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September 11, 2022


This is “No Bullshitting,” by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

This time, I wanno talk about one of the most damaging, indeed one of the most treasonable crimes that continue to destroy Nigeria. I’m talking about the fact that ministerial positions in Nigeria’s federal government are for sale. The same goes for the appointment of Directors General of federal agencies, and most other appointed positions! They are all for sale, to the highest bidders, and not necessarily on merit either. I will tell you why I consider this act to be treasonable sabotage, pronto! It has terrible effects on our development in several ways. The saboteurs who sell the positions grossly undermine professionalism, integrity, and performance. They feed the nation with incompetent crooks who pay them huge sums of money to purchase the appointments. And, listen and listen really well; I ain’t bullshitting ya! I know this for a fucking fact! I have personally been privy to such horse-trading more than once. Um huh, I was privy to buying and selling of ministerial and Director General positions negotiations, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

And, of course, one doesn’t have to be a wizard to figure out all the sabotaging implications of this tradition in successive governments of Nigeria. Obviously, it is equal to mediocrity, period! Most of the persons who purchase the positions are persons that lack integrity, and persons who are least qualified. Indeed, such persons are better for the business of the crooks in the presidency who sell the positions. The dirtier or less qualified one is, the heavier he or she has to pay the cabal for the position, naturally. On the other hand, the persons who are qualified for the jobs, are most often unable to pay for the positions. The cabal members who arrange the appointments demand huge sums of money for each appointment, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Now, hear this! Nigerians pay as much as one hundred million naira to purchase the appointment to become a minister of any of the ministries. I know this for a fact! As I said, I have been in Nigeria when such appointment-trading by President Buhari’s cabal happened. Mind you, Buhari, most probably, does not know what is going on in the appointment-trading game. If I said this once about President Buhari, I said it a gazillion times! I described him as a man without the presence of mind, or even the interest to be aware of the goings-on in his government. His only interest as president has been to grab whatever he can for his Fulani tribe, including other people’s ancestral land. I believe that he endorses whatever his cabal presents to him in all other matters. And, the cabal presents to him only what the members can make some money out of.

If it should ever become necessary, I can mention one or two ministers who confirmed everything that I said about Buhari’s fucked-up government. Umm huh, I can, because I don’t owe those ones any anonymity. They were not even aware that I was aware of their haggling sessions. Besides, one of Buhari’s minister’s comment is already very public anyway. An ugly joke about Buhari’s government by his own Transport Minister, Rotimi Amechi, went viral. He had thought that he was joking with just few friends. He didn’t think of the old saying that, “Walls have ears” sometimes. It’s even more real now, in this age of phone-camera and social media. So, Rotimi Amechi’s joke about the incompetence and absence-of-mind of his own principal, President Buhari, went viral, meeeeeeeeen!!!

I decided to blog about this subject now because of what is currently going on with our electoral umpire, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). Members of President Buhari’s cabal are apparently selling the integrity of INEC to the highest bidders. We shall soon find out if our loot-makers in the Senate are also in the horse-trading. Sadly, Buhari most likely knows nothing about the recent nomination of some criminal APC card-carrying members for appointment as INEC Resident Commissioners. But, I repeat, the evil horse-trading certainly does go on, for a fact! No question about that!! President Buhari’s men have been selling most, if not all of the appointments that the man makes into his government. This recent INEC appointment-nomination is not the first, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

As I always do, let’s substantiate my position here. I was watching Jake Epelle on Ijoma Osamor’s “Democracy Today” Show on Africa Independent Television (AIT). This was last week. Jake Epelle is the president of the “Albanism Association of Nigeria.” He was presenting a “Joint Civil Society Organizations Statement on The Appointment of INEC Resident Electoral Commissioners.” By the way, I must say that I am getting progressively fond and proud of Ijeoma and the depth of her show. Anyway, the joint CSOs were/are kicking against consistent violations of the nation’s constitution on INEC appointments by Buhari and his gang. Epelle specifically zeroed-in on the most recent nominations for Resident Electoral Commissioners of INEC.

In part, the CSOs’ statement says, “Section 156(1)(a) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria clearly prohibits the appointment of any person who is a member of a political party as a member of INEC. To further ensure the neutrality of the members of INEC, the Constitution clearly mandates in the Third Schedule, Part 1, Item F, paragraph 14 (1) that Commissioners shall be non-partisan and persons of unquestionable integrity.”

You know, I can never understand why Buhari and his cabal consistently refuse to obey simple laws of the land! For the past two or three years now, they have continued to insist on appointing corrupt APC members as our electoral umpires. They insist on setting up the system to rig the 2023 elections for APC, with their party members. What is more, most, if not all of the characters that they want to appoint have been previously indicted for lack of integrity. Others have been sacked from previous positions due to incompetence and corruption. First, it was Lauretta Onochie, a Buhari Media Aide who is known for practically lying her own head off sometimes. She does whatever it takes to assassinate any person’s character, in her role as the propaganda ‘hit-man’ for Buhari and the ruling APC party. I personally named her Madam Fake News, and I have dared her to sue me to court. But she won’t dare, of course. She knows that her lies and fake news on behalf of Buhari and APC are public record. In fact, the current PDP presidential candidate for 2023, Atiku Abubakar, did sue the criminal she-devil to court for libel in 2020.

Now, Buhari’s cabal has put forward more card-carrying members of Buhari’s ruling APC party for the INEC jobs. Representing the joint Civil Society Organizations of Nigeria, Jake Epelle mentioned names of some of such incompetent APC members. Even worse, is that some of the nominees have been indicted for criminality. They had lost their previous jobs on corruption charges. I quote the Joint-CSOs statement, thus:

“Some of the nominees of the President fail the constitutional test of non-partisanship and unquestionable integrity. Evidence abounds that some of the nominees are either partisan, politically aligned, or previously indicted for corruption. To mention a few, Prof. Muhammad Lawal Bashir from Sokoto was a Governorship aspirant under the All Progressive Congress (APC) in the 2015 elections cycle. Mrs. Sylvia Uchenna Agu, the nominee for Enugu state, is believed to be the younger sister of the APC Deputy National Chairman, Southeast. The nominee for Imo State, Mrs. Pauline Onyeka Ugochi, a former Head of ICT at INEC in Imo state, gained notoriety for alleged corruption and connivance with politicians to undermine elections. Mrs. Queen Elizabeth Agwu, a former Accountant-General of the Ebonyi, was suspended allegedly on the grounds of incompetence and corruption in 2016.”

And, you can be sure that the crooks who we call national lawmakers will endorse those criminal and incompetent nominees. Meanwhile, Nigerians have been calling on our president to retain some experienced, competent, and honest commissioners whose tenures recently expired. The people are especially asking for the retention of one particular commissioner, Mike Igini. His repeatedly-proven integrity record has made him nationally famous. There are some other good ones around the nation that should be retained. But, as usual, our insensitive president never listens to the people’s will. Instead, he is letting the good commissioners off, and replacing them with a pack of wolves who would rig elections for APC in 2023. And this is a man who has been telling us that he will not allow anybody to rig the 2023 elections. I, like many Nigerians, know that his words mean absolutely nothing. He apparently has no intention to do the right things to match his empty words. I do know, that I you do know, that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

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