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NOTE: First published on November 21, 2020


This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

Yap, you read my first topic right; your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Um huh, I do wanno get into the highly controversial subject of The Illuminati “Secret Society.” Note that I have secrete society in quotes, because it was called “secrete” in the 18th century when it was formed not necessarily that it was doing anything terrible, no, sir/ma’am!!! Illuminati was challenging some evil and myopic doctrines of the establishment (Catholic Church and the Monarchy) of the time, and so, it had to stay secret, or members would be wiped out by the Establishment.

Let’s start by demystifying the society with the definition of the name. “Illuminati” means illumination (to illuminate), or Enlightenment (to enlighten), short and simple! The organization was founded in 1776 in Ingolstadt, Germany, by a Bavarian Professor of law, Adam Weishaupt. He was only 28 years then (born in 1748). Like many others before and during his time, Professor Weishaupt believed that the Monarchies and the Catholic Church were repressing freedom of thought, so, he sought to challenge this through enlightenment.

Repression of thought and opinions gave rise to many evils by the Church, and empowered by the monarchs during that era. Such evils included the Papal Inquisition, Spanish Inquisition, and other forms of inquisition, where people were murdered in the evillest ways. Their “crime/sin” was disagreeing with some myopic beliefs and doctrines of the Popes and/or the Monarchs about Christianity. Inquisition was “an ecclesiastical tribunal. It was instituted in the 13th century (1231 AD) for the suppression of heresy.” And, a heresy was nothing but a “belief or opinion that was contrary to the orthodox religious (Catholic Christian) doctrines.” Papal Inquisition by Pope Gregory IX (from 1232) was active chiefly in northern Italy and southern France, which was notorious for the use of torture. And, Spanish Inquisition was established on November 1, 1478, by Catholic Monarchs, King Ferdinand the Second of Aragon and Queen Isabella the First, of Castile. I can tell you that the God that I know and believe in today, could not possibly have supported such evil tortures and murders by the Popes and the Monarchs of those days. And they committed all those atrocities in the crazy evil name of worshiping God, meeeen!!!

Generally, people were commonly tortured and tied to the stake and burned to death for many of the ideologies that you and I take for granted today. Their only crime was disagreeing with evil or myopic beliefs and doctrines of the church. Mind you, your enemy could lie to the authorities that you committed heresy. And, the Inquisition would not even give you a chance to defend yourself. Your entire family and you would be tied to the stake and burned to death. That’s how evil that their so-called Popes and Monarchs were, meeeen!!! The last execution under this evil practice was in 1826.


Note that the founder of Illuminati, Professor Weishaupt of Bavaria (a German state) was not against religion itself. Rather, he was against the way in which Catholicism was practiced and imposed on people. That’s the so-called crime and sin of his group. Do remember that the Christ who is the reason for Christianity never forced any ideology or doctrine on anybody. Weishaupt’s thinking “offered freedom from all religious prejudices; cultivated the social virtues; and animated them by a great, a feasible, and speedy prospect of universal happiness.” To achieve this, it was necessary to create “a state of liberty and moral equality, freed from the obstacles which subordination, rank, and riches, continually throw in our way.”

Today, you and I can easily disagree with any Christian doctrine that we don’t like, and we don’t get killed in the evil name of Inquisition, as they did in those days. For instance, I, Harry Agina, commonly and freely blog that some contents of the bible are erroneous. I posit that some errors came from trans-linguistic deficiencies. The original manuscripts of the various Books of the Bible were in Hebrew and Aramaic (Old Testament), and Greek (New Testament). It was/is virtually impossible to perfectly translate those languages to English or any other language. If you disagree with me, I challenge you to translate a substantial piece of writing from your native language to English, and see how perfectly you can do it. I have a powerful reference to support my trans-linguistic error position. I always quote a very instructive footnote that was contained in the “Fifty Bibles of Constantine I” submitted to Emperor Constantine in the 4th century AD, thus:

“This is the usual way in which Eusebius’ text is translated, but there are more possibilities, because the (Greek) phrase ‘ἐν πολυτελῶς ἠσκημένοις τεύχεσιν τρισσὰ καὶ τετρασσὰ διαπεμψάντων ἡμῶν’ has many meanings.” So, the first transcribers themselves admitted that the Bible is fraught with trans-linguistic errors or ambiguities; that the original ‘codices’ or manuscripts were not perfectly transcribed to carry the exact meanings intended by the original authors of the Books of the Bible. In addition, there is the matter of typographical errors of man, as well as some mischievous changes in the manuscripts (addition and removal) of some contents by man.

My hypothesis of over ten years has been supported last year (2019) by Pope Francis when he disagreed with the “Lead us not into temptation” phrase in “Our Lord’s Prayer,” among others. Today, a Pope actually agrees with my hypothesis about the errors in the bible. The same Pope would have ordered that I be tied to the stake and burned to death under medieval Inquisitions in the 13th to the 19th centuries, just for my “free-thinking” position. Also, the mere mention of the word “abortion” was a sin and crime that was punishable by death. Today, abortions are common, and even if SOME Catholics still disagree with it, nobody can tie the ones that agree with abortion to the stake and burn them to death, as it was done then, meeeen!!!

Enlightening people or speaking out against such evils were some of the crimes that were levelled against the Illuminati. Maybe my understanding of, and agreement with the “free-thinking” ideology of the original Illuminati, which challenged the myopic views of the church and the Monarchs have closed my mind against the contemporary demonization of The Illuminati of today. Maybe somebody needs to inform me on what it is that makes Illuminati so demonic today, despite the abolition of all the repressive evils of the ancient church. In my view, the demonization of Illuminati today is by archaic extremist Christians who are still holding unto the archaic repressive mindsets of the ancient Catholic order. This is the ancient order upon which many senseless conspiracy theories of today are based.

A conspiracy theory rejects the standard explanation for an event, or a set of circumstances, or a situation; and, instead, insists that the event is the result of a secret plot by conspirators, or a covert group or organization, which carries out a secret plot against the world. One conspiracy theory of today is that former president of the USA, Barack Obama, is a Muslim, and he favors  Islamic jihadists (or some bullshit like that). Some, especially Nigerian Christians, also accuse him of being a member of the Illuminati society due to some of his beliefs, in order to label him as an anti-Christ devil. I’m like…even if the man is a member of the Illuminati, or a Muslim, so fucking what? I am a Christian, but I know that true Muslims (not the evil jihadists) are as good as, or even better than a majority of the Christians that I know, meeeeeen!!!

To me, the accusation of being a member of the Illuminati only means that Obama is a progressive free-thinker, and, I understand his position because some of such archaic myopic Christians have also called me an anti-Christ, due to my position that the christian bible contains the word of god, but it is definitely not as perfect as we have been indoctrinated to believe from generations far back. God gave the inspiration to the writers of the original manuscripts, but various man-made errors crept in and made the bible imperfect. The bible itself does say that anything that is touched by man has flaws, meeeeeen!!!

Obama has stated his faith in 2010 and thereafter, thus: “I am a Christian by choice,” he said. “My mother was one of the most spiritual people that I knew, but she didn’t raise me in church. So I came to my Christian faith later in life, and it was because the precepts of Jesus Christ spoke to me in terms of the kind of life that I would want to lead…” Yet, senseless Christian Conspiracy Theorists insist in labeling him an Illuminati conspirator, a Muslim, and an anti-Christ who is bent on destroying the world, with their fucked-up “End-Time” bullshit. The reason for such nonsensical view is that Obama, contrary to myopic extremist Christian bigots, does not condemn Islam; he is liberal, and tolerant of other religions, as every sensible person should.

So, can someone please explain to me what is so demonic about the contemporary Illuminati? Maybe I have only paid attention to it’s original great ideology, which I do subscribe to as a free-thinker myself. Maybe I have not realized that the ideology has changed for the worse in the contemporary world. What I do know for sure is that, compared to the original Illuminati that I know, the fact is that the Catholic Church, which outlawed and demonized the Illuminati in the 18th century was a million times more evil than the Illuminati, even til date. I have never read anywhere that the Illuminati committed any murder or other heinous atrocities as the Church has done. Dan Brown’s bestselling book, The Da Vinci Code, has something to say about this fact about the church…and, I certainly ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!


I am going the Jamaican Reggae stylee (style) again in today’s “Infotainment” jam. Titled “Zion Train Riddim (Rhythm) Mix,” it was done in 2014, performed by several artists, including but not limited to Jah Fiyah (Fire), Tarrus Riley, and Jah Cure. I am bringing your way the Jah Cure rendition. I picked this song because I want to send a very important message to the youths of today, especially those that were not born with “silver spoons” in their mouths. It is done in easier-to-understand form of Jamaican patois (pronounced Patwah or Patwa), with more English than the more complicated Patwah. By the way, if you can speak Nigerian Pidgin English, you can actually understand quite a bit of Patois (Patwah), if only you are keen. For those who still can’t understand everything, here is the gist (summary) of the important aspect of the message:

          It starts with “I can hear now that Zion train is coming.” This means that the train that will take you to Zion (the heavenly city), is coming to take you away from Babylon (the evil city of the Establishment). The message is that, though you were born in the slum (otherwise known as ghetto), you can actually grow up to be whatever you want to be in life, as long as you don’t allow being born in the slum to affect and destroy your mentality. “You should have no fear because, now, Rasta children are rising, too…ina the (in the) spirit of Marcus Garvey…ina the (in the) spirit of Malcolm X…you should be able to live up and prove them wrong, and show them that not every youth born and raised in the slum must carry gun to destroy his/her life…every ghetto person can also get education and do the right things to live well…” It says that you must try and change that poor foundation that you have been born into, and lay a good and better foundation for yourself. Live up, and don’t let Babylon (the wicked Establishment) lock you up in a cage (prison) in your tender age due to bad behaviors; instead, take the Zion train and align yourself with Zion (the heavenly city). And, he also talks about his girl who is his type of girl and his queen, a supper model; thereby bringing in the “Lovers Rock” aspect into the riddim (rhythm).

          So, I conclude by telling you that, if you were born in a slum like Nigeria’s Lagos Ajegunle, for instance, remember that persons like Daddy Shokky and others like him were also born in the slum of Ajegunle, but they were able to leave Ajegunle to become the success that they are today. Have no fear now because Jah children are rising. “I give thanks say mi alright (thank God that I am alright)…even though I was born and raised ina the (in the) slum, nah make I lie down (does not make me lie down)” and waste away my life.

So now, here is Jah Cure with “Zion Train Riddim Mix”: https://youtu.be/_qg5g3mrePo

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