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NOTE: First published on April 18, 2021. The “Published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this is to avoid mistaking it as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting”, by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

For the benefit of new fans or/and fortuitous readers of “No Bullshitting” Blog (NBB), I offer a little background information on NBB in general, and this particular miniseries, which I title NBB’s Praise-Worship “SUNDAY-SUNDAY MEDICINE. I repeat this background info every once in a while.

NBB is Harry Agina’s little avant guard (unusual), radical, hard-hitting contribution to the global society as a Social Critic. Its radical character was especially developed for the Nigerian society, as an antidote to the bullshitting political-correctness syndrome that consumes too many Nigerians. Rather than pointedly speak the truth to shame the devil about all the atrocities that are committed by Nigerian leaders, my typical Nigeria culprit, politicians and critics, find some stupid rigmarole ways to sound NICE when they want to condemn our terrible leaders. 

As presidents, state governors, lawmakers, and other Nigerian leaders continue to destroy Nigeria with their evil greed and penchant for stealing our common treasury dry, a typical bullshitting Nigerian wants you to be nice when you criticize them, in the stupid name of POLITICAL-CORRECTNESS in language, and DECENCY in character. And, I’m like…fuck that shit; when a man or woman is a thieving evil leader, you call him/her what he/she is, in plain and direct language, and as hard and nasty as the language comes, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

So, to do this right, “No Bullshitting” Blog (NBB) was born as an antidote to the stupid political-correctness of Nigerians in character and befitting language…absolutely no niceness! What is more, some foolish Nigerians whose country is being destroyed by the evil leaders are VERY QUICK to verbally attack anybody who condemns the evil leaders. The motherfuckers want everybody to continue to be nice in condemning the leaders; in fact, many don’t even want anybody to condemn the leaders at all. This, obviously, encourages the leaders to continue in their evil ways.

 This means that NBB is not solely for bad leaders; it is also for the bad followers who encourage the bad leaders. Some of the bad followers are hypocrites who know that the leaders are bad, but they condemn their critics because they benefit from the evil leadership.

 On the other hand, some who support or defend the bad leaders are just naive, and know not what they are doing. NBB is more patient with this second category of Nigerians who know not what they are doing. And, to the self-serving category, I say, fuck them, and fuck the evil leaders who they selfishly defend, meeeeen!!!

You must be wondering how the foregoing has anything to do with the subject of the day, which is: what is the genesis of NBB’s Sunday-Sunday Medicine? So, without further ado, I will tell ya. Leadership in religion also comes with evil tendencies as in the secular world; and, foolish followership is actually worse in religion than in the secular world. 

NBB spares no bullshitter, whether in religious or secular society. Indeed, NBB is harder on religious leaders who are destroying our Lord’s constituency with their evil brand of scripture or teachings. Too many leaders of various religions are brainwashing their followers to go astray from the will of God. In addition, Christian leaders have commercialized Christianity, and they are stealing in the name of the Lord. 

Their primary purpose has changed from salvation to money, in order to live evil flamboyant lifestyles that make a total mockery of the humility of the Christ that they are supposed to serve and emulate. So, I am harder on Christian culprits of misguided religion because I was born into Christianity, and I frown at crooks who call themselves pastors for destroying my religion, to the point that I have decided not to go to church anymore. I am now a Practicing Christian. This means that I have not renounced Christianity because there is nothing wrong with it. My grouse is with THE CROOKS who call themselves pastors, and the fools who follow them blindly without question, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

When I condemn the crooks who call themselves Pentecostal pastors and the fools that follow them blindly, some fools attack me in defense of the crooks. Their common accusation is that I am “anti-Christ”, in addition to all manner of stupidity that define me as an agent of the devil who was sent to condemn the Christian Church. They are idiotically quick to tell me that I should not judge the pastors; that God will judge them. My common question is: When your pastor rapes your little girl (as many do), will you leave him for God to judge him? Naturally and spontaneously, some would shout something like, “I would kill him.” Oh yeah? So, why the hell don’t you kiss him and allow God to judge him on the Judgement Day, where you won’t even be present to see what happens to him, huh, huh, huh???

I must admit that many do actually listen to my gazillion reasons for condemning the crooks, and they actually repent to follow the teachings of Christ and the Holy Bible, rather than continue to worship their so-called pastors who live evil flamboyant lifestyles with the tithe money that they foolishly pay them, contrary to the command of God that tithe is for the needy in the society. If you didn’t know and you want to understand the correct use of tithe, learn from Muslims and their practice of THEIR CORRECT COUNTERPART OF TITHE, which they call Zacat, and read Deuteronomy in the bible, chapter 14, verses 22 to 29.

Now, if you happen to be among the few people who do not like the radical character and language of NBB, please note that you are in the minority of less than 5 percent of my readers. Over 95 percent of respondents in various ways and on various platforms enjoy the bold condemnation of evil in our societies, against the hypocritical bullshit of too many politically-correct critics.

 The fact is that people are getting sick and tired of listening to politically-correct critics and their fucked-up niceness when blabbing about the mess in the society without the courage to be blunt in condemning evil doers. Of course, you understand that I am not about to change a majority WINNING FORMULA to please a minority…no fucking way, and no apologies, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

And now, the conclusion. As a Practicing Christian, all I need is try hard to implement the teachings of Christ and the Ten Commandments of God, without going to any of the corrupted churches. To do this, I have oodles and oodles of Praise-Worship songs that I play every Sunday for several hours, and then, bow or kneel down to pray to my God, which I find to be holier than going to worship with hypocrites who do not practice what they profess.

 And so, I decided to create NBB’s Sunday-Sunday Medicine to share some of my Praise Worship songs, and to shut up some of the hypocritical church-goers who accuse me of being anti-Christ. As I said, so many of my NBB former antagonists have come to realize that they were being misled by crooks who call themselves pastors. Some are good enough to confess to me…and, I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Today’s medicine is titled “Jahovah.” It is one of the many products of a lady of reggae gospel songs, named Alaine. Unlike some reggae patois (patwah) songs that are a bit difficult to follow, I see no need to give you the lyrics of this one, which is clear to understand. The gist is that one with God is never alone, because He provides everything, including friendship, protection, needs, healing, and guidance.

So, here is Jahovah: https://youtu.be/3wxPeyBLs1I

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