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NOTE: First published on October 14, 2021. The publishing date that appears on the tab is actually the date that it was uploaded on this new site. 

This is “No Bullshitting”, by Harry Agina

Greetings, folks! I’ve got to tell ya, I am truly disappointed with some Nigerians; I mean, completely pissed off with some of us, and I’m gonno tell you why. Too many Nigerians are disgracefully subservient to our so-called leaders, and this has given those leaders the impunity and impetus to look at us as their slaves, instead of their employers and their masters or bosses, meeeeeeen!!!

Just check this out, will you! We finally forced the crooks in the leadership of our National Assembly and their cohorts on the floor to give us electronic transmission of election results in the pending Electoral Bill, and some Nigerians are congratulating and thanking them for it. For crying out fucking loud, those motherfuckers are our employees and not our bosses. Sure, we did not really elect most of them; some killed some of us with thugs to rig themselves into our National Assembly, and not with our votes. But as long as they are in there, they have become our servants who we gave our national sovereignty to hold in trust for us, and not our bosses or slave masters. We are supposed to order the motherfuckers to do whatever we want them to do, and not what they want to do for their own evil interests. In this case, we literally shouted, kicked, fought and did everything to finally force them to give us e-transmission of election results for credible elections, to prevent them from continuing to rig themselves into our National Assembly against our will, and some of us are congratulating and thanking them for finally doing what they were supposed to have done since over two years ago. Let me tell ya, I am more pissed off with any Nigerian who thanks those motherfuckers, than I am with the motherfucking loot-makers themselves, meeeeen!!!

What the fuck are you thanking them for, huh? You see, this is exactly what gives some of the crooks that rule us the criminal impunity to continue to treat us as their slaves, instead of their masters and bosses. How can anyone in his right senses thank his house boy or housemaid for doing the work that he or she hired him or her and pay him/her so handsomely for it, huh, huh, huh??? In the case of those crooks in our National Assembly, they don’t even allow us to pay them what they deserve, they actually forcefully go into our treasury and grab atrociously criminal sums of our wealth by themselves, and tell us to shut the fuck up when we ask them to cut down on their looting spree. And then, we thank them for doing nothing but force down our throats some evil laws that will continue to enslave us to them. When we finally manage to get our way with just a few of their intended evil laws, some of us subserviently thank them for it. Un-fucking-believable, meeeeen!!!

So, tell me, with such disgraceful servitude of Nigerians, how the fuck do we ever expect the crooks that RULE us to change and LEAD us aright, huh? Why wouldn’t they continue to treat us as their slaves who MUST BEG THEM to leave few crumbs of food for us on the floor beside their dinner table, after their scrumptious meals, huh? When are Nigerians ever gonno wake up from our subservient mentality or our past protracted military rule and realize that democracy is finally here, where we must force our evil RULERS to become LEADERS who MUST obey our will, meeeeeen?!!!

Listen, folks, if we have to thank anybody in our National Assembly, it must be just few of them who are led by the likes of Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe to truly fight for our rights. We have no fucking business thanking the crooks in the leadership and their cohorts on the floor, who we practically had to hit on the heads with sledge hammers to give us the e-transmission. Um hu, we have no gaddamn business thanking crooks who fought us tooth and nail to give us a fraudulent Electoral Act that would enable them to continue rigging elections in order to perpetuate themselves in office as our slave masters,   meeeeeeeeeen!!!

For this same servitude that pisses the hell out of me, we see Nigerians thanking our state governors and other rulers for building roads and other infrastructure in the land with our own funds, as though the governors are doing us a favor with their own personal funds. I’m like…‘Motherfuckers, stop thanking your governors for using your own funds to do what you employed them to do. The funds do not belong to your governors; the funds belong to you!’

I do believe, that you do know, that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeen!!!

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