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NOTE: First published on October 27, 2020. The “Published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this is to avoid mistaking this piece as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry.

Greetings, folks!

Yes, indeed, the man who runs the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) of Nigeria, Professor Armstrong Idachaba, is too daft and too militarized to be in office in a democracy. He, no doubt, is enemy of Nigeria, Nigerians, and democracy. The man needs to go back to school and learn the democratic responsibilities and functions of his office, meeeeeen!!!google.com


This will be one of my shortest blogs, and I will take my issues in bullet form, to address the triple elements of stupidity, evil conspiracy to kill our democracy, and mad impunity of NBC’s Director General, Idachaba, thus:

(1) Stupidity and/or acute mischief are the reasons that make a man to fault AIT, Channels, and Arise Television houses for broadcasting a Social Media live-feed at Lekki Toll Gate in Lagos on the night of October 20, 2020, which showed the world what was happening.

Generally, some of the idiots and crooks who rule Nigeria are so quick to discredit every video clip that shows their evil rule, and call them doctored “PHOTOSHOP” creations. The NBC DG is obviously one of such fools, too stupid and too archaic to understand that nobody can photoshop a clip that is being streamed live. His impunity has made him to believe that he can stop TV stations from broadcasting a clip that can never be called false by any sane person. He is too stupid to understand that he does not have the power to challenge factual reportage by stations, in a democracy. His kind of evil rule of impunity is what Nigerian youths are now fighting, but the NBC DG is too stupid to understand when to stop such evil MILITARY IMPUNITY, even in the face of the current revolution, meeeeeen!!!

(2) Mr. Impunity, the NBC DG, does not even understand the laws guiding his office. He is too stupid or too mischievous to understand that he can never be the complainant, the judge, and the jury in his own case. He is so daft that he is unaware that, even when he is right to impose a fine on any station for whatever reason, HE MUST approach a court to authorize the fine before he pronounces it. So, I ask; does this motherfucker even have lawyers attached to his office to advise him before all his stupid and mischievous information-gagging pronouncements? I believe that he does have lawyers, but he is too stupid and too impunity-driven to listen to them. He is among the idiots that mess up Buhari’s government. In this trying time when every well meaning Nigerian is trying to quell the anger of the youths about evil leadership, the motherfucker is pouring fuel unto the fire, making the youths to believe that the government is not serious to pursue peace and good governance in the land. He is one of the idiots that Buhari must fire and send back to whatever ancient world that he came from, if he truly wants to save our so-called “One Nigeria” contraption. He supposedly went through school for education, and probably has a piece of paper called certificate; but, obviously, school did not go through him to learn anything. He is obviously too ancient to be a leader in a democracy, meeeeeeen!!!

(3) Can anybody believe the Chief of Army Staff of Nigeria Army? He is still talking tough like a maximum ruler in his fiefdom, with senseless denial of what the entire world saw happening live. What the hell was he blabbing about in his recent press release, meeeeeen?!!!

     FACT: Men dressed in Army uniform committed the atrocity of shooting patriotic peaceful protesters who where singing our National Anthem and carrying our National flags as their only weapons. And our Army Chief of Staff’s nonsensical effort to deny the culpability of his men, makes him to look foolish to the entire world. His denial is so terribly structured, with his disdainful approach of telling us that Nigerians and the International Criminal Court (ICC) can’t do anything to him. He spent more time telling us this bullshit, than he did on the crust of the matter. He already denied army culpability in the Lekki Toll Gate atrocity before his so-called investigation.

With his arrogant, insulting, and threatening denial, every Nigerian already knows that nothing positive will ever come out of his so-called investigation.

     For crying out, how the hell does a leader deny something before investigation? It can only happen in Nigeria, meeeeeeen!!!

      In any case, I do want to be legally-correct here for now. Rather than accuse, I will ask some simple questions that our Chief of Army Staff can never answer meaningfully:

 (A) Mr. COAS, if your boys did not murder our peaceful protesters; then who the hell did it in your uniform, huh?

     (B) Very importantly, where the hell were your soldiers when your alleged “FAKE” soldiers were doing the shooting, huh, huh??

     (C) Or, are you also denying that you deployed REAL soldiers to that same Lekki Toll Gate that same night? We know that you did, and you cannot deny it. So, why the fuck did they not shoot the people that you claim not to be your own men, huh?

     (D) Where in the world did you get the huge lie in your press release that “majority of Nigerians and the world now know that the accusations against soldiers are not true”? Are you living on Planet Mars, or this same planet where everybody has condemned your anti-democracy military acts and disdainful attitude towards Nigerians?

Finally, Mr. COAS, may I remind you that you are now in a democracy, and advise you to drop all your fucked-up threats, and your boast, which suggests that International Criminal Court (ICC) can’t do anything to you. You are not bigger than, or even as big as some people that have been punished by ICC, and Buhari does not have any power to protect you if and when the time comes…I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeen!!!

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