today, then I should forget about him for now, just wake him/her every day, and pay attention to others who need more from me, and see what else they want from me.”

        But, don’t be nosey to find out why this is a happy day for me, though, just know that it is a happy day for me; okay? And, since it’s a happy day for Harry Agina, it is automatically a happy day for Harry Agina’s alter ego, “Mr. No Bullshitting,” and ‘his’ Blog. No wonder, we wanno start the 2021 NBB regular Sunday-Sunday Medicine Praise Worship with the music titled, “Oh Happy Day.” It is the music of Edwin Hawkins and his Gospel Singers Choir.

Many of us are still in the euphoria of Christmas, and, the reason for the season is Christ; so, it is only befitting that I start the 2021 NBB Sunday-Sunday Medicine with a music that speaks to the fact that Christ is also the reason for Sundays. Edwin Hawkins and his choir are here to tell you that Jesus Christ washed away our sins with his blood, that was about two thousand years ago, when he was convicted and nailed to a crucifix (otherwise called the cross), by Pontius Pilate and his gang, and he died. Crucifixion was a popular method of executing criminals in those days in that region of the world. One version of history has it that Christ died at about 3pm on a Friday, which was the 3rd day in the month of April, just few hours before the “Passover.” You know, if I was Jesus, I would be mad at Christians for calling the day that I was murdered a “Good Friday,” meeeeeeeeen!!!

I would feel like…“You motherfuckers; why do you call the day that I was tortured and murdered a good day; are you crazy, huh? If you think that it’s so good to be tortured and murdered, why the hell don’t you guys ask for the same treatment for yourselves, huh, huh, huh??? Those motherfucking Romans took my life at my early age of less than 34 years, and you named the day of my death a Good Friday; you self-serving fools!!!” Oh yes, indeed, Christians are self-serving in this regard, meeeeeeen, calling a man’s day of death “Good,” because, by his death, he washed away our sins, which is what Edwin Hawkins is talking about in today’s song. But then, I am not Jesus, and he was/is not a sinner like me, and he probably doesn’t mind now in the spirit world that we say that it’s good that he died; right? I say he ‘probably’ doesn’t mind, because I don’t believe that anybody has ever actually asked him how he feels now in the spirit world about our naming the day that he died a Good Friday, meeeeeeeeen!!!


Come on, folks, don’t take yourself and Christianity so seriously; go ahead and laugh with NBB’s first joke of the year, it ain’t gonno kill ya, meeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I know, some of you guys are still gonno take it seriously, and ask, “What the fuck is wrong with this motherfucker called Harry.” So, I’d better shut the fuck up and give you the music already. But not without this footnote first:

It behooves me to apologize for my failure to keep my first new year blog (Jan 1, 2021) promise. On January 1, 2021, I said that, on January 2, 2021 (yesterday), I was going to blog about Nigeria’s World Boxing Champion, Bash Ali, and the coming 2021 mega event of Boxing To Shock The World (BTSTW) project. I failed to keep that promise for a good reason, or good excuse (if you choose to call it ‘excuse’ as NBB would likely say if you broke a promise). The excuse is that BTSTW team needs to clear some information (which is contained in my already written blog), about some of our visitors to Nigeria from the USA, who will feature in the mega event, including several big world boxing champions such as George Foreman, Joe Burgner, Bernard Hopkins, and many more. I’m sure you’re wondering if this is really gonno happen in Nigeria. Not to worry, take a chill pill, it surely will happen soon enough, and you will read all about it in my blog even sooner.

And now, finally, here is African American Edwin Hawkins and his gospel choir, with “Oh Happy Day.” Hawkins was born on August 19, 1943, in Oakland, California, USA. He died on January 15, 2018, about 7 months short of making his 75th birthday: https://youtu.be/EfGDvDGE7zk

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