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November 6, 2022


This is “No Bullshitting,” by Harry Agina

Yes, indeed, as my title says, I once had two persons of the Fulani race in Nigeria whose personas caught my fancy, and they became my political heroes. You know, my subtitle 3 might have dropped in my head as a form of joke. But, came to think of it, I realized that I truly am among the most detribalized Nigerians, dead and alive, in and outside Nigeria. Um huh!  But before I continue what you may call my ego-tripping, I guess I need to introduce my two Fulani heroes first; right?

Yeah, okay, I agree with ya. I speak of General Muhammadu Buhari, and Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. But really, when I picked my two heroes, I was completely blind to their Fulani tribe origin, being of the Igbo tribe extraction myself. I simply loved two persons for what I believed that they stood for. I picked Buhari in 2007, and, at the end of this piece, I have a link to an article that I published in The Sun Newspaper about him then. I discovered Atiku Abubakar a few years later. Mind you, it’s all done from the USA, looking-in on the goings-on in my original country. I preferred Buhari and Atiku to be the presidents of Nigeria against contesting candidates from my own Igbo tribe extraction. Naturally, there were a few factors to consider at each of the times that I made my picks. But tribal and religious considerations were far from being any of those factors.

I rooted for Buhari in 2007 because I thought that he had integrity, and his military background would save Nigeria. As for Atiku, I did more than root for him, I contributed my money and professional talent to support his presidential campaign in 2019. I had fallen in love with him primarily because he seemed to possess my kind of detribalized disposition. I mean, the dude is a polygamous Fulani Muslim who was married to Igbo, Yoruba, and Hausa-Fulani women. Some of those women are Christian, and others are Muslim. In other words, Atiku portrayed himself as a man who could love anyone, no matter their tribe or religion. I love this disposition whenever I find it in any Nigerian, and I’ll tell you why, pronto! The evil combination of inter-tribal and inter-religious hatred is the primary bane of Nigeria as a nation.  So, I loved the idea of having Atiku as president. He seemingly had the capacity to re-unite Nigeria, which inter-tribal hatred has destroyed over the years. No wonder, I personally produced four promotional presidential campaign films for him during his 2019 bid to become president of Nigeria.

I will give you the productions in a moment, so that you understand that I ain’t bullshitting ya! I picked three issues of importance to me in the qualities of the president that I want for Nigeria. And I made three 60-second promos based on those issues. They were to be fine-tuned and distributed through broadcast TV, and then online and social media. But they ended up only on social media because a senator reneged on his word. He professed to be supporting Atiku, and he promised to complement my contribution and pay for the broadcast slots. That’s story for another day, when I talk about the dearth of integrity among politicians in Nigeria.

Of course, I had much more than three issues of concern, but I had a limit to what I could contribute to Atiku’s campaign. I was only doing him a favor; he didn’t pay me a dime for the productions. I was putting my money where my mouth was, as they say. Actually, it was more of my professional contribution than money, since I did the production myself. Before I give you the clips, I do want you to know that I have recanted everything that I said in those productions. I no longer stand behind them because Atiku has shown me that he does not truly stand behind what I thought him to be. Let’s watch the video now, then I will come back to embellish this statement. This is where I task our audiences outside Nigeria to understand the Pidgin English of the promos. It is easy if only you try. It’s English grammar words arranged in peculiar syntax, mixed with some local lingo. As for the last (4th) promo, it is the Hausa version of the 3rd one, thus:

You know, this piece is to express why I suddenly seem to be hard on Atiku Abubakar. As you have seen in the video, my 2019 campaign was against my former hero Buhari, in favor of his kin Atiku, my new hero. My former hero had already destroyed Nigeria within his first term as president. So, I wanted him out of office. But, typical of Nigeria, he rigged himself in for so-called re-election. Based on the façade that Atiku presented, and I bought, Atiku became my new hero to save Nigeria. But my new hero has not even gotten into power yet. And he is already promoting divisiveness in utterances, and inequity in action, between northern and southern Nigeria.

So, you see, my present attitude towards Atiku is a way to vent my feeling of betrayal and disappointment. I am venting on a man who has just become my former political hero. I feel betrayed by Atiku and his sudden portrayal of some characteristics of a very tribalized or sectional man. When I produced the above promotional campaign for him in 2019, I saw and presented him with the façade that he had presented. I bought into that façade, and I promoted a “detribalized, unifying, capable Nigerian” in 2019. But Atiku suddenly showed his true character! Who I see today is a divisive sectionalist who may further destroy Nigeria! I was momentarily knocked silly by Atiku’s sudden flip-over, and I don’t like it; not one bit! Umm huh, a hypocrite is one who lacks integrity and does the opposite of what he or she believes or says. That’s exactly what my former hero, Atiku Abubakar has turned himself into.

‘Hypocrisy’ and instability are among the keywords here! If you declare and stand for something, and you have any integrity in you, you stand behind what you believe in, no matter what! You try to resist any influence that tries to make you to lose your integrity, I always say! I believed the story about Atiku when he sold himself as a man who does not discriminate along ethno-religious and other sectional lines—a unifier. I believed him when he said that he stands for justice and equity for all. And now, the dude has disappointed the hell outta me! I already stated this in my recent commentaries, the links to which I have for you below. One of the commentaries titled Atiku as a liar who has been presenting a façade to Nigerians. I stated my new perception of Atiku’s major character flaw as a leader. He is not stable in character. He has the tendency to flip-flop, if you will! He is easily swayed by bad influences, and I gave examples of occasions within this 2022 when he portrayed this unhealthy characteristic.

In the most grievous instance, Atiku quickly withdrew his support to a nationwide campaign against Muslim extremists who murdered a young lady! Why? Because he received little pressure from a group behind the murderers. Apparently, the group threatened not to support his presidential bid! He showed and continues to show that he goes with the flow of any wind of pressure, especially for selfish interests. I have a question that I can’t wait to pose to Atiku, thus: ‘If the girl who was murdered by the Islamic extremists was your daughter; would you pull down your condemnation from your social media handles?’ of course, he wouldn’t pull it down! Too many Nigerian rulers are satanically selfish and insensitive to the feelings of Nigerians, meeeeeeen!!! It will be another huge mistake by Nigerians if Atiku becomes president in 2023. For instance, he may give in to pressure from Boko Haram, and he may turn blind eye to their terrorist atrocities. His action in the matter of the murdered girl is a clear window to his instability in character.

The Atiku that I now know will never restructure Nigeria’s bastardized political system for the true federalism that Nigerians clamor for. He is presently showing that his promise for true federalism is probably just another lie. Like his kin, President Buhari, Atiku obviously does not want equity and justice for the tribes and regions that make up the federation. He is a member of the Fulani oligarchy. I have commented on the oligarchy quite frequently, but such repetition of important issues is very necessary in any enlightenment campaign. The oligarchs want to continue controlling Nigeria in the tribalistic interest of few Hausa-Fulani Muslims. True federalism does not allow such control, so the oligarchs have fought so long to prevent true federalism. In the crisis that is currently rocking his PDP political party, Atiku is already showing his tendency to flow with the oligarchy. The man is willing to risk losing his presidential bid by supporting injustice in the composition of PDP’s leadership. He is satisfied with some flimsy excuses to keep Ayu as chairman, contrary to the argument for equitable distribution of offices. This shows that he is very unlikely to become fair and just to all tribes and religions if he becomes president! I have more detail of the chairmanship north-south dichotomy controversy in the referenced blog with the link below.

I truly hardly believe some of the things that Nigerian politicians do sometimes. The tradition of election-rigging has rendered many of them politically idiotic! Even idiots who have practiced in true democracies with minimal election-rigging would do better! The idiots would have displayed better sense of equity and political tact than Atiku in the current PDP crisis. In fact, even if he doesn’t believe in equity between northern and southern Nigeria, he should have pretended. He should have supported equity in the debate to win voters’ hearts. Atiku’s political blunders now make him untrustworthy to some Nigerians, including me. I will work in my little ways to help more Nigerians to understand this. From recent indications, Atiku cannot be trusted to deviate from Buhari’s clannishness, meeeeeeen!!!

Now, to my second Fulani hero who disappointed the hell outta me—the incumbent Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari. Anyone who has followed No Bullshitting Blog for a while must have noticed that I am very disappointed with the performance and attitude of President Buhari. But who isn’t anyway?! Of course, you know that a few evil sycophants and the partakers in Buhari’s destruction of Nigeria will always praise him. Their champion is Information Minister, Liar Mohammed, an old man who lies like an idiotic child. But I am talking about the condemnation by all sincere, non-partisan, non-clannish, non-compromised Nigerians. I had complained in past blogs how Buhari destroyed my hitherto heroic image of him. I presented the fact that my life was threatened in 2007 because of my heroic image of Buhari. Umm huh, I lambasted ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo and the now late Tonny Annenih, aka “Mr. Fix it,” because of Buhari. It was published in The Sun Newspaper, during my short visit to Nigeria. That was shortly after the nation’s 2007 general elections. I believed, and still believe, that Obasanjo rigged Buhari out of his 2007 presidential election victory. And I lamented that Nigeria would have been reformed, “If only Buhari was president.”

When Buhari finally became president in 2015, I rejoice in my own way, with a piece titled, “Now Buhari is president.” I expected so much from my hero, and he turned out to be the worst president that Nigeria has ever produced. No wonder, I worked against his re-election in 2019, in favor of Atiku. Now, can you begin to understand how I feel that two heroes who I trusted so much disappointed and disgraced me. It just so happens that they are both Fulani Muslims. But trust me when I say that the sins of my two former heroes do not turn me against all Fulani Muslims—no way! I am too enlightened, too objective, and too detribalized for such shallow stereotyping disposition.

And now, I will conclude this with the announcement that our new Afro-Scope website is to be launched this weekend. Importantly, we have decided to keep both the Afro-Scope and the No Bullshitting Blog sites running. This is contrary to our prior plan to collapse the No Bullshitting Blog (NBB) site and make it a segment on the Afro-Scope site. On second thought, and unlike Atiku Abubakar, we saw the need to be sensitive to people’s feelings. We considered the fact that there are persons who have a problem with the radical attitude and language of NBB commentaries. Mind you, NBB does command huge approval rating, in and outside Nigeria. Why? Because it speaks the minds of majority of Nigerians who hate the evil politicians of Nigeria. NBB lambastes those crooks in the befitting rude character and language that majority of Nigerians love.

However, it makes sensitivity-sense to spare the feelings of the relatively few Nigerians who disapprove of NBB’s attitude and language. Hence, we want to keep NBB away from them when they visit the Afro-Scope site. Now, the NBB site stays, strictly a social-critic site for lambasting the evil politicians of Nigeria. And NBB fans will continue to grow, as long as the Nigerian crooks continue in their evil ways, and I continue to lambaste them.

Finally, as I sign off now, I will link you to those publications that I referenced above, thus:







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