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NOTE: First published on July 3, 2020. The “Published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site.


This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

Aiding And Abetting” is a legal doctrine. It means instigating, encouraging, promoting criminal activities. The doctrine says that anybody who commits an act that supports another person to commit a crime, is equally guilty of the crime. In some cases, in sane societies of the world, the ‘aider and abettor’ is often actually more heavily penalized, than the one who commits the crime. A common example is when an adult aids and abets an impressionable minor (under-aged youngster) to commit crime. Or when a sane person aids and abets a mentally unstable person. In another example, the leader of a crime syndicate that aids and abets his foot soldier to do crimes may be more penalized than the foot soldier. In fact, the foot soldier may be offered immunity to implicate and testify against the leader.

“Aiding” may be in form of a gun, for instance; and the “abetting” may come in form of inciting comments. There are varieties of angles to pursue this in a court, but I leave those details to legal experts. And, I appeal to experts on various interactive platforms where this is read, to shed more light on how Nigeria’s Justice System applies this doctrine…or, does it even apply it? I have blogged the fact that any Nigerian politician who recruits and arms thugs to rig elections, is a murderer by proxy. Yes, indeed!!! It’s a very simple logic, meeeeeeeen!!!

          Such politician is instigating, “aiding and abetting” murders, and that makes him a murderer, period!!! It is a different matter if the politician is minding his own innocent business of electioneering, and some thugs go out there to commit murders to favor him, for whatever reason. I believe that President Jonathan was one such politicians during his presidency. And, President Olusegun Obasanjo was the exact opposite of Jonathan in this regard. I will use both of them for illustration, thus:

As presidents, Goodluck Jonathan and Olusegun Obasanjo had their respective dispositions during their respective tenures, under the same political party, the PDP. Whereas Obasanjo openly and publicly pronounced that his elections were “Do or Die” for his PDP; Jonathan openly and publicly pronounced that his political ambition “is not worth any life.”

I put it to you, without bullshitting, that Jonathan should never be held responsible, legally, as well as morally, for any murders during his elections. On the other hand, Obasanjo could actually be easily convicted of aiding and abetting murders in any uncompromised court, based on his own pre-election declarations. I mean, the man virtually told criminal leaders in PDP, and their impressionable thugs, to go out there and make sure that PDP won all the seats. He told them to win by all means…either to kill people to ensure this if they had to, or die trying. As a Mafia boss in the USA would put it: Don’t come back alive without achieving the goal, or I will shoot you myself. On the other positive hand, Jonathan’s message was: If you kill anybody out there in the name of electing me, don’t say that you’re doing it for me. You are doing it for your own criminal reasons that I don’t subscribe to.

Hence, the leaders and thugs of Obasanjo’s PDP murdered with impunity, knowing that they were protected by Obasanjo’s “Do or Die” government. And, Jonathan’s PDP leaders knew that they were on their own if they committed any murder…no protection from Jonathan. So, they were less likely to instigate and arm thugs to go and murder people. Besides, the thugs themselves heard directly “from the horse’s mouth” when Jonathan declared that he did not want any killings on his behalf.

          Mind you, if you publicly directly call Obasanjo or anybody a murderer based on my postulations here, you are totally on your own!!! Unfortunately, due to Nigeria’s evil legal bullshitting, no Nigerian court has convicted the politician that you may accuse with the “aiding and abetting” doctrine. And, political aiding and abetting of murders has become a norm that the entire populace has been cowed to accept, like slaves. Hence, you and I know for sure that thousands of Nigerian politicians qualify to be called murderers by proxy. The very moment that Nigerian politicians recruit and arm thugs to rig elections, they qualify as murderers by proxy. But we have no legal right to call them murderers, because our justice system has failed us woefully. In the USA and other sane societies, such politicians would be more penalized than the foot soldiers that do the actual killings. The foot soldiers may even be offered immunity so that they testify against the masterminds that sent them to commit the murders.

          The foregoing is just a precursor to my topic of the day. I am to address the role of Nigeria’s National Assembly (NASS) in the murders that happen in every election in Nigeria. I postulate that our lawmakers are the primary “aiders and abettors” of all such murders since the inception of Nigeria’s “Fourth Republic” democracy in 1999. Presently, every Nigerian knows that several Nigerians will die through election-rigging, during the coming Edo and Ondo states gubernatorial elections later this year (2020). The impending murders are avoidable evil, meeeeeeen!!!

          Indeed, within two or three months after the first election murders in 2003 under Obasanjo, Nigeria’s federal lawmakers could have easily stopped all the subsequent killings. Apparently, there is a blood-sucking deity in Nigeria. Apparently, the deity demands blood sacrifice each and every time that a political election happens. And, apparently, the deity has devout priests and worshippers who ensure that the deity’s blood-sucking demand is met. If this were so, I place the blame at the doorstep of our National Assembly. If they are not the deity worshippers, then the loot-makers that we call lawmakers must stop the worshippers and their blood-sucking deity for us. That’s what they are there for, and not to fill their pockets with our stolen money, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

          They lawmakers may shroud the process in all the mystery that they want, but the fact remains that they don’t want to give us a rigging-free, murder-free law. Any serious uncompromised and well-meaning National Assembly can ensure, within two months (in fact, one gaddamn month), that no more Nigerians get murdered in elections. Nigeria’s federal lawmakers since 1999 have refused to do this only for their own evil self-serving reasons. I know that the primary reason is their fear of losing elections. They are aware that most of them will be voted out, for being self-serving loot-makers, instead of our lawmakers. Their loot-making tendencies are perpetual. For instance, Nigerians complain all the time about the criminally-outrageous millions of naira that they take home every fucking month as salaries and perks. Have you ever heard our loot-makers even consider cutting it down just a little? No sir, or ma’am, they don’t consider any cut-down! Instead, they consistently seek avenues to increase their looting. Meanwhile, state and federal governments are cutting, or they consider cutting down the pitiful meager salaries of real workers in Nigeria, due to covid-19 effects, meeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

          Let’s get back to the present issue of the “Ninth Assembly’s” delay in passing the electoral bill. The lawmakers could have easily avoided the impending murder of several Nigerians in Edo and Ondo States’ gubernatorial elections later this year. The murders are bound to happen, if this is still the Nigeria that I know; and we all know it. As usual, instead of giving us an electoral law that would forestall the murders, our Ninth Assembly prefers to give us lame excuses to allow the murders to happen.

For crying out fucking loud, those loot-makers that we call lawmakers have abandoned an Electoral Bill that the “Eight Assembly” already concluded. Meanwhile, they are busy trying to pass unnecessary evil draconian and murderous bills for us at the speed of lightening. They leave the life-saving Electoral Bill, and, amid our protest and complaint, they insist on forcing deadly bills down our throats. More insulting and annoying, is their take-it-or-leave-it autocratic attitude of overlords who are controlling their slaves, meeeeeeeen!!!

On Wednesday, July 1, 2020, I watched with utter disgust on TV, a member of the House of Representatives with such insulting attitude. He gave us his feeble, nonsensical excuses for the failure of the NASS to pass the Electoral Bill fast enough to take effect before the governorship elections of Edo and Ondo states. This is a bill that the previous NASS already concluded in 2019, which President Buhari refused to sign. Mr. President gave us his self-serving reason, which places no value on human lives. Buhari and all of us knew, and still know the real reason for his refusing to sign the bill. He knew that APC would have lost majority of the seats, including his own presidential seat, in rigging-free elections. He knew that he could never have won the election, and he knew why. He has performed woefully as a president, and nobody wanted him back for second tenure. So, he had to murder some Nigerians to force himself on us with his evil election, meeeeeeeen!!!

          Now, rather than give that concluded bill the utmost priority to pass it, the Ninth Assembly lawmakers are circumventing it. They are pursuing all manner of irresponsible bills (relatively speaking), because they don’t give a damn about the lives of many Nigerians who are murdered through election-rigging every fucking year! If that does not qualify as “aiding and abetting” murders, I wonder what else does, meeeeeeeeen!!!

          I really get pissed off when those people start mystifying everything, as if the rest of us are idiots. I wanted to puke as I watched the Ninth Assembly Representative on TV yesterday. He is one Ejirogene dude, whose last name I didn’t catch. The motherfucker was talking absolute rubbish, stammering all the way, because he knew that his words were full of shit. “Well, you know that the bill has to go through first and second readings,” he stammered. Then, the rest of his rubbish became uncoordinated, with the usual condescending overlord-attitude of our lawmakers. My spontaneous reaction was: What is this motherfucking dude blabbing about, huh? What the fuck is the big deal about giving deserved priority status to their gadamn “readings,” to pass a piece of work that the 8th Assembly already completed, huh?

And, do remember that many members of the 9th Assembly (probably majority of them) were also in the 8th Assembly that did the job. What the fuck is there to read, that can’t be done within the first month of the 9th Assembly. In fact, the doggone reading can be done in one fucking day; I don’t give a fuck how many thousand pages it may be!  If they had any conscience, they would even make the damn thing happen within one hour or two, considering that scores of lives depend on it. And, if it is too difficult for them, then we should send a ten-year old child to help them, meeeen!!! The host, Uju Ejeye, and another guy on the AIT show that I refer to, confronted the Ejirogene dude with this obvious point, and he was just blabbing unproductively, meeeeeeeen!!!

          I don’t know about you, but I truly feel very insulted when Nigerian leaders talk down on us as if we are all idiots. Yes, indeed! I felt insulted listening to Ejirogene talking about his nonsensical “first reading and second reading” and all the other fucked-up readings before they pass the bill. And, I’m like: What the hell for? The work is already completed by the 8th Assembly. Okay, if you do insist on mystifying simple issues; then do the fucking reading already…like yesterday, and stop allowing Nigerians to be murdered. These dudes SEEM to enjoy all the mayhem and the blood spilled during elections, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Mind you, it takes them just a day or so to rush their “reading” bullshit whenever they want to. Umm huh, each time that they give us their own self-serving laws that we don’t need or want, the motherfuckers apply lightning speed. They force them down our throats, with a take-it-or-leave-it autocratic attitude of impunity. They are still wasting time and resources debating about the murderous “Hate-speech” and the draconian autocratic “Infectious Disease” bills. Instead of progressive life-saving bills such as the electoral bill, they waste our time and resources on evil and murderous bills. Un-fucking-believable, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Well-meaning Nigerians must ask the question: Why the hell won’t those loot-makers be as fast in giving us an electoral law that will stop the election atrocities in Nigeria, as they are in trying to force evil laws down our throats, huh, huh, huh??? They run after rats, while the house is on fire, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

          I will conclude with a nonsensical argument among Nigerians. Many blame the delay in electoral reform on inadequacy of the communication network that is required for rigging-free electronic voting. My response is very simple, and absolutely correct, too. All the funds budgeted and wasted on security during two or three general elections, can establish all the communication and other technologies that are required for the reform. The security budget for 2019 elections alone was over 4 billion naira, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

          Any sane society knows that the reform ensures the following, among others:

  1. a) No more murders by election riggers.
  2. b) No more death by accidents as people nonsensically travel from one end of Nigeria to another to cast votes. This happens every fucking year due to the prevailing stupid law that every voter must vote only in the Local Government Area of his of or her origin.
  3. c) The billions of naira that INEC wastes on logistics for every election will be drastically cut down.
  4. d) Other activities in Nigeria no longer have to come to a halt as they do now each time that elections happen. People will go about their normal businesses after casting their votes on election days.
  5. e) And, no more billions wasted to provide security each time an election happens in Nigeria…just spend few billions once, and perpetually save gazillions of naira. “A stich in time saves nine,” they say. I say ‘a stitch in Nigeria’s electoral system saves millions of lives.’ The so-called security doesn’t ever achieve anything anyway; scores of lives are still lost. Even worse, the security officers are often the murderers themselves. Unpopular evil incumbent presidents insist to be “re-elected” against the will of the electorate. And, they deploy our own security agencies to murder Nigerians to rig themselves into power. You do know that I ain’t bullshitting, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

In final conclusion, I do dare the evil loot-makers, as always, to sue me to court for calling them murderers, and I will be more than happy to meet them in court. I do know that they wouldn’t dare to sue me. Instead, somebody might try to assassinate me. That is the stock in trade of Nigeria’s criminals who pass as our leaders.

Unfortunately for them, I am out of their reach and they can’t assassinate me, thanks to my American citizenship. It accords me the opportunity to be in faraway America, where they cannot have access to me. I trust, that you know, that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

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