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NOTE: First published on June 6, 2021. The “Published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this is to avoid mistaking it as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting”, by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!!!

Very often, I derive the contents of my little “sermon” in the NBB Praise-Worship SUNDAY-SUNDAY MEDICINE from the contents of the song component of the package; or, I chose the song from my library based on the content of the “sermon,” depending on which one that inspires me first. I already chose today’s song last night based on a mindset for my words of wisdom, before I heard early this morning the unfortunate, sad death of Nigeria’s popular prophet, TB Joshua. I simply adapted my words to suit the news, with my message on the stupidity of some Pentecostal Christians of Nigeria who shun hospitals and medical treatment for ailment, in the misguided name of faith, meeeeeeeen!!!

God forgive the bluntness of NBB (not Harry Agina), but the sad death of TB Joshua by covid-19 infection should be POSSITIVELY put to  use as a lesson to our misguided new-wave Pentecostal Christians in Nigeria, warrantedly so. If indeed Joshua died of covid-19 as announced, then the lesson is: If indeed faith prevents or cures covid-19, then TB Joshua should not have died; right? And, if faith couldn’t prevent his death by covid-19, then it should not protect his flock who, presumably, possess lesser faith; kaji kwo (right)??? I don’t mean this as mockery, but as a strong RUDE eye-opener for his flock, and the flocks of all the other Pentecostal pastors who may be deceiving them to shun hospitals and medicines for ailments.

My message is: First of all, be aware that covid-19 exists, and secondly, FAITH DOES NOT PROTECT YOU. If, perchance, you contract it despite your caution, then take your doggone medication, and then pray to God to strengthen the medicines to work…that’s common-fucking-sense. If your pastor advises you otherwise, tell him or her to fuck off…he/she is your enemy, meeeeeeeeen!!!

I don’t know if Joshua was one of the pastors preaching the madness to their flocks to shun hospitals, as well as pretend that God has spiritually protected them against covid-19, or any other ailment for that matter. If he did, bros, sis, I would actually mock him for dying of covid-19. Uum huh, I would, and you can condemn me all you want, and I won’t give a fuck!!! The faith that our fake pastors are deceiving their zombie-flocks with, should protect them even better than their flocks who supposedly possess less faith; right? So, trust me when I say that I am perfectly certain that God agrees with me if I mock any pastor that preaches such stupid faith and ends up dying of covid-19. 

This is the point at which I customarily remind the Pentecostals that when such plague befell God’s favored or favorite children of ancient Israel, they all locked themselves in their houses until it was over; the Levites who were better and stronger than today’s pastors did not deceive the Isrraelites to dare and challenge the plague…y’all hear me so?!!!

So, yes, I do hope that Joshua was not aware that he contracted covid-19 and decided to shun medication, resorting to just drinking so-called “Holy” Olive Oil and “Holy” water, with the stupid unreasonable faith of many of Nigeria’s Pentecostal fools. 

Okay, I will be nice not to use Joshua to drive my general point home here, hoping that he was like Adeboye who wisely ran away from church at the peak of covid-19; so, let’s use my own family. If any of my brothers or sisters KNOWS that he/she has any ailment, and, with his/her mind intact, decides to be so stupid to shun hospitals and medicines for the ailment, and he or she dies of that ailment, I WOULD NOT MOURN HIM OR HER, period!!! I would miss him or her alright, but I won’t bother to mourn any person with adequate mental capacity who decided to commit suicide, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

I mean, God has protected Africans from covid-19, apparently with the strain that does not kill us so easily like the strains in the western world. Plus, we have a regime of drugs that knocks the damned thing out in just three to seven days. But some fools called Pentecostal Christians dare God with their stupid faith. They refuse to submit to the medicines, due to their stupid faith, which is not even always backed with true belief in God and righteousness that make faith to work. Some have hearts that are full of iniquities, but they pretend to be children of God who cannot be touched by covid-19.

 They are so stupid that they forget that Christ could only reach and cure just a tiny fraction of sick people during his days, and the rest had to seek medication, or perish. And, importantly, the fools fail to understand that 99.9999 percent of the crooks that they call pastors are nothing but just that–CROOKS–with no power from God to cure anything, meeeeeen!!!

My writing does not intend anything other than a warning to such fools who refuse to go to hospital when they are sick, because their pastors brainwash and make them stupidly Christian, contrary to true Christianity. This is a fact that the character behind “No Bullshitting” Blog (NBB) does not hesitate to speak, unencumbered or unhindered by social bag of archaic sentiments. Facts must be said in spite of those social sentimental baggage, for the ENLIGHTENMENT benefit of jarring the Pentecostal fools back to realities of life beyond faith, FOR THEIR OWN GOOD. NBB purposely tells this truth in RUDE ways, for rude-awakening of the fools. 

The God that knows my heart and soul knows that this is not about mocking Joshua or his death by hinging my RUDE-AWAKENING words on his demise. I may drop dead myself tomorrow, so, it’s not something with which to mock anybody…just stating facts that must be stated to save lives, meeeeeen!!!

Believe it or not, what I am doing is actually God’s work as He called me to do…yap, indeed, meeeeeen!!!!

The only thing missing from what I have said so far here is my HUMANE, SINCERE REGRET that Joshua died. This is especially for the fact that he was, perhaps, the only one of the big Pentecostal pastors in Nigeria with any substance that I appreciate, and I’ll tell you why: 

He was humble (not so flamboyant) as a servant of God and apostle of Christ should be. Very importantly to me, I believe that he actually gave tithe to the owners—the poor/needy—as God commanded it (Deuteronomy 14:22-29), in ways that I saw. He might have been guilty of other bad deeds as some people have alleged, but, at least, I don’t think that he stole tithe as I believe that Oyedepo, Oyakhilome, Adeboye, Okotie, and the rest do. His charity work was obvious in many ways, and probably with less private jets. 

And, before you blame me for mentioning the big pastors, I’ll tell you that, once upon a trip to Nigeria as I was writing my book, which is titled “INVASION OF THE FUNKY PASTORS,” I did NICELY try to engage Adeboye, specifically, and another big one whose name escapes me now. I wanted to discuss tithe and tithing. Initially, when I announced that I was a broadcaster and journalist from the USA, their PAs and other staffers were excited and eager to schedule me for the meetings, until they realized that my topic was tithe. The discussions or interviews that I sought suddenly became taboo that was never granted until I left Nigeria again after several weeks. I trust, that you know, that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!

And, finally, I bring you today’s Sunday-Medicine, which is titled “Too Late” (Horizon Riddim), a production of Jamaica’s reggae artist, Jahmiel, in 2012. I will be brief in summing up the content as a warning for you not to wait too long (hence too late) to do the right things and “live right” for salvation. Otherwise, your cry would be “too late” to do you any good. It starts by asking if you prayed to Jah this morning, and every other morning, of course.

The warning is to all and sundry—church-goers, mosque-goers, atheists, the rich, politicians, and all—to change your evil ways before the Judgement Day. I am proud to tell people at the drop of a hat, that I have a close friend who does not really quite believe in God, yet he behaves more Godly than every Christian that I know…a great heart, meeeeeeeen!!!

This song also asks you to help “spread the word and do not let me down…” Here you go: https://youtu.be/QZNzWqiw5N0

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