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January 6, 2023


Greetings, and welcome to 2023!

This is “No Bullshitting,” and I’m Harry Agina. I wish you everything that you wish yourself this year, but only if those your wishes are legal and Godly. Yeah, really, that second part of my greeting is important, absolutely! Umm huh, because it is stupid to tell anybody that I wish him or her his/her heart’s desires. When I hear such greeting from anyone to another, my spontaneous reaction is; supposed the person desires to kill you? Would you still wish him or her his/her heart’s desires for 2023? Of course, not; right? And then, of course, we must back all our wishes up with hard work to attain the wishes or goals. By this, I mean that my readers in Nigeria who are Pentecostal Christians must tear themselves away from their trending fruitless miracle-hunting. They must work for their money. They must drop the idiotic mentality of “Money that you did not work for will find you…in Jesus name…amen!!!” What a senseless prayer…actually with a criminal implication, meeeeeeeen!!!

Do have yourself a great 2023, if you deserve it by God’s standards. All I can do is to pray for us all to deserve it. Anyway, this is the first edition of “No Bullshitting” in 2023, obviously. You already know the deal if you’re my regular fan. And if you’re a first-time reader, you’re hereby informed that “No Bullshitting” is a radical Afrocentric social-critic blog. It’s born mostly out of the need to lambaste the crooks who rule and destroy African countries. The worst of such evil rulers are in Nigeria in West Africa, the so-called giant country of the African continent. Hence, most of the subjects of the no-bullshitting lambasting are Nigerians.

Today’s subject is a former lawmaker who insults Nigerians with idiotic and condescending impunity. She is a hypocritical motherfucking former lawmaker, called Abike Dabiri. Before I go any further, I will tell you why Dabiri deserves every nasty name that I call her here today. She has just written her name in my list of bad gang of hypocritical propagandists in President Mohammadu Buhari’s horrible government. Mind you, their hypocritical propaganda for this horrible government is not necessarily the crux of my anger with such motherfuckers. No, meeeeeeen!!!

My beef with them is that they regularly insult Nigerians for condemning their deadly government! When such hypocrites insult critics of the deadly government, then I take it very personal, and I’ll tell you why, pronto! I am an ardent critic of Buhari’s government, and I have the right to do so, as long as I don’t step outside my legal democratic rights. So, any insult or name-calling of critics of the government is directly (not even indirectly) calling me names, period! I constantly comment on the fact that Buhari’s government is way beyond terrible. And here comes Propagandist Abike Dabiri saying that “Any Nigerian who condemns the Nigerian situation to the hearing of the world is a bad unpatriotic Nigerian.” You know what I mean, all that same old regular “washing our dirty linen in public” bullshit by Nigerian crooks in power! And I’m like, ‘Motherfucking hypocrite! You can say that shit because you’re among the destroyers of our country. And you’re having fun around the world with our collective wealth, while Nigerian masses are dying because of your evil rule, meeeeeeen!!!’

This piece, as I said, is to retaliate against Dabiri for calling me names as she defended her fucked-up government. Now, let’s forget about me, Harry Agina for a moment; shall we. No Bullshitting is a social critic. So, I am representing the views of millions of Nigerians who do not have the opportunity to shout out their anger to the hearing of Madam Dabiri and her evil kind. Let’s pretend, therefore, that the following are the words of one hungry-and-angry ‘Mr. X’ out there, expressing his anger, thus:

You bitch called Dabiri, you have constantly been in positions of power in Nigeria, ‘til date. As a lawmaker, you stupendously, criminally, overpaid yourself with our collective wealth. You and the rest of our so-called lawmakers (better called loot-makers) received remuneration packages that were criminally outrageous. Your monthly pay was enough to pay thousands of other civil servants for several months.  Your package was much higher than lawmakers and presidents all over the world. Your former colleagues who are still at the National Assembly are still committing this atrocity against Nigerians. One-month salary of an average civil servant cannot even by one bag of rice today. Now you’re whatever the fuck they currently call you, as head of the ‘Nigerians in the Diaspora Commission’ (or whatever it’s called) in Buhari’s government. Relatively speaking and very realistically, in that position, you’re living the life of an empress in a heaven, lording it over two hundred million Nigerians in hell right beside you. You enjoy criminally high remuneration package for your position in Buhari’s government, compared to the masses whose monthly incomes cannot feed for one week. I must constrain myself to legal correctness. So, I can’t really say that you steal from us like most crooks in similar positions do. However, I can legally say my postulation, which is based on prevalent criminal realities of Nigerian rulers. If we’re talking about the same fucked-up Nigerian governments (not just Buhari’s) since 1999, my postulation is most likely-correct.

          “Here’s my postulation: In addition to your criminally overrated remunerations, you have possibilities to steal billions of naira from our collective national purse. So, you live very extravagantly comfortably! My postulation is that the probability that you have stolen some government money in one way or the other, is very high! Sue me to court on this, if you will!

          “Meanwhile, let’s get to my point for describing what you enjoy in Nigeria, and my postulation. The people that you are condemning for condemning your evil, fucked-up government are dying of hunger and terrorist siege. You have never suffered the horrible effects of the evil government that you’re defending. Instead, you’re living like an empress under the government. And you have the criminal audacity to call me unpatriotic for condemning a government that is killing me slowly. For this, you are an evil hypocritical crook!”

So, that’s a Nigerian ‘Mr. X’ speaking out his anger. One thing is for sure, there’re millions of such ‘Mr. Xs’ out there in the Nigerian society today. They are crying out against privileged hypocritical crooks who satanically claim that Nigeria is not so terrible. In effect, such crooks are mocking the 200 million Nigerians who Buhari has virtually put in hell on earth. But the oppressors don’t even hear the people, not to speak of giving a damn about their cries of agony. Instead, the motherfuckers insult the people for complaining.

Now I can take over again as Harry Agina and conclude my own personal beef with this particular oppressor, Abike Dabiri. Again, her sin is that I heard her call critics like me bad unpatriotic Nigerians, simply because we condemn her evil and incompetent government, meeeeeeeeen!!!

The hypocrite was on Africa Independent Television (AIT) yesterday, vomiting her rubbish in defense of Buhari’s rotten government. And she is now on my top-five-list of enemies of Nigeria and Nigerians. The list includes the idiotic Femi Adesina who is President Buhari’s media aide. Adesina is a hypocritical idiot indeed! And I call him names because he calls me and critics like me unpatriotic Nigerians. Mind you, this particular motherfucker used to speak out against bad governance in Nigeria as a journalist. But he quickly sold his soul, along with his integrity, for money and political power as soon as he was made Buhari’s media aide in 2015.

Another motherfucker in my top-five-list of hypocritical enemies of Nigeria is an old fool called Lai Mohammed. He’s commonly known as Liar Mohammed in Nigeria because he virtually lies his fucking head off, in his relentless propaganda to launder Buhari’s horrible-performance image. And he does this so unintelligently! The dude is supposedly Nigeria’s Information minister, but he’s better called Buhari’s evil chief propagandist. The third on my list of hypocritical enemies of Nigeria is one Loretta Onochie—Africa’s Queen of Fake News. Until very recently, she was Buhari’s social media aide, who is much like Liar Mohammed in cooking up lies for Buhari. Buhari recently rewarded her handsomely for her hatchet job. He gave her one of the “juiciest” offices in Nigeria—the post of the chairperson of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC). Every occupier of that seat becomes a billionaire overnight…guaranteed! And, of course, they become so rich by stealing public funds. The fourth on my list is another Buhari’s media aide, one Garba Shehu. I must add that this one is not as idiotic as Femi Adesina in insulting Nigerians.

After listening to the bitch called Abike Dabiri on AIT yesterday (Jan 5, 2023), she is now the newest member of my list of the hypocritical enemies of Nigeria. You must have noted that my keywords here include hypocrisy and undemocratic insult to Nigerians by those on my list. But please note my reason for lambasting the motherfuckers. If they were just hypocritical enemies of Nigeria, I would not really be so hard on them. As I always say, even the devil himself has human followers who must do devilish things for the devil. So, it’s human nature that Buhari must have supporters, no matter how deadly his governance has been. Most often, such persons do know that the government is horrible, but they benefit what may be called blood money in the deal. So, they hypocritically defend the evil government. I am professionally objective to know and accommodate this human fact. Few of such blood-money beneficiaries are wise to behave fairly decently, and I don’t lambaste them.

My beef with this top-five bunch and their kinds in Buhari’s government is their impunity to stupidly get rude with Nigerians and call us names. Among their common insults is that we’re unpatriotic, because we condemn the rot that they have turned Nigeria into. Remember, when they say ugly words to critics of their evil government, I am among the critics. Hence, they are directly calling me names. And I have the same rights that they have under our democratic law, so I retaliate, professionally! I lambaste and call them names right back! I always underscore the fact that Abike Dabiri and her kind are the real criminally unpatriotic Nigerians, and not the critics of their destructive government. Why? They support and defend the destruction of Nigeria, that’s why! And, even when I try to forgive them, my journalistic alter-ego, ‘Mr. No Bullshitting,’ says no! ‘He’ refuses to forgive anybody who insults ‘him,’ so he insults them right back, meeeeeeen!!!

Finally, I must commend Nancy Nnaji of “Money Line With Nancy” TV Show, who interviewd Abike Dabiri.  I am proud that Nancy defended Nigerians well in the interview. She made Madam Abike Dabiri a little unsettled for a brief moment. Nancy told Dabiri, in Nancy’s own polite way, that she (Dabiri) sounded as if she wants Nigerians to “see white color and call it black.” Umm huh, the motherfucking Dabiri wants Nigerians to say that everything is great and dandy, while they are suffering and dying in droves every fucking day! Dabiri tried, unsuccessfully, to wriggle out of the embarrassing situation. Of course, what else do her kind usually say, other than something like, “I don’t mean it that way,” or some similar bullshit. I do believe, that you know, that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

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