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March 20, 2022

This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

Today’s NBB Praise-Worship Sunday medicine is the music of the Soweto Gospel Choir of South Africa, titled, “Weeping.” And, my religious/spiritual philosophical titbit of the day is on Pastor Enoch Adeboye and his Redeemed Christian Church of God.

On March 11, 2022 the Redeemed Christian Church of God announced a new package for Nigeria. The news was a pleasant surprise for me. The church revealed that it has established Politics & Governance Department, and I love it like cooked food, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

If you are not Jamaican and uninformed about Jamaican lingo, you must wonder what the fuck Harry is talking about “cooked food”; right? And, I don’t even love food that much in the first place. I’m just fond of Jamaican lingo. And, when a Jamaican says that he/she loves something or someone like cooked food, then he/she truly is in love with that thing or person. The opposite of this is the Jamaican “Blood cloth” lingo. If a Jamaican calls you “blood cloth,” he/she really hates  you. “Blood cloth” was/is the name for women menstruation pad in the good old days. Well, I mean the ancient cloth contraption then, which was their menstruation “sanitary pad.” To a typical Jamaican man, the sight of the pad with blood was almost like a sacrilege, utterly disgusting. Some would even beat the hell out of a woman for letting them see blood cloth. So, if a Jamaican calls you “blood cloth,” you disgust him. Now you have it; you can’t say that you don’t learn some titbits here and there from No Bullshiting; can you? But, I thank you for learning from NBB. Wait, shouldn’t it be the other way round…you thanking me? Nah, never mind, I do thank ya, for reading.

Back to Pastor Enoch Adeboye, and the topic at hand. The Christian Holy Bible says that, “Evil triumphs when good people keep quiet.” This idiom is my pedestal to hail Pastor Adeboye. Christians, especially the pastors, do claim to behave in the fear of God. Presumably, that makes them “good people”; right? Then, Nigerian pastors should “speak out” as “good people,” so that evil does not continue to triumph in Nigeria, meeeeeeen!!!

It seems now that Adeboye has decided that the rot in Nigeria today demands the acclaimed “good people” called pastors to speak out. He no longer wants evil to continue to triumph in Nigeria, in the name of politicians. His new Politics & Governance Department in RCCG is said to be dedicated to political awareness and participation among the flock of his church. I’m yet to get the operational detail, and I don’t want to wait for it before this blog. I’ve got to spit my feelings out right now, because I’m too thrilled to wait for the detail. As I said, I love Adeboye like cooked food for this move, meeeeeeen!!!

I pray that this is a trend that will soon become popular among the Pentecostal churches. Let’s face it, those dudes do command public influence and followership. It’s about time they started putting their charming powers into good uses, instead of self-serving evil brainwash games to make money. What I expect of them is to speak out against bad leadership, as well as convince their flocks to vote only for politicians who possess the integrity and capability to lead well. This is where I don’t mind them to turn on their power of brainwashing, for a good cause, for a change. If they are honest, for a change, I don’t mind them openly endorsing particular candidates for their flocks to vote for. To do this right, they have to shun their usual greed for money. And, to do that one right, they must listen out to public opinions to guide them. Nigerians do know all the evil crooks called politicians and political leaders anyway.

I I’ll tell ya, as much as I am praising Adeboye now for this initiative, so will I curse him out if he starts endorsing crooks to be our leaders. NBB would be his worse enemy if he does, trust me! I pray that he will not be like the mad man called Father Mbaka. Each time that I think of that mad man, still wonder how come the Roman Catholic Church still retains him as a priest. If he was a woman, I would suspect that she has “long legs.” And, I still hardly believe that the motherfucker first told us that God commanded him to endorse Mohammadu Buhari as a great president, in one of his fake prophecies. Only for him to turn around 360 degrees when he received “no reward.” He told us that God told him to withdraw his prophesy and endorsement. Bros, sis, I’ve got to ask ya; does God withdraw a prophecy? Un-fucking-believable, meeeeeeen!!!

Getting back to the topic of the day, I repeat that I’m glad to see Adeboye doing something that I love. I haven’t seen such in a very long time since I have known about him and his RCCG church. And, if you know me and the NBB principles, then you already know that we enjoy to praise the bad guys whenever they do anything good. I have only known and condemned Adeboye for stealing tithe like the other new-wave Pentecostal Christian pastors. Whenever I make this accusation, it behooves me to quote Deuteronomy 14, verses 22 to 29. The God-commanded purpose of tithe therein is my basis. Anybody who diverts tithe for other purposes is a thief, in the misguiding name of Christ…stealing in the name of the Lord! To make matters worse, the poor people who pay tithe to RCCG cannot even benefit from the businesses that their tithe build. RCCG Schools, for instance, are priced out of the reach of the poor, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Anyway, Adeboye has just done this one good thing, and he qualifies for my praise now. I call it my “Prodigal Son” joyful reception. It is in line with the all-important No Bullshiting Objectivity-cum-Sincerity motto. If you do good, we praise you, and when you do bad, we lambast your ass to high heavens, meeeeeeen!!!

And now, the mellow, smooth, soulful Praise-Worship Sunday-Sunday Medicine of the day. Here come the song and sweet music of the Soweto Gospel Choir of South Africa, titled, “Weeping”: You have two options. For option one, click this link to YouTube for the colorful music video:  https://youtu.be/Ww1I3D0haoo

Or click here to listen without the visual:

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