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September 7, 2022


This is “No Bullshitting,” by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

“The days when terrorists and bandits ruled Nigeria are over,” said Nigeria’s Military Command just a couple of days back. Why? Because, President Mohammadu Buhari finally decided to allow it to happen, that’s why! He, apparently, finally allowed himself to be pushed to issue sincere command to fight the terrorists. Yap, I do insist that he had not truly commanded our military to fight the terrorists in the past. Twice or more upon some blogs in the recent past, I commented on this topic. I offered an analogical scenario of my feelings about Buhari’s orders to our military about the terrorists. I painted the scenario of a man, his visiting friend, and his house-help, thus:

A friend visited the dude one day. In the presence of his visitor, the dude gave his house-help some money to buy a beer to entertain his visiting friend. But, away from the earshot of the visiting friend, the dude told the house-help not to dare to buy the beer. He couldn’t afford to spend his last buck to purchase a beer for another man, while he was broke. But he felt that he had to put up the front of trying to entertain his visiting friend. Anyway, the house-help returned from the fake hunt for a beer some minutes later, to report that all the beer shops around were either closed or out of beer.

I was addressing all the so-called “shoot-at-sight” orders that had been issued by Mr. President to our military boys. I was wondering if he truly meant what he was saying. Was he pronouncing what he knew that the world wanted to hear, while directing the military behind closed-doors to ignore his public pronouncements? As always, I was  not frivolous with words. I did draw that analogy because I had, and still have my reasons. And, my reasons are based on a couple of absolute and commonly known facts, coupled with commonsense reasoning, thus:

(1) BUHARI’S CLANNISH DISPOSITION: President Buhari is on record for insisting in 2013 that the then president, Goodluck Jonathan, should not kill the terrorists. He figured that the terrorists, his “Fulani first cousins,” should be pampered. He insensibly and insensitively compared evil murderous jihadists to the Niger Delta militants who had been “pampered” by the late President Yar’Adua. Buhari condemned President Jonathan for sending the military to fight the terrorists. He called Jonathan’s operations against terrorists “an attack on northern Nigeria.” So, it makes sense to assume that Buhari’s clannish emotional attachment to the terrorists has been affecting his will to fight the terrorists. I mean, the man complained when another president killed the terrorists! What do you think he would want to do when he took over power, huh? He would be contradicting himself if he sent soldiers to kill the same terrorists who he had condemned Jonathan for killing. But then, he didn’t mind contradicting himself on other issues; did he? Look how his now infamous inaugural, “I’m for everyone, and for no one” pronouncement turned out. It’s now clear that he is only for his evil jihadist Fulani terrorists. And it’s clear that he hates all other Nigerians, meeeeeen!!!

(2) THE CAPACITY OF NIGERIA MILITARY: Nigeria’s Military has the capacity to crush the terrorists, if Buhari truly wants it to happen. The Military is much more competent than what we have been getting from them in the war on terror. We’re talking about the same Nigeria Military that has won numerous accolades for their performances on international missions outside Nigeria.

Some Nigerians call President Buhari’s reluctance to fight the terrorists, “lack of political will.” Such persons are being hypocritically “politically-correct” in language. They don’t want to be seen to be bluntly condemning Buhari for the terrorists sympathizer that he is. I have always hated the hypocrisy that gave birth to that stupid “political-correctness” bullshit in Nigeria. Some sincere Nigerians do say it as it is. They bluntly say that Buhari is clearly complicit to jihadist terrorism, meeeeeeeeen!!!

The hypocritical “politically-correct” Nigerians know that Buhari did not want to fight the terrorists fiercely, due to the clannishness that he expressed in 2013. And, as I have stated, Mr. President did not hide his sympathy towards the Boko Haram terrorists then. That’s one thing that I have always loved about the man, ironically! I love his sincerity on the matter of his evil clannishness and ethno-religious bigotry. Mr. Insensitivity doesn’t give a fuck about what anybody feels about his evil ethno-religious disposition. He wants you to know that he is that way, and you can’t do shit about it! No wonder, I always say that his apologists who try to deny his disposition are simply idiotic. I’m like, ‘The man doesn’t even want you to defend him, motherfuckers!!!’

My ultimate point here is that, apparently, President Mohammadu Buhari has finally decided to fight the jihadist terrorists in Nigeria. Unlike in the past, the military finally took the war to the terrorists in their dens. Those dens were known all along, but Buhari wouldn’t give the orders to raid them. Obviously, he has finally sincerely commanded the military to truly fight the terrorists. Now, his unschooled idiotic propagandists, led by Liar Mohammed and Femi Adesina, have started singing a different song. The motherfuckers had given us some fucked-up lame excuses in the past, for Buhari’s failure to carry out effective raids on Buhari’s Fulani terrorists in northern Nigeria. But they could easily defend the raids on non-terrorist groups in southern Nigeria who are agitating against Buhari’s persecution.

Now, apparently, Buhari has finally decided to suspend his own confessed and proven sympathy towards the terrorists, and, the result is clear! Mr. Liar Mohammed’s song has suddenly changed. The motherfucker can now see that the military can defeat the terrorists, if only Buhari wants it to happen, meeeeeeeen!!!

THE SO-CALLED IMPEACHMENT ULTIMATUM TO BUHARI: Folks, fuck the so-called threat to President Buhari by the crooks that we call national lawmakers. Every discerning observer knows that the loot-makers’ six-week ultimatum to Buhari to fight the terrorists or face impeachment was a joke. First, I was surprised that they mustered the courage to even speak out so confrontationally against Buhari. But I quickly rationalized that they were just putting up a show for Nigerians. We all know that the motherfuckers couldn’t do shit if Buhari ignored their so-called impeachment ultimatum. The toothless bulldogs couldn’t do shit when Mr. President ignored their wimpy barks on various issues, several times in the past. We all know that their fucked-up threat was just a stupid facade. They couldn’t possible impeach Buhari! Besides, the king loot-maker, Senate President Lawan, was already fighting for Buhari, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

When I gave this a thought, that’s when I started coming up with my ‘maybes.’ Maybe, Buhari woke up from his terrorists-sympathizing mode because his “rubber-stamp” leadership of the National Assembly actually cried to him. Yes, cried to him, I emphasize! Because, I know that Senate President Lawan and House Speaker Gbajabiamila ain’t got the guts to face Buhari in a confrontational manner. They are too compromised to challenge Buhari, I always say! He would most likely get them arrested and thrown in jail for their past crimes, I always postulate! And, I have always wished for them to challenge me in court, if they feel that I’m liable for falsehood in my postulation.

Maybe the evil loot-makers had to beg Buhari that they can no longer stand the mounting pressure from the public. Maybe they are now terrified for their lives, due to the recent bold incursions of the terrorists who they created. Maybe they are terrified that the terror may soon come in their own homes to roost. Maybe they begged Buhari to please sincerely fight the terrorists for a change, and save their lives from the impending danger. My point here is that the worthless parliament of Nigeria did not make Buhari to finally start fighting terrorism. They don’t possess the integrity to do so. So, maybe, Mr. President suddenly decided to listen to Nigerians; maybe he now wants to save the people from terrorism. The wimpy barking of the toothless bulldogs who Nigerians call lawmakers ain’t got shit to do with it, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Now, it is clear to Nigerians, and the world at large, that Nigeria’s armed forces are capable to conquer the terrorism in Nigeria. It is apparent to the world that President Buhari had refused to sincerely command the armed forces to fight the terrorists. The evidence is there for the world to see in the recent effective and successful bombardment of some dens of terrorists. Just think about it all, and you’re bound to understand that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

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