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September 1, 2022


This is “No Bullshitting,” by Harry Agina.

Greetings of the new month, folks! And beyond that, I say greetings of the entry into the famous “…ember-months” season of the year 2022. “Happy-New-Month” greeting is something that I don’t normally do with the rest of the world; no sir, no ma’am! Nigerians at home are particularly so fond of it. I, Harry Agina, don’t get into all that stuff, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

But, as they say, there is always a first time; right? So, here comes my first time, and in No Bullshitting style. You’re to be entertained with a short video-clip of home-grown dance steps that I love so much. If you don’t love the clip like I do, then you have me to answer to, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Hahahahahahaaaaa!!! A fucked-up threat from me there, I must confess. Talking as if I could do any shit to you if you don’t love the music; right? But, I know that you’ll love it. That’s why I am making an exception with the “Happy new month” greeting stuff this time. Well, actually, I’m not really the one making the exception. ‘Mr.No Bullshitting (Mr.NB)’ is the guilty one, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Anyway, ‘Mr.NB’ does have a good reason to insist on it this time; so I grudgingly obliged, after a debate.

“Okay, I submit, after all, it is the beginning of the fourth and last quarter of the year 2022, popularly called the ember-months season,” I grudgingly said. We were in our usual Trinity debate, between ‘Me,’ ‘Myself’ and ‘I.’ I guess I do have to explain the trinity stuff for persons who are not my regular readers. There is a trinity within Harry Agina. ‘I’ am the head of the trinity, and the other two are my alter-egos. Like I always say, conversations between ‘Me,’ ‘Myself’ and ‘I’ happen quite regularly. And I also always say that whosoever that does not regularly hold such ‘soul-searching’ conversations within his or her self is likely to have a serious dearth of conscience, meeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Umm huh! Such conversation happens when you’re all alone. And, ‘you ask ‘yourself’ questions about certain things that transpired between you and other people out there. If you do this sincerely, you are likely to repent when you find out that you actually wronged the other guy. And when that can happen with you, then you are likely to try to do ‘The Right Thing’ with other people, period! Obviously, ‘Mr. No Bullshitting (Mr.NB)’ is one of my two alter-egos that I mentioned. That’s Harry Agina’s journalistic alter-ego, and ‘he’ is ‘Myself.’ The alter-ego number two is ‘Mr. Conscience,’ and ‘he’ is ‘I.

It’s in such trinity conversations that ‘Mr. Conscience’ does a good job of correcting our wrongs. This is specially good for decisions and actions that are done in anger, or in times of disappointment. It’s when to think over some rash reactions to some unfavorable or unpleasant actions by others out there, for instance. Be honest; have I made any fucking sense at all? Bros eee, and Sis eee, whether it makes sense or not, you’d better try and figure it out; y’hear me so?! if you don’t have a similar composition, and you don’t hold the “Me, myself, and I” conversations, I fear you, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Well, enough of all that philosophical stuff now. But, yes, another one of my trinity chats did happen, but just on the trivial matter of debate over “Happy-ember-month” greeting to you guys out there. Don’t get me wrong, though! Don’t go thinking that ‘Mr.NB’ loves you guys more than I do, just because ‘he’ fought to send you this greeting. After all, I did finally submit to the argument of ‘Mr.NB,’ albeit grudgingly, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

And, guess what else that made me to oblige? ‘Mr.NB’ reminded me of something, thus:

“You should be happy that we are finally approaching the 4th quarter of the years anyway,” ‘he’ said.

And I was like, “So fucking what, if we’re getting to the 4th quarter of the year, huh?! Why the fuck do I care about that?”

“Well, the 4th quarter brings us near the end of the year,” Mr.NB responded, uncharacteristically cool, and smiling triumphantly.

“You are getting on my very last nerve, bro,” I countered. “What the fuck do I care about the end of the fucking year, meeeeeeeeeeeen?!!!”

“Ah ah ah aaah…no sir! You always complain that I curse and swear too much! Now who’s doing the cursing, and all the swearing and rudeness?” he ironically cautioned. Mr.NB was actually completely out of character this time, so calm. I was now the one with his kind of rudeness.

“Okay, my bad,” I said melodramatically. “Now, I nicely ask you; what the hell is so special about the end of this year? And, enough of your suspense already, pplleeaasse?!”

“Okay, alright, I’ll tell ya, already. Nigerians will be free from President Mohammadu Buhari and his destruction gang, meeeeeeeeeen!!!” Mr. No Bullshitting was now eyeing me, triumphantly. He knew that what he just said must catch my attention and my fancy, too. I did brighten up quite a bit, as I said:

“Yeah, that’s right! Okay, for that reason, you have my total vote, all the way, without any grudge! Anything that anybody wants to do to celebrate that the gang who destroyed Nigeria in all possible ways, will soon leave office, is fine by me. So, let’s do it, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!”

And so, we resolved to have a short video clip of home-grown dance-steps to entertainingly usher you into the ember-months season. ‘Mr.NB’ picked it himself, and I love it. I do believe that you will love it, too. So, here’s NBB’s short welcome into the ember-months, with a Nigerian home-grown music and song. Titled “Iyogogo,” it made quite some wave a couple of year back in Nigeria. Yeah, I know, a bit of the song is in the language of the Igbo people of southeast Nigeria. And only a tiny fraction of my readers are of the Igbo tribe. But hey, like I always say, music has no language if you enjoy the rhythm. In this case, you also have some good home-grown dance-steps to boot. Do enjoy it:


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