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This, is No Bullshitting, by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!
Have you ever felt bad that Nigerians are starving to death everyday due to the economic recession that started few years back in Nigeria? It was only recently officially admitted by the government? Has it ever bothered you that the recession has been a result of protracted atrocious management of Nigeria’s national resources by A HANDFUL OF CORRUPT GREEDY NIGERIANS? Have you ever felt bad that most Nigerians have been forced into “Austerity-Measure” mode by the culprits? Indeed, if you live in Nigeria, have you felt the austerity pinch yourself, regardless how well you were doing before the recession?

Now, I’ll ask the question that sets my theme for this piece—Have You Ever Felt Offended That The People Who Are Supposed To Fix The Problem, Some Of Whom Contributed To The Problem, Are Still Living Larger Than Life While The Masses Are Suffering? These are some of the questions that should guide discussions in Nigeria today. Obviously, I am leading to my introduction of a topic that I believe Nigerians should be addressing if we truly want to revolutionize Nigeria for the better—Compelling Nigeria’S Leaders To Cut Their Financial Excesses To Reflect The “Austerity-Measure” Mode In Nigeria!!! I Have Posted a Variation Of This Treatise On The Media Against Indiscipline page as an assignment for the Movement. Nigerians must be taught to get more politically sophisticated and take the destiny of the nation in our hands, like the Nigerian Constitution prescribes. The people that are more privileged must enlighten the masses on the exploitation of the Nigerian Constitution for the good of Nigeria, and, this is the Mission of the MEDIA AGAINST INDISCIPLINE (MAI) MOVEMENT.
Have you ever given a thought to the annoying fact that State Governors, most of whom do not pay salaries to state workers, still regularly jet around the world, and travel within the country IN LARGE VEHECULAR CONVOYS? Forget about jetting around the world for now; let’s talk about the seemingly simple matter of the costs associated with fueling the large, high-powered car-convoys that the governors (and other Nigerian leaders) run around in, when they are forced to leave their jet-and- helicopter lifestyle and travel on Nigeria’s bad roads with the rest? They virtually drive citizens into gutters and bushes (certainly not me when I’m there) as they speed like mad bats out of hell. But, for now, let’s forget about the matter of oppression of the citizenry by the governors’ (and other leaders’) mad convoy-drivers and security details. Let’s talk about costs associated with the convoys, and relate it to non-payment of salaries by many governors in Nigeria; and I ask—have you ever wondered How Much A Governor’S Car-Convoy Costs (Just Fueling) Every Month; And How Many Workers’ Salaries It Can Pay?

This is a short piece to encourage discourses on the financial excesses of Nigeria’s leaders, which beg the question—Is Nigeria’S Recession And “Austerity-Measure” For All Nigerians; Or Do We Have State-Funded Untouchables? My observation is this—Nigeria’s leaders are still living like ancient Roman Emperors amidst economic recession caused by them, which threatens to terminate the entire population except them and their families. Yes indeed; Nigeria’s so-called leaders are Recession-Untouchables! They ask the rest to “tighten belts’ while they feed fat with fat bellies and throw away food. Mind you, I don’t envy their fat bellies; they are stupid if you ask me, because they are only inviting sicknesses and early death to themselves! Some are still spending millions—our millions—on their house pets every day, while human beings starve to death. 

I have no problem with any hardworking Nigerian that made enough honest wealth to be untouched by this economic recession, no sir! To such citizen I say—Go guy! Enjoy the fruit of your sweat. You
deserve it; but, remember your dying brethren. My problem with “Recession-Untouchability” is those Nigerians whose responsibility it is to make sure that nobody in the country is touched by recession in the first place; those who are using public funds to be Recession-Untouchable!!! Yes, indeed; I speak of those Nigerians who are living larger than life with public funds, while the people they swore to protect and feed are dying in droves every day.
Now, we can sit down and complain everyday about how bad the culprits are; or we can put our money where our mouths are! Remember the slogan—Don’t Get Mad; Get Even—legitimately!!!
According to my philosophy of Constructive Law-abiding revolution, my option to get even is COMMUNICATION and ENLIGHTENMENT—a combination that will empower the masses to
participate in changing the entrenched bad leadership that destroyed Nigeria’s economy. I urge us to get involved and communicate!!! Let’s spread messages of Constructive Revolution such as this to as many Nigerians as we have contact with, and urge our contacts to spread THE MESSAGE to their own contacts—well, you know the drill! Let’s start discussions on issues where we desire changes to happen, and spread THE MESSAGE beyond our platform. YES WE CAN—Much thanks to the almighty Social Media.

I ask us the question—Is It Right That The Entire Nigerian Population Is In Economic Recession And “Austerity Measure,” And The People Who Should Lead By Example Are Living Larger Than Life—Flaunting Our Collective Wealth At Us With So Much Impunity? If you think not; then do something!!! And, all I ask you to do here is—communicate your feelings, and, together, we spread THE MESSAGE wide enough to enlighten the ignorant masses. It takes just few seconds to comment on chosen topics, and just few seconds to help to propagate what others constructively say on the subject. As they say—Information Is Power—And, It Is A Game Of Numbers!!!
Please don’t get me wrong with this sub-heading; one can never offer too much prayer or too many prayers to the Almighty God; no sir! But I do have a little problem with the ignorant way Nigerians go about it. I see so many “prayers” circulating on social media these days for God’s “intervention” to save Nigeria. Before you say Jack, a prayer message has been circulated throughout Nigeria, and

everybody is chorusing ‘AMEN’ or whatever we are asked to say. This is alright with me; but my problem is that Nigerians do so much praying and NOT ENOUGH MATCHING-ACTION! And, make no mistake about it—God Only Helps Those That Help Themselves!!! If we consistently create and circulate Action & Enlightenment Messages with the same alacrity as we circulate prayers; then the Almighty God will have some ingredients to cook our intervention soup. If we work hard to institute good governance; then He Will Bless Our Hard Work—somebody please say
“Hallelujah” and “Amen.”
As I always say—even God’s “Chosen People” of the ancient Israel had to work hard to earn the intervention of God. And, guess what; it does not really matter whether you are in MEDIA AGAINST
INDISCIPLINE MOVEMENT that I recently initiated on Facebook and other platforms; what matters is that you Do Something, Somehow, Somewhere, to make a difference in the revolution to make Nigeria good for Nigerians and the world at large, period! If you are in this particular Movement, then I urge us to start doing something already; let’s start by just talking, communicating, and enlightening
the ignorant masses amongst us…No Bullshitting!!!

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