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First published on February 15, 2019; uploaded to this site on September 30, 2022



This is “No Bullshitting,” an analytical AfroCentric socio-political commentary by Harry Agina.

The fact that Governor El Rufai of Kaduna State of northern Nigeria is an ethno-religious extremist, and a totally bigoted loudmouth is not news in Nigeria. But, this son of the biblical Adam and Eve who brought sin into the world has outdone himself this time! He has unequivocally threatened to kill “foreigners who are interfering in Nigeria’s internal affairs and threatening the nation’s territorial integrity.” He said that he would “send them back home in body bags” if they continue to interfere.

Wow! That’s pretty-heavy stuff; ain’t it? Sure, it is!!! I waited, in vain, to hear a condemnation from the nation’s “Elder Statesmen” who organized a charade called “Elections Peace Accord” on December 11, 2018. They even “renewed” it on February 13, 2019, just a couple of days back. I also have waited for a while to hear the reaction of President Muhammadu Buhari to El Rufai’s criminal madness. But you know as they say, sometimes it is better for somebody to keep quiet on a matter and be suspected of being a fool; than to open the mouth and remove all doubts. Mr. President, through his “presidency,” has finally said something about El Rufai’s smelly verbal bomb! But I truly wish that he had maintained his “Baba Go-Slow” character and kept quiet for now. He opened his mouth too soon for good this time. And “Boom,” goes the charade called “Elections Peace Accord in Nigeria,” up in smoke! As for the Elder Statesmen who always broker the charade, I am still waiting for their reaction. It’s several days since El Rufai’s verbal bomb; and not a word from Abdusalami Abubakar and his fake peacemaking colleagues, meeeeeeeeen!!!

You must want to know exactly what the foreigners have done to be sent back home in body bags; right? Of course, you do, and I’ll tell ya, pronto! The United Kingdom, USA, and other nations were admonishing President Buhari to stick to the law in conducting the impending 2019 elections. Naturally, the admonition would not be necessary if they didn’t suspect any election-rigging plot by Buhari and his gang, who includes El Rufai. Obviously, Governor El Rufai was representing President Buhari when he threatened to kill foreign observers. Buhari knows that he cannot win his re-election bid if the impending 2019 presidential election is free and fair. He has performed horribly, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

“Mr. Foul-Mouth,” Governor Nasir El Rufai has clearly violated the so-called Election Peace Accord. What else could be worse that his open threat that foreign observers would “go home in body bags.” He did it with utmost impunity because he knows that President Buhari is behind him all the way! Furthermore, President Mohammadu Buhari does not even pretend about endorsing El Rufai’s criminal threat anyway. He has followed suit with his own disgraceful verbal statement to endorse El Rufai! So, “Boom,” goes the so-called Peace Accord!!!

If I said it once, I said it a gazillion times that my former integrity-hero, President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria has truly gone bad for Nigeria, no doubt! Yes, indeed!!! And I’ll tell you why, again, for the umpteenth time. For a man that was elected as president on the mantra of “man of integrity” to become so atrocious in double-standards is condemnable. The fact that President Buhari has consistently indulged in double-standards in his governance is indisputable. He has made this clear in many instances since his ascendance to power. The trend is simple and clear, thus: Members of opposition parties are hounded with alacrity on allegations of crimes by Buhari’s law enforcement agencies. On the other hand, clear and known crimes by members of Buhari’s APC political party are consistently justified and endorsed by Buhari. Among many, two of such happened within the past 40 days alone, meeeeeen!!!

First, it was Governor Ganduje caught on video taking bribe. Without investigation, Mr. Integrity President Buhari, openly on foreign TV broadcast, defended the governor. Buhari repeated the same defense of Gaduje several times in Nigeria. His latest foul-up was his endorsement of the criminality of “Mr. Foul Mouth,” Governor El Rufai. The governor unequivocal openly made a death-threat at foreigners who Nigeria invited to observe Nigeria’s 2019 general elections. El Rufia did not mince words when he said that foreign “meddlers” in Nigeria’s internal matters “will go back home in body bags.” And our president disgracefully endorsed the threat. According to El Rufai and Buhari, they must be allowed to rig elections in their favor without interference from “foreign meddlers,” meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

Mr. “Foul Mouth” has since justified his words as being patriotically correct. He claimed that he is “defending the territorial integrity of the sovereign Nigeria.” Remember that El Rufai’s fury emanated from simple cautious statements from the USA, the UK, and the EU to Buhari. They simply asked him to desist from violating Nigeria’s constitution, and to ensure free and fair 2019 elections. To Buhari in particular, the foreign powers have not said lose your re-election bid if your people love you. No, they said/say: Show us that the people love you to stay in power, by winning the election through the ballot, and not by rigging; that’s all!!!

Now, would any sane person whose mind is innocent on the matter of rigging ever see anything wrong with that position of the international community, huh? Of course not! All the hoopla by APC about this warning, or caution, depending on your view, makes their intentions suspect! I am inclined to deduce that Buhari has no intention to conduct fair elections. This is evident in his show of shame, openly endorsing a man that said he would have foreign observers sent back home in body-bags. For avoidance of any doubts, sending a person in a “body-bag” has no ambiguity at all. “Body bag” is a clear American common lingo for container of dead body. You don’t send a person anywhere in a body-bag except when he/she is dead. This is what “Mr. Foul Mouth” said that he may do to our friends in the global community, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

But, you see, “Mr. Foul Mouth” and people like him in APC are not really my problem with this whole thing. My problem is with the position of my former integrity-hero, President Buhari. He consistently endorses all the bullshitting going on in his government. This is the president whose government is currently campaigning widely in the media against hate-speeches and acts liable to cause violence. Yet, he openly endorses a death-threat by his self-proclaimed hatchet man…unbelievable!!!

My next disappointment comes with the question: Where the fuck are the so-called Elder Statesmen who recently brokered the joke called “Election Peace Accord” in Nigeria, huh? What stuff are they made of, meeeeen? I expected General Abdusalami Abubakar and co to promptly lambaste El Rufai. But, alas, not even a peep from any of the fake peacemakers, They spent God-knows-how-many-millions of naira of taxpayer’s money to orchestrate the Peace Accord charade. Now nobody is challenging such a humongous breach of the Accord! When the charade was going on, I asked; who’s gonno make sure that all the signatories would obey the letters of the treaty? I blogged about it, comparing Buhari’s Refusal To Sign Pending Electoral Bill To Atiku’s Failure To Sign The “Fake” Peace Accord. True to my word, shortly after the charade, both PDP and APC were firing salvos of verbal missiles at each other.

Then, Buhari and his APC gang came up with another very insincere measure to curtail extreme fire by anybody. They called/call it a law, or is it a decree, or whatever it is that they have named it. It says that making hate-speech, and creating and circulating fake news are illegal, and punishable. A wonderful idea, but the implementation is criminally partial, as usual with Buhari. His anti-rancor measure is, as usual, only for the opposition. Shortly after the campaign took off on the media, Buhari’s personal Chief of Social Media Campaign wen agog with fake news against opposition parties. She is a lady by the name of Loretta Anochie. She circulated two major fact-checked and proven lies against PDP and its presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar.

Nothing as prescribed by Buhari’s fake news decree happened to Anochie. And she still remains Buhari’s Chief Social Media Aide. This means that Buhari wants her to continue maligning other candidates in his favor. In many cases of breach of the law by Buhari’s appointees, our “Mr. Integrity” president denies any knowledge of it. He openly confesses that he has no doggone idea what is going on in his own government. And then, when he finally gets out of his confusion to understand what is going on, he goes ahead and endorses those goings-on…unbelievable! Based on this and other reasons, Nigerians have passed a vote of no confidence in Buhari. They have used all manner of adjectives to qualify his unfitness to continue in office. Many Nigerians are afraid that our president has gone senile, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

The senility school of thought, non-partisan, mind you, believes that Buhari is too senile to continue as president. This is illustrated in the barrage of memory foul-ups all through Buhari’s campaign outings, which are too many to recount in this short piece. APC propagandists can cook up all they wish, but they can never cover known facts that exist on record, in form of video. Instances of Buhari’s memory-loss and confusion abound. He made big memory booboos virtually in all the occasions that he has gone campaigning for votes. The popular fear about this is that the Nigerian “evil cabal” is capitalizing on the alleged senility to manipulate the president at will. Some of the people that knew Buhari long before his presidency can hardly believe how openly he is now endorsing crime and other illegalities. “Maybe he is now too senile to remember his touted integrity,” teased a member of the senility school of thought. He believes that the president is no longer completely in control of his senses. Yet, the “cabal” is pushing him to continue as president!!!

The statement out of “the presidency” is that President Buhari has unequivocally endorsed Governor El Rufai’s open threat to foreign observers. Sending them back in body-bags is quite contrary to Buhari’s own decree against hate speeches and acts likely to incite violence. El Rufai made his threat in the senseless name of “fighting foreign interference in internal affairs of Nigeria, to protect territorial integrity.” This is the same Buhari who frequents the United Kingdom for his medical lifeline. He is the same Buhari who goes to the USA to acquire weapons and other needs. He does not remember foreign interference in all those trips when he needs the West. But when the West admonishes him to desist from his atrocious illegalities, he quickly remembers that there is something called sovereignty. You do know that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeeeeen!!!



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