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August 26, 2022


This is “No Bullshitting,” by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

Every discerning Nigerian is aware that President Mohammadu Buhari has been prosecuting a major agenda to Fulanize Nigeria in various ways. He has done a good job of this, too. It’s clear in his appointments and a good chunk of everything else that he has ever done as president. Everyone who reads my commentaries on Nigeria also knows that I am not totally against Buhari’s ethno-religious nepotism. If I said this once, I said it a gazillion times. My problem with the man is that he just doesn’t know where to draw the line in his extreme ethno-religious nepotism. Mr. President goes far beyond reason! And, he takes it to an evil level, when he combines his extreme clannishness with ethno-religious bigotry, too. I have a link to my previous commentaries on this matter for you at the end of this piece.

This time, I am talking about the legislative Bill that is currently being considered by Nigeria’s National Assembly. They call it, “Water Resources Control Bill,” or some bullshit like that! It’s nothing but another way to grab control by the Fulani oligarchy. I do need to explain to my non-Nigerian readers what I mean when I talk about grabbing of control by the Fulani Oligarchy. It’s not a secret that a sect of the Fulani race in Nigeria claim to own Nigeria. Mind you, the Fulani race was among the very last races to migrate and settle on the land that is now known as Nigeria. But a crazy jihadist sect among them says that Allah gave them the land as their inheritance. In various ways, they have continued to scheme to be in control of Nigeria and the rest of Nigerians, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Do remember, they don’t try to hide their agenda, no sir, no ma’am! They are always proud to announce it at the drop of a hat. At best, their politicians obnoxiously tell us that nobody can win the presidency of the country without their blessing. And that’s if and when they decide to concede it to us. At worst, the influential extremists among them are sponsoring and encouraging jihadist foot soldiers to grab land everywhere in Nigeria from the indigenes of the land. My highlighting of ‘sect’ above is advised by my strict anti-stereotyping principle and policy. I always do this to ensure that nobody misunderstands me to be describing all Fulani people alike, in bad light. It just so happens that we now have a Fulani president who is apparently in bed with the jihadist sect, shikena!

Now, let’s ‘cut back to the chase.’ And ‘the chase’ today is the legislative Bill currently going through “readings” on the two floors of Nigeria’s National Assembly. I am interested in it’s implications, and I will shoot straight to some of them. Buhari and his fellow oligarchs apparently insist that they must turn all water resources in Nigeria into federal control. And, federal control means Fulani control, because the Fulani oligarchs have been detecting what happens in Nigeria through the federal government, meeeeeeen!!!

I don’t wanno go far back in history to illustrate this position. If I did, I would have to go as far back as the 1804 jihad. Instead, I will just mention the 2014 National Conference that was convoked by President Goodluck Jonathan. The conference featured 492 delegates from across the six geopolitical regions of Nigeria. The delegations were a fair representation of the “ethnic nationalities,” religious, regional, and professional interests that comprise Nigeria as “one nation.”

Still in brief history, Nigeria was meant to be a true federal system of government from inception, when she gained her independence in 1960. It was basically fashioned after the current American system of democracy. But it gradually got bastardized into the messy evil demo-crazy that we have today. The nation’s current constitution was skewed in favor of northern Nigeria by a northern military junta, with the help of some self-serving southern traitors.  For a start, the opening phrase of the constitution, “We The People of Nigeria,” is a total lie. The contents do not, in any way, represent the will of the people. It’s a form of military decree with a northern Nigerian mindset. And, it has an evil stench of injustice, in favor of the north.

The 2014 conference convoked by President Jonathan was generally an effort to return Nigeria to her original system of fair and equitable true federalism. The conference was Chaired by a reputable retired northern Nigerian legal luminary, Justice Idris Legbo Kutigi. After about five months of various deliberations and squandering of public funds, the Conference submitted its recommendations to President Jonathan in August, 2014. Unfortunately, Jonathan was a very weak and unserious president. He could not effect the fair recommendations before he was booted out in 2015, as he deserved. Mind you, the northern Hausa-Fulani oligarchs did not want the status-quo to change, because it benefits them. They did not support the conference. And, hey, remember, ‘in my book,’ as long as they do not break any law, ain’t nothing wrong with political manipulation games, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

So, let’s suffice to say that, apparently, the political wizards of the north prevailed on President Jonathan, against the recommendations of the conference. The coward apparently caved-in, and failed to implement the recommendations of the conference! Mind you, Jonathan is a southerner, whose region is being cheated by the current fucked-up constitution. In my book (literally), this made his weak character more grievous; don’t you agree? It was like a slave who got the opportunity not only to free himself from slavery, but his entire race, too. But rather than be a man, for a change, and take the chance to create that legacy for himself, he blew it to smithereens! Some of his apologists had/have some excuses for him. A popular one is that 2014 was a pre-election year, so there was no time to work on the recommendations of the conference. Hogwash, I say! A serious president who understands the weight of fairness and equity for peace in a country, would perform that feat, even if it was such a near-impossible feat. That’s what I call a man, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

As far as I am concerned, therefore, Jonathan’s weakness is directly responsible for the situation that Nigeria is suffering today under Buhari. Um huh, and I’ll tell you how, pronto! If that weakling was a man, the disaster of Buhari would not have happened. The key recommendations of the 2014 National Conference would have removed so much control of power from the federal government. Obviously, Buhari would not have all the powers that he has used in his clannish and bigoted ways to destroy Nigeria, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

But, don’t get me wrong, though! I wanno repeat what I have always said in every commentary that I have ever made on the matter of Fulani Oligarchy in Nigeria. There’s really nothing wrong with ingenious political maneuvers by any group that wants to have political control in any society. It’s part of democratic process. But that’s as long as the game is played in total compliance with the laws of the land. For instance, if southern Nigerian politicians are prone to selling out or betraying their own people to the north, as always; why the fuck should anyone blame the north, huh? If the northerners are more socio-political cohesive, and use it well against the divided-house called southern Nigeria; why the fuck blame the north, meeeeeeeeeeen?!!!

Now, let’s ‘cut back to the chase.’ And the chase is the “Water Resources Bill” that has started its journey through the “readings” in Nigeria’s parliament. Following my line of query above, I say again: If the south allows the oppressive Bill to become law, then why the fuck should anybody blame the north, huh? Power is never given, they say; it’s taken. I understand that the bill has gone through “the first reading.” The world already knows that the current Nigeria’s federal parliament belongs to President Buhari as his “rubber-stamp,” as they say. Buhari seems bent on grabbing control of all water resources of Nigeria for the federal government before he leaves office in 2023. And he is using his “rubber-stamp” Assembly to achieve this. As I said, control under federal government means control by the Fulani oligarchy, at least for now.

Buhari has tried in various unwholesome ways to give his Fulani kin what does not belong to them. He virtually tried to grab land for Fulani herdsmen, who many Nigerians see as land-grabbing jihadists. First, it was his attempt to dig out and “gazette” an ancient open-grazing-route policy that has long been nullified by several laws. Naturally, that met a stiff and loud rejection by Nigerians, for two reasons. One, some of the so called herdsmen have been massacring Nigerians with AK47 assault riffles. Therefore, and no sane community wants any Fulani herdsman around, because they have no way to determine the good ones from the killer jihadists. Two, their cattle destroy people’s farms and crops, with evil reckless abandon!

When the open-grazing stuff failed, Buhari and his gang came up with what they called “RUGA Settlement” scheme for the herdsmen across the country. Again, Nigerians fought him to a standstill, because they saw it for what it looked like. Um huh, it did look like another plot to grab land for his Fulani kin all over Nigeria, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

However, the RUGA project could have been a good idea, you know! It could have been acceptable to Nigerians, if only Buhari had not divided Nigeria so terribly along religious and ethnic lines. The non-Fulani Nigerians were apprehensive about RUGA Settlement, and justifiably, too! It looked like yet another attempt to grab land all over Nigeria for nomadic Fulani herdsmen from all over West Africa. I am not cooking all this up! Many Fulani spokesmen do openly claim that they must own Nigeria. I’m yet to ever hear President Buhari caution them, not to speak of arresting them for treason, as he should. I have the link to my 2020 commentary on the RUGA Settlement project at the end of this piece. It is in form of what I call my, ‘If only’ poem. Do check it out to catch my drift.

Now, apparently, agents of the Fulani oligarchy have resuscitated the “Water Resources Bill” that Nigerians had rejected once or twice before. They seem bent on giving the control of all waters across the nation to the federal government before Buhari leaves office. Mind you, this is a country that is supposed to be a federal system where the federating units are supposed to have more control than the federal government. The federal government (FG) has way too much powers already in this bastardized federation. The crooks who we call federal lawmakers are supposed take some of the powers from the FG to the federating units. Instead, they are busy allocating more powers to the FG, and further emasculating the federating units, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Most of the waters are in southern Nigeria, and the indigenous owners are complaining, because they live by fishing and other water activities. As soon as the federal government grabs hold of those waters, all manner of corrupt practices would set in. The poor indigenes who survive on those subsistence and commercial activities in the south would face another form of persecution. Their crude oil has already been confiscated by the bastardized federal system. Now, if the evil Bill is allowed to to become law, the people will be thrown into more trouble. They will have to pay bribes or appease the oligarchs in the north, before they can make a living from their own God-given water resources, too. But the insensitive government of Buhari and his rubber-stamp lawmakers don’t give a fuck about all that! They want the control of everything by all means. This evil parliament is giving the Bill priority attention to pass it into law soonest. While Nigerians are still kicking against its introduction, they have already given it their stupid “first reading,” meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Mind you, this is the same evil parliament that takes years to even take a first look at good democratic Bills that Nigerians want them to pass into laws. But they are quick to attend to their masters’ will on the “Water Resources Bill,” so it got their fucked-up “first-reading” in a jiffy! I do trust, that you know, that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeeen!!!





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