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NOTE: First published on October 1, 2021. The publishing date that appears on the tab is actually the date that it was uploaded on this new site. The point is that, although issues herein may still be current (depending on…), please don’t mistake this piece as current news.

This is “No Bullshitting“, by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

I will start with my usual request that nobody should ever give me the hypocritical “Happy Independence” greeting bullshit of Nigeria, because there is nothing to be happy for. On October 7, 2020, I blogged about the so-called “Nigeria Independence” (found through this link: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3870603642979251&id=100000889607067), and I posited, and still posit that Nigeria has no independence yet. Sure, we got rid of British imperialism in 1960, but we are worse off for it, considering the fact that we have been enslaved by our own so-called brothers in the country. You may call me unpatriotic, or whatever the hell you may call me for this; but I always say, unequivocally, that I would rather continue with the British colonialism, than the bullshit that we presently have under the so-called independence, meeeeen!!!

Relatively speaking, everything worked well, and there was no hunger in the land under the British, as we have now, period! Besides, the fact remains that any semblance of independence in Nigeria now is only for the Hausa-Fulani oligarchs. In fact, we can just say that it is for the FULANI OLIGARCHS alone, who have also domineered the Hausa race, too. I reached this conclusion when I found out that all the first-class Emirs in northern Nigeria are of the Fulani race. However, as always, it is important to me that you note my emphasis on “Fulani oligarchs”, for the reason that I forever reject any form of stereotyping the entire good people of the Fulani race, for the badness of the bad oligarchs among the race. In this particular case, I say that President Buhari does not represent the Fulani majority in his extreme ethno-religious bigotry-cum-nepotism. Many Fulanis have told me so, meeeeeeeen!!!

Indeed, the ‘ordinary’ masses of the Fulani race do not ever benefit from the domineering machinations of the Fulani oligarchs. The Fulani masses actually suffer the misrule of their leaders much worse than the masses of the other races, and that’s a fact. The “ordinary” peoples of the other subjugated races have always been more prosperous than the Fulani “ordinary” masses whose few self-serving leaders continue to cling unto power. Mind you, the story is exactly the same about the leaders in southern Nigeria, too; they are all only interested in their own personal gains, and never the interests of the masses that they claim to represent. After all, Goodluck Jonathan is my southern “brother”, and I gained nothing from his fucked-up presidency. So, my position on this matter has nothing to do with ethnicity or race; it is about bad people in power, regardless of tribal origin.

In essence, I speak for the liberation of the Fulani masses from their own bad oligarchs, just as much as I speak for the other races of Nigeria! To drive my detribalized point home, I always cite the fact that, in 2019, I personally worked for the election of a Fulani man, Atiku Abubakar, without one single naira from his campaign organization. Yes, indeed; I spent my own funds to produce four 60-sencond campaign films for Atiku, which I distributed through the social media, because I wanted him to win the election against my own southern candidates who I considered to have less to offer. My key thrust in those campaign messages was that Atiku’s leadership would be better for Nigeria, than my own southern “brothers” who were in the race, for the reasons that he has EXPERIENCE, and he is DETRIBALIZED. I will give you one of those productions at the end of this piece, which emphasized my anti-tribalism reason for supporting Atiku. So, yes indeed, I am always for good leadership by a good-hearted person, and never for the tribal bullshit that has killed “One Nigeria”, with Buhari currently nailing the coffin with his own extreme brand of ethno-religious nepotism-cum-bigotry!

Unfortunately, it is always difficult, sometimes almost impossible for me to understand most of President Buhari’s speeches, due to his accent. This is not a condemnation, mind you; just stating a fact! His 2021 Independence Day speech was no exception. I could hardly comprehend most of the speech, which comprised the falsehood that his writers always feed him about Nigeria’s situation. But, I managed to understand the part where he repeated his usual undemocratic statement that “the unity of Nigeria is not negotiable.” In a modern world where self-determination is a universal doctrine, we have a democratic president constantly ordering us like a military Head of State that “One Nigeria” is not negotiable. No wonder, he is more interested in “crushing” freedom-fighting Sunday Igboho of the southwest, and Nnamdi Kanu of the southeast who he tags as terrorists, while he in many ways emboldens the real terrorists-cum-jihadists of the north who are mostly Fulani.

I always insist that Buhari has no legal or moral right to utter those words that “Nigeria’s unity is not negotiable”, because he is the extreme ethno-religious bigot-cum-nepotist who has destroyed the unity that he tries to enforce. A song by Jamaica’s Peter Tosh (Macintosh), which is titled “Equal rights”, says that Buhari’s kind are “crying out for peace” and fake unity, but “none is crying out for justice”, just as most of us “want to go to heaven, but none ever wants to die.” It further says, “I don’t want no peace; I need equal rights and justice”, because there will never be peace in any land where leaders refuse to embrace equal rights, justice, and equity, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

All non-Fulani Nigerians and good Fulanis are consistently asking the following questions:  (1) How can there be any peace in what I personally call the present ‘Fulani Republic’ that President Buhari is running in the name of “One Nigeria”, where everything belongs to FEW privileged Fulanis, while the rest of Nigerians are treated as their slaves, huh? (2) How can there be peace in a fake “One Nigeria” where Miyetti Allah, an ordinary cattle-rearing Fulani group has been emboldened, obviously EMPOWERED, and encouraged by our president to audaciously, openly threaten the lives of other Nigerians, including our elected state governors, too; and, indeed, often murder us with impunity, without any repercussions from the government of our so-called “One Nigeria”, huh, huh?? (3) And, how can there be peace and “unity” in a Fulani Republic called Nigeria, where Miyetti Allah talks to us as if we are conquered peoples, and visit us with mayhem when we refuse to obey their orders, totally unchecked by our “One Nigeria” president who is ordering us, in a democracy, that “unity is not negotiable”, like a military Head of State, huh, huh, huh??? And, this is the same man who has totally destroyed that unity that he claims to want. He is effectively telling us that he will militarily crush any of us, his slaves, who dares to raise dissenting voice, as he is doing to Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu; while he is recruiting the real terrorists into our armed forces, simply for the reason that they are his “brothers”, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

Pa Ayo Opadokun of the Yoruba race articulated all these issues in an interview on AIT this morning, which followed immediately after Buhari’s Independence Day speech…and, he wasn’t bullshitting, meeeeeeen!!!

And now,  Peter Tosh’s “Equal Rights” song, followed by one of my 2019 campaign productions in support of Atiku Abubakar’s presidency:

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