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NOTE: First published in August, 2021. The “Published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this is to avoid mistaking it as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting”, by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

Let’s face it, presently, the geographical contraption that we call Nigerian, is actually better called FULANI REPUBLIC. Everything about Buhari’s governance since 2015 clearly attests to my assertion here. Everybody in the entire world knows this to be ABSOLUTE FACT and truth, hence, there is no need for me to expatiate on here. What makes this fact so annoying or provocative is that we have a VERY MAD Fulani man called Shehu Garba, who wears the cloak and character/attitude of a military dictator in a so-called democracy, consistently insulting Nigerians with utmost impunity, meeeeeeeen!!!

Garba’s most recent of his gazillion insults is that “all those who are calling for National Conference to discuss equity and fairness in the country, and those who are calling for secession are enemies of Nigeria.” The motherfucker crowned his idiotic vomit by saying to us, with utmost impunity, that Buhari cannot be intimidated to do the right thing of returning us from their unconstitutional Fulani Republic to the Nigeria Republic that we all signed for and agreed upon. The motherfuckers who have turned Nigeria into their private Fulani Republic have the audacity to tell us who are agitating for the right thing the enemies of Nigeria, and crown it up by telling us that we can’t do shit about; that we have to take whatever that they dish out to us and shut the fuck up, because we are their slaves and this is no longer a democracy. Un-fucking-believable, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

But, you see, I blame the entire Nigerians for accepting the Fulanization madness for too long, which has emboldened idiots like Garba Shehu to grow so much wings of impunity. The man’s madness is, unfortunately, coupled with absolute lack of intelligence. If he had any atom of intelligence, he would at least know that opposition, protests, and dissenting voices are among the primary bedrock of democracy all over the world. If he was not so insane, evil, and unintelligent (all rolled into one), he would at least endeavor to pursue his evil propaganda for Buhari’s unbelievable misrule with extreme bigotry and clannishness with a little diplomacy that would not provoke Nigerians so badly. If he was not so terrible in his ways, he would have learned that, all over the world, sane persons NEVER, EVER refer to opposition parties and other dissenting voices as enemies of the state, because they are part and parcel of democracy, meeeeeeeen!!!

You see, I have seen some Nigerians condemn Garba Shehu for his madness, but nobody has dared to condemn him with the kind of insult and harsh words that befit his mad condescending attitude and insulting words that he poured on Nigerians in his dictatorial broadcast. Everybody is still playing the nonsensical politically-correct niceness in their words and character. And this means that the motherfucker may never understand how angry Nigerians are with him and his madness. So, okay, here is NBB to the rescue, giving it to him as he deserves, on behalf of the real the majority true Nigerians out there who are called “ordinary”; the real majority Nigerians whose anger their so-called opinion leaders and spokespersons can never represent well with their bullshitting politically-correct speeches and comments. We have an idiot talking down on us like a maximum leader, IN A democracy, and our so-called spokespersons and opinion leaders are talking stupidly nicely as the respond to the idiot. I am aware that the courageous Charlybo, “The Area Fada,” reads some of my blogs, and so, I call upon him to speak out in his customary bold manner and mobilize his kind of true Nigerians against this Fulanization motherfucker called Garba Shehu, and his kind, such as LAIR Mohammed, meeeeeeeeen!!!

I have not heard Femi Adesina lately, and I pray that he has learned how terrible it has been that a non-Fulani southerner like him has been supporting a Fulanization jihad in Nigeria, for the reason of power and money. If he has learned to behave right and avoid his hitherto condescending comments against Nigerians in his contributory propaganda hatchet job for Buhari, then I HAIL HIM with the same spirit of love that I always hail any “prodigal son.”

As customary with Harry Agina and my NBB alter-ego, I caution you to please avoid stereotyping. Always remember that majority of the Fulani race are great people and not all jihadists. I know that I am now “sounding like a broken vinyl record plate”, but, yes, I have indeed listened to many Fulani friends and acquaintances bitterly condemn Buhari’s Fulanization agenda, which has encourage the current jihad by some evil Fulanis. Their common reason for their anger with Buhari is that he has brought undeserved hatred upon the entire Fulani race. I trust, that you know, that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeen!!!

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