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October 23, 2022



I have a theory for you today. It’s about the continued illegal incarceration of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in Nigeria. Kanu is the leader of a socio-political organization, which is named the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). Nigeria’s President Mohammadu Buhari, and his Attorney General of the Federation (AGF), Abubakar Malami, kidnapped Kanu from the Republic of Kenya in East Africa on June 29, 2021. They bundled Kanu to Nigeria where he has been illegally incarcerated since. Yes, it was a kidnap indeed! And the incarceration is illegal because Buhari and his AGF violated every national and international law to get Kanu from Kenya to Nigeria. Reports have it that Kenyan government could hardly believe Buhari’s action.

Since then, Buhari has consistently refused to follow due process in his illegal trial of Kanu for so-called treasonable offences. I am going through all this narrative in establishing my theory for the benefit of my teaming non-Nigerian readers who need to know about the current lawless Mafia-style government of Mohammadu Buhari in Nigeria. I especially want to establish how vindictively tribally bigoted that Buhari and the clannish Fulani members of his cabinet can get. In this instance, the culprit is Buhari’s Attorney General, Abubakar Malami. Every sincere Nigerian knows that Kanu’s matter is hinged on an obvious extreme tribal bigotry by Buhari and Malami. It is about few bad persons in the Fulani tribe who insist on persecuting or victimizing the people of the Igbo tribe who they hate with a passion.

On October 13, 2022, Nigeria’s Appeal Court discharged and acquitted Nnamdi Kanu of all charges levelled against him by Buhari and Malami. This was due to the tons of illegalities that were committed by Malami and his gang against Kanu. There was an apparent attempt to assassinate Kanu in 2017, which led to his jumping bail and fleeing from Nigeria. The Appeal Court frowned at the attempted assassination in its judgement. And then, the Appeal Court also seriously frowned at Malami’s kidnapping of Kanu from Kenya. In Buhari’s usual lawlessness, Malami refused to obey the court order to discharge Kanu from prison. Buhari, through Malami, insists that they want to appeal to the Supreme Court first. Of course, appeal is okay and legal. But Buhari and Malami have no right to keep Kanu in prison until after their Supreme Court adventure. The law says that they must first obey the Appeal Court order and release Kanu, then go for the appeal.

Nigerians do know why Buhari and Malami refuse to obey the recent Appeal Court order. But prominent Nigerians are not speaking out against Buhari’s lawlessness for fear of persecution/victimization. Others are not talking because they are evil hypocrites. And then, we have yet another category of Nigerians who are evil conspirators in the matter, for their own evil political personal gains. This third category comprises some scums of the earth. Among such scums are betrayers from the same Igbo tribe as Kanu. At the end of this blog, I present to you a letter that is purported to have been written by an ex-governor of the Igbo tribe extraction, Emeka Ihedioha. If the content of the letter is true, then, Emeka Ihedioha is among the scum of the earth who I speak of…an incarnate of the devil, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Now, I’m going to start zeroing-in on the essence of my theory on the evil tribal vindictiveness of Attorney General Malami and Buhari on the Kanu matter. Yes, a theory it is, but it will make sense to you because it is backed with known facts! Buhari and Malami, both of whom are extremely clannish Fulani bigots, can never forgive Kanu, and they are on a personal vendetta against him. I will tell you why, pronto! Kanu’s IPOB security outfit successfully resisted the murderous Fulani jihadist herdsmen in Igbo land, that’s why! And in the clashes, many Fulani jihadists who had been massacring Igbo farmers were killed by Kanu’s security outfit, in self-defense, mind you! In my theory, the death of the invading jihadists is the crux of the matter for the clannish duo of Buhari and Malami! They are not fighting Kanu for any national interest as they claim! The death of the invading Fulani jihadists through Kanu’s protection of the Igbo people is very unacceptable to Buhari and Malami. They are only protecting Fulani terrorists.

Buhari and Malami have been bluntly accused by Nigerians to be complicit to the jihadist campaign of their so-called herdsmen kin. They are said to be members of the evil sect of the Fulani oligarchy who are destroying Nigeria. I advisedly say members of the “evil sect of the Fulani oligarchy.” My theory places the Fulani tribe of Nigeria in two major categories. The main category comprises most of the Fulani population who are great law-abiding people. The second category is a very small fraction of the Fulani tribe who make up the Fulani Oligarchy. Members of this sect insist that they must continue to control Nigeria. They don’t do this for the masses of the Fulani race, mind you. No sir, no ma’am! They fight for the control for the selfish gains of the few oligarchs.

In my theory, the oligarchy is further categorized into two sects. One sect of oligarchs want to control Nigeria through political machinations. I do give them the credit that they often do this through political manipulations, which I consider to be acceptable. If other Nigerians allow them to outsmart us and control the country without breaking laws, then I hail the oligarchs for their smartness. To me, anybody who sits back and allows this to happen, and then starts to complain about it, is a total idiot. Prominent politicians of the Hausa, the Yoruba, the Igbo, and the other tribes of Nigeria have been so idiotic for too long, I always say!  I am pissed off that they sit back and allow a few persons to run Nigeria like slave masters, only to complain like idiotic weaklings. My consistent response to those weak so-called prominent politicians is that they should shut the fuck up and stop making noise, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

No wonder, Governor Nyesom Wike of River State is presently my hero. I hail Wike for his current firm stance against the pretender, Atiku Abubakar, and his evil divisive PDP leadership gang. They insist that they must subjugate and control southern Nigeria in favor of the north. Wike says emphatic ‘no’ to Atiku and his unjust gang, and I love him for it! For the first time, somebody is standing up against the Fulani oligarchy, which is presently represented by Atiku Abubakar. Atiku is the presidential candidate of the PDP party for Nigeria’s 2023 election. And Atiku is about to lose his presidential bid in 2023 because he is too hypocritically foolish to yield to justice and equity. He can continue to play his fucked-up evil hypocritical political game of injustice all he wants! But he’s about to find out that inequity and injustice have no place in Nigeria’s current reforming democracy. Whenever I discuss this, I thank God that the northern youths—Hausa, Fulani, and the rest in the north—have woken up against the few evil oligarchs. The youths have realized that their few self-serving oligarchs do not benefit them in their evil plots. The youths have realized how ignorant that they have been in the past when they allowed the oligarchs to pitch them against other tribes. They have realized that, though their northern politicians have been in control all these past years, they, the northern masses, are worse off than the southerners, meeeeeeeeen!!!

The foregoing was my preamble with the Fulani oligarchs who do not necessarily break the law in their political machinations for control. So, let’s cut to the chase, and the chase is the second sect of the Fulani oligarchs who want to own Nigeria through evil means. They send out their foot soldiers to massacre Nigerians in their land grabbing jihad. This is where my theory zeros-in on the vengeance of Buhari against Nnamdi Kanu. Buhari has openly been accused of empowering the murderous Fulani land grabbing jihadists who disguise as herdsmen. They commit mayhem under the pretext of open grazing of cattle across Nigeria. Buhari openly told us without mincing words that the herdsmen must continue the open grazing. He knows that the grazing happens on people’s farmland and crops all over Nigeria. The so-called herdsmen massacre farmers who try to resist their destruction of farmland and crops, but Buhari doesn’t give a damn, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

First, his Fulani Attorney General, Malami, said to us that banning open grazing by state governors is illegal. He vowed to do everything possible to overrule the state governors. He was too stupid to understand that he has no such power as Attorney General in a federation. Naturally, the state governors disregarded his lawless ranting rubbish. In his own delusion, Buhari joined Malami in a threat to exhume and “gazette” an ancient grazing route law that was dead and buried a gazillion years ago. Again, it was all empty threat that he cannot enforce, except if he wants to start a tribal war. Eventually, Buhari and Malami grudgingly understood that they have no power to enforce open grazing in the states. Their threat finally faded out and died a natural death.

Meanwhile, Buhari and Malami have continued to ignore the cries of Nigerians that the so-called herdsmen are massacring farmers and destroying crops across the nation. For legal correctness, I cannot say that Buhari plans the massacres, but he is certainly aware that members of Nigeria’s armed forces under him are often complicit in the evil. He has been openly accused by courageous Nigerians of being complicit himself. The accusation makes sense because his utterances, his actions, and his inaction warrant the accusation! Among several unbelievable complicit instances, Buhari once told Governor Ortom of Benue State to “go and make peace” with Fulani jihadists who were massacring Benue farmers in the guise of herdsmen! Buhari bluntly refused to do anything about Ortom’s plea for military intervention.

My theory says that Buhari, Malami, and the people behind the Fulani jihad did not foresee the level of resistance that some Nigerians have put up against the jihad. Several jihadists had boasted that their land grabbing campaign across the nation was going to be an easy runover. The key players in the unexpected resistance include Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State, one Sunday Igboho of the Yoruba tribe, and Nnamdi Kanu of the Igbo race. Governor Ortom bluntly consistently accuses Buhari of empowering and supporting the so-called herdsmen to massacre farmers in Benue state. Nnamdi Kanu and Igboho started to wedge war against the invading herdsmen in Igbo land and Yoruba land, respectively.

These three persons were suddenly accused of being “enemies of the state” by Buhari’s government. It’s on record that several attempts were made on Ortom’s life for his strong stance against the jihad in his state. Before the attempts on Ortom’s life, a Fulani organization of cattle rearers, Miyetti Allah, did openly threaten Ortom’s life. Neither Buhari nor his Attorney General, Malami, arrested the leadership of the organization when they threatened Ortom’s life. They did not even as much as admonish the Miyetti Allay leaders for openly threatening the life of a sitting state governor. Again, this is on record as a fact! It is also on record that Buhari empowered Miyetti Allah with huge sums of Nigerian funds. Everything else that I say here is also a fact. The ones that I cannot personally substantiate, I do state as allegations by Nigerians. No Bullshitting is a sworn objective, factual, and legally correct social critic, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Now, I will zero-in specifically on my postulation about the current vindictive plot against Nnamdi Kanu. For Buhari and Malami, Nnamdi Kanu and Igboho became personal enemies who must be eliminated by any means possible, and I will tell you why, pronto! The resistance campaigns against the jihad by Kanu and Igboho took the lives of several murderous Fulani jihadist-cum-herdsmen. Hence, the clannish Malami and Buhari now take it personal. They are not fighting Igboho and Kanu in the interest of Nigeria, no sir, no ma’am! My theory is that they are angry with the two liberationists. They want to revenge the killing of some Fulani jihadists who were massacring Yoruba and Igbo people in Yoruba and Igbo land.

The military under Buhari tried to eliminate Igboho, and the man fled to the Republic of Cameroon for safety. Attorney General Malami tried everything to extradite Igboho from Cameroon back to Nigeria and failed. Similar attempt to eliminate Kanu also failed, and he fled to the United Kingdom. Buhari’s gang knew that, like the Cameroon, UK would not extradite Kanu to Nigeria. So, they plotted to get him to the Republic of Kenya where they kidnapped him without the knowledge of Kenyan authorities, in contravention of all international laws. Critics have alleged, publicly on TV, that “they failed to murder Kanu in transit because the kidnapping went public.” Some said that “the plotters knew that murdering Kanu would draw international sanctions against Buhari and Malami personally.” So, their option is to illegally keep Kanu in prison to languish and possibly die there, in flagrant defiance of several local and international laws and court orders.

Finally, in the avowed Sincerity-cum-Objectivity motto of No Bullshitting Blog, I do want to conclude with my position against Nnamdi Kanu’s flaws. Certainly, he started a noble desirable movement to liberate the Igbo people from the evil victimization of President Mohammadu Buhari in the past seven-and-odd years. Most Igbo people who are not political sell-outs, including I, completely supported his campaign, until he started straying from the cause. Some of us can’t possibly agree with some of his methods, which he adopted along the way when he started straying from the noble Igbo wellbeing cause. For instance, I can never accept some of his declarations, nor some of his actions against Nigeria Police. I certainly detest his actions against Igbo persons who disagree with his unacceptable methods. I particularly hate the fact that his foot soldiers have made life unbearable in various ways for the same Igbo people who he is supposed to be trying to liberate from Buhari.  Many Igbo lives have been lost under his command.

In essence, I hate the fact that Kanu turned himself into a mean dictatorial emperor who started hurting his own people in various ways. On the other hand, his efforts to save the Igbo people from murderous Fulani jihadist herdsmen in Igbo land cannot be dismissed. He will always be appreciated by every true sincere Igbo person who is not a traitor like ex-governor Emeka Ihedioha. In all, I insist that President Mohammadu Buhari’s passionate hatred for the Igbo tribe is the cause of everything. And importantly, Buhari has no right to deny justice to Nnamdi Kanu, as ordered by the court of the land, meeeeeeeeeen!!!






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