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June 26, 2021

This is “No Bullshitting,” and the topic is that, “A Tribal War Is Ongoing In Nigeria, & Buhari’s Govt Has Already Taken Sides.” This was a recent affirmation of a fact, by a controversial northern Nigerian Islamic cleric, Shiekh Abubakar Ahmad Gumi. Nigerians already knew Gumi’s declaration as a fact. The war started since the inception of President Mohammadu Buhari’s federal government of Nigeria in 2015. What makes Shiekh Gumi’s statement so news worthy is the fact that he is Buhari’s own kinsman. Coming from Gumi, this is truly a heavy one, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Folks, I have to confess that this revelation positively influences my opinion of the man called Shiekh Gumi. If this is a true reflection of his disposition, then, I now see some objectivity and sincerity in his mission. I still disagree with part of his method and a lot of his utterances, but I am impressed by this particular side of him. I hitherto saw the man purely as a total supporter of the Fulani jihad that is gradually taking over Nigeria. Most Nigerians believed so, too, or still believe so, because, by his utterances, he truly seemed to be a jihadist. He was always defending the “rights” of the terrorists, and calling for amnesty for them. Very annoyingly, the man was terribly insensitive to compare the atrocious terrorists to the former militants of the Niger Delta region who have now laid down their arms.

The terrorists are unprovoked evil criminals; and the Niger Delta militants were fighting for their rights to their God-given crude oil. Gumi was actually stupidly nepotistic to make such comparison between his northern Muslim terrorists and the southern Christian militants. I highlight the regions and religions to underscore the north-south dichotomy squabbles that have continued to destroy Nigeria since her 1960 independence from Britain. We have the Brits to thank for this protracted distrust and conflicts. Their evil machinations before they left Nigeria in 1960 as colonial masters instilled the hatred of the south in the northern Hausa-Fulani oligarchs. Since then, the north, led by the predominantly Muslim Hausa-Fulani oligarchy, has been unified by the British-instigated zeal to socio-politically outdo and domineer the south.  The north has always stuck together in this resolve, meeeeeeeeen!!!

So, you can imagine my surprise when I saw Shiekh Gumi on TV with his recent pronouncement. It literally blew my mind to hear that he is actually bold to accuse his kinsman, President Buhari, of supporting the Fulani jihad. And, as we have seen in the atrocities of Fulani herdsmen-cum-jihadists across Nigeria, “the tribal war is already going on,” Gumi said. As I said, I had always thought that Gumi is a jihadist himself, but it sure doesn’t look so to me now; does it? I have blogged negatively about Shiek Gumi in the past about his utterances. And, I do always insist on objectivity and sincerity for No Bullshitting Blog (NBB). Hence, it behooves me now to express my new favorable perception, perhaps, mixed perception, of the man called Shiekh Gumi. I now see him as an enigma of sorts, meeeeeeeeen!!!

It is a fact that NBB does talk a lot about the ongoing evil crimes of some Fulani herdsmen-cum-jihadists, deservedly and rightly so, too. They do constitute a huge source of Nigeria’s escalating insecurity problem. But, I have just decided to always have my objectivity footnote on my NBB blogs that discuss the ongoing jihad in Nigeria. And I will tell you why, pronto. I want to make it clear to my Fulani readers that I love the good, the peaceful, and the great members of the Fulani race. NBB is a strong promoter of the fact that there is good and bad in every tribe, every religion, and every group of people, social and political. Hence, every opinion that is expressed on NBB concerning the ongoing jihad in Nigeria, does not in any way mean to stereotype the entire Fulani race as jihadists. We recognize the fact that there are great, peace-loving Fulanis in Nigeria, meeeeeeeeen!!!

And, I believe that those good Fulanis do not support the evil troublemaking jihadists. Importantly also, I believe that those good ones are the majority, and not the bad ones. Oh, and, by the way, for me, a bad man from my Igbo tribe, is just as bad as a bad Fulani man. A good Fulani man is better than a bad Igbo man, any day. And, a bad Igbo man is the same as a bad Fulani man. In other words, when it comes to the matter of good and bad, there is no atom of nepotism in me for bad persons. So, don’t ever expect me to be part of the typical Nigerian bullshitting brand of tribal solidarity. Some motherfuckers support an evil or corrupt man for the senseless reason that he is from their tribes. They call it brotherly solidarity; I call it evil stupidity of the highest order! Don’t ever expect such bullshit from me, no fucking way, meeeeeeen!!!

As a matter of fact, and taking my point all the way home, I actually have more problem with a bad brother from my own mama, than I have with a bad Fulani man out there. Characteristically, I’ll tell you why: I’m more disappointed with my own brother who is bad, than a bad Fulani or bad Yoruba person. You must know by now that I don’t ever bullshit ya, meeeeeen!!!

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