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Note: First published on March 26, 2021. The “published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this is to avoid mistaking the piece as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting”, by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

I’ll start with an apology to my whatsapp fans who have not received No Bullshitting Blog (NBB) broadcast in the past couple of weeks, which is due to the loss of my phone with the whatsapp contacts. Now I have recovered the contacts, and here you are.

Thrice upon NBB blogs in 2019 and 2020, respectively, I commented on “Two Faces Of The Law In Nigeria”…one face for the rich and politically connected who are virtually above the law, and the second face for “ordinary” or poor and average masses who are treated as slaves under the law. These two faces, of course, are products of criminals among the law enforcement agents and leaders in the society who are supposed to be the custodians of Nigeria’s constitution, and they have illegally re-written the constitution to suit their evil subjugation ways, meeeeeeeeen!!!

The two faces of Nigeria’s law existed long before the emergence of General Mohammadu Buhari as the president of Nigeria. Now, with Buhari as president, a third face of the law has emerged for SOME evil members of the Fulani race who are bent on destabilizing Nigeria. This third face is Buhari’s Fulanization face. He has empowered jihadist criminals among the Fulani race, who insist that IT IS THEIR RIGHT to commit whatever atrocity that they conceive in their land-grabbing jihad across Nigeria. They do whatever that pleases them and get away with it under Buhari’s clannish brand of law-enforcement.

Buhari’s Fulanization cohorts have openly endorsed and are propagating the third face of Nigerian law. Among the latest and most vocal endorsements was by Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State who boldly told us just a couple of weeks back that Fulani killer-herdsmen have the right to carry AK-47 assault rifles, contrary to the nation’s constitution that forbids possession of arms by citizens. In fact, a video clip of a Fulani herdsman’s confession that the government gives them the AK-47 rifles is currently making the round on social media. Other endorsers before Governor Mohammed included Femi Adesina, a Yoruba man that supports Fulani jihad to retain his position of power. He told us that “Nigerians should surrender their portions of land to the jihadists in other to avoid being massacred” (slightly paraphrased, but absolutely correct in content).

It is common knowledge that all non-Fulani Nigerians who do or say anything that is considered to be “treasonable” or “hate speech” by members of Buhari’s government, are hunted down by Buhari’s armed forces, arrested and victimized. This is worse when the so-called “hate-speeches” are made by southern Nigerians against Buhari’s Fulani race. Yet, the Fulani jihadists who regularly, openly, and boldly threaten Nigerians with war and evil hate speeches, are never arrested. Stories abound, which testify that Fulani criminals are hardly arrested by Buhari’s law enforcement agencies, and the few that are arrested by few non-Fulanized law officers are promptly released with “orders from above.” Most annoying, is the impunity of members of Buhari’s administration who do not even bother anymore to hide or disguise this evil trend. Again, I am armed with substantiation of my position. The latest is the story of a Fulani alleged criminal named Iskilu Wakili, who was arrested by OPC vigilante group in southwest Nigeria. I watched an interview of the leader of OPC, Gani Adams on AIT news, where he said that “a call came from the presidency warning that nothing should happen to Wakili.” It is only natural that some people, including I, may doubt that such IRRESPONSIBLE call was actually made from the presidency; but how about the undisputed fact that three of the members of OPC who arrested Wakili were subsequently arrested by Nigeria police? It took the protest of Yoruba people to get the police to release those three OPC security warriors, meeeeen!!!

Further, two notorious Fulani terrorist groups, “Fulani Nationality Movement” (FUNAM), and Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association, emerged in Nigeria with the presidency of General Mohammadu Buhari, and they are apparently above the law of the land. Their sole common purpose is to prosecute a land-grabbing jihad across Nigeria, with so-called herdsmen as their army. They operate with utmost impunity, constantly releasing declarations of war against the rest of Nigerians without any arrest or even mere condemnation by Buhari’s government. Instead, what we hear are stories of financial empowerment to them by the government, in one guise or another. Just last weekend, their above-the-law evidence came with the attempted assassination of Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State. A statement that is attributed to FUNAM claims responsibility for the attempted assassination. It reads in part:

           “Our courageous fighters carried out this historic attack to send a great message to Ortom and his collaborators: Wherever you are, once you are against Fulani long term interest, we shall get you down. This is a clear warning. We hope those who take us for granted will get the indisputable message. Our intention is unequivocal: to kill him. That mission will one day be fulfilled and very soon too…” This was allegedly signed by one Umar Amir Shehu who is said to be a spokesman for FUNAM. My point here is that Umar Shehu and other leaders of FUNAM are still walking the streets as I write this; no arrest, meeeeeeen!!!

For objectivity sake, it is argued that the claim of responsibility for the assassination attempt on Governor Ortom was probably released by mischief makers who are not truly FUNAM. But it is still most likely to be traced to a Fulani jihadist person or group out there. Nigeria’s security forces have the technology to track and arrest such person or group. Besides, even if the claim was made by non-FUNAM mischief makers, it still behooves our security forces to interrogate FUNAM leaders anyway, in order to verify their innocence. Non-Fulani persons and groups get hunted down and arrested or massacred for far lesser statements, but, to my knowledge, no such effort to interrogate FUNAM or Miyetti Allah leadership as major suspects is happening, meeeen!!!

My next instance of Buhari’s third face of the law for Fulani troublemakers is the matter of a Fulani Islamic Cleric who is called Sheikh Gumi. I speak of Gumi’s recent suspicious romance with terrorists-cum-bandits, and his treasonable statement to incite the terrorists to kill Christians in Nigeria. He told the terrorists in a meeting with them that “Christian soldiers are the ones killing you,” and not Muslim soldiers. First off, even if it was true that only Christian soldiers kill terrorists; so fucking what?! They are murderers who have no fucking right to complain about getting killed as they terrorize and kill Nigerians. If you don’t understand the weight of Gumi’s evil religious statement, then, I will tell ya. It may be difficult for the terrorists to differentiate between Christian and Muslim soldiers in their brazing attacks on the military sometimes, so, their kidnap victims are likely to suffer the revenge that Sheikh Gumi has incited them to carry out. So, don’t be surprised if future kidnap victims are separated into Christians and Muslims, and the Christians are massacred even after paying ransom, because the kidnappers are now particularly angry with Christians, thanks to Gumi’s evil statement.

Now, compare Gumi’s romance with terrorists and his treasonable statement with the activities of the Yoruba security activist named Sunday Igboho. Nigeria’s armed forces have repeatedly tried to arrest Sunday Igboho whose only “crime” has been to protect his Yoruba people from Gumi’s jihadist Fulani friends. On the other hand, nobody is talking about arresting Sheikh Gumi who is advocating for amnesty for the terrorists who are committing those atrocities, with his open and unequivocal incitement of the jihadists to kill Christians. I watched Gumi’s interview by my favorite professional anchor, Utibe Umoren, on Africa Independent Television (AIT), and Gumi boldly confirmed and tried to justify his treasonable statement, meeeeeeen!!!

Nigeria Army has recognized and condemned Gumi’s statement to be dangerously treasonable, yet, Buhari’s Fulanized security agencies (DSS and police) see no reason to arrest Gumi. He is still free, obviously because he is a Fulani Muslim man.  Neither Buhari nor the presidency condemns Gumi’s TREASONABLE madness; but the same presidency promptly attacked the Christian Reverend Kukah whose only sin was that he condemned Buhari’s horrible government. So, it is clear that whosoever that utters a word against Buhari is tagged an enemy by his presidency. On the other hand, no matter how treasonable or evil a person may be, he or she is rewarded and protected by the presidency, as long as he/she sings the praises of Buhari.

Similar to the evil statement by Gumi, the Miyetti Allah terrorist organization that Buhari has legitimized as an arm of his government boldly announced that Governor Ortom of Benue State is a major problem for the Fulani race in Nigeria. This was based on its evil interpretation of Ortom’s anti-grazing law in his state. The motherfuckers do not see anything wrong with the destruction of the farmlands and crops of other Nigerians by their Fulani herdsmen across the country; the devil in them can only see that whosoever stops the atrocities of the herdsmen are the bad ones. Again, it is clear that, to the mindless jihadists, Miyetti Allah’s statement is almost the same as telling them to kill Ortom. Yet, Miyetti Allah leaders are not arrested or even interrogated by a government that claims to fight hate speech.

With just my few FACTS above, among other gazillion similar incidents, it is almost impossible to refute the popular outcry of Nigerians that Buhari’s government has created another law for Fulani criminals, apparently “in full support of Fulanization jihad in Nigeria.” These are not my accusations; I’m just a bloody journalist reporting the heartbeat of the people. Note that, for legal-correctness, I always shy away from directly naming Buhari himself as the supporter of the jihad. My reason is that, remote as it is, there is still a very tiny possibility that Buhari does not know about the evil jihadist activities of members of his government.

It is a fact that some members of the Fulani race are on a jihad mission in Nigeria. They constantly and openly declare this with utmost impunity anyway, so a debate on this fact is senseless. It is also clear that SOME members of the nation’s armed forces are supporting the jihad. The only question is: Is Buhari himself behind the plot, or are the officers involved just rogue officers operating without the knowledge and command of their Commander-In-Chief? A very close friend of mine consistently insists that Buhari is not behind the plot, and we have gone through countless debates over it. Now, if indeed Mr. President is unaware of all the atrocities committed by his appointees in his name, then we have yet another serious matter to worry about…the matter of whether our president is no longer in control of his mind. Is he?

One question that the evil jihadist Fulanis fail to ask themselves is this: What will happen to us when our “Baba” Buhari’s tenure of government is over? Does it ever bother them that they may face a massive pogrom as soon as their Buhari steps down from power and Nigeria’s armed forces no longer protect them, or do they believe that Buhari will stay in power forever to support and protect them?? Even with Buhari still in power, many Nigerians have woken up from their slumber and are now rising against the jihad, in defiance of Buhari’s armed forces that apparently support the jihad. And, the current defensive attacks on the jihadists who are called herdsmen is most likely to escalate in form of revenge as soon as Buhari’s presidency is over. Mind you, Harry Agina (or NBB) is not praying for this revenge to happen, I am only stating facts of humanity that may happen, whether I say them or not, meeeeeeeeen!!!

My sincere concern about the coming POSSIBILITY of massive revenge-pogrom against Fulani herdsmen, is my fear that some great and innocent fulani people may suffer along with the evil jihadists. Unfortunate stereotypical victimization of innocent Fulanis is already happening now in southern parts of the country, and it may get worse as soon as Buhari’s clannish pro-Fulanization armed forces Chiefs are tamed or removed by a non-Fulanization president. Truly, advertently or inadvertently, Buhari has brought untold hatred upon the Fulani race with his extreme ethno-religious bigotry and clannishness. The jihadist herdsmen-cum-bandits that he has empowered have capitalized on his bigotry to do a lot of damage on the image of the Fulani race in Nigeria and around West Africa through their atrocities. I have several great anti-jihad Fulani friends and acquaintances who declare that they hate Buhari for this fact…and, I know, that you know, that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

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