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NOTE: First published on February 6, 2021. The “Published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this is to avoid mistaking it as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

My title above has a question mark because of the skepticism that trails the story of this blog. But, skepticism or no skepticism, I quickly and happily circulate the story (through the link that I have provided below). As a hard critic of the evil jihadist activities of SOME Fulani herdsmen around Nigeria, and, importantly, a harsh critic of the bad divisive nepotic handling of the herdsmen matter so far by some members of the government of President Buhari and some tribalistic northerners, I am thrilled by the new development in the DSS, according to this story, which shows non-nepotism for the herdsmen.

The gist is that the people who DSS arrested in this story were about to hold a press conference to serve quit notice on southerners in the north due to the herdsmen problem in the south. Obviously, DSS understands (in agreement with me and many Nigerians) that there is some justification for some of what is happening in the south against some herdsmen, and, therefore, any quit notice to law-abiding southerners in the north on the account of the herdsmen’s matter is unfair and wrong. This is actually in perfect agreement with my last blog of February 3, 2021, where I stated, and still maintain, that President Buhari, the Northern Elders Forum, and the Fulani race must show Nigerians that they are not supporting few jihadist Fulani persons to destroy Nigeria.  And then, the rest of Nigerians must condemn any southerner, or northerner for that matter, who stereotypes all Fulanis or all herdsmen as bad people, and vehemently condemn those who victimize innocent herdsmen and innocent Fulanis anywhere.

So, it behooves me, as an objective critic, to hail this non-nepotic action by the DSS. Maybe, there is renewed hope for “One Nigeria” after all, which appears to be the new resolve of the new security service chiefs. If it’s so, then long live Nigeria, I happily hail, meeeeeeen!!!

If the new development is a result of the change in the leadership of the nation’s security agencies, then it goes a long way to give credence to my long-standing position that Buhari may actually mean well for Nigeria, but some evil persons in his government are destroying his image with their evil representation of his will. And, at the risk of sounding like a broken music vinyl ‘record,’ I maintain that Buhari’s propagandists in the name of media and information spokespersons are at the top of the evil representation, meeeeeeeen!!!

Some Nigerians have expressed skepticism about the apparent new development. They wonder if it’s a flux (or a flash in the pan) that will not be maintained. The skepticism is based on mistrust of Buhari’s government so far. But, for me and my “Mr. No Bullshitting” alter ego who have been bitter about Buhari’s government’s apparent nepotism, any little change is hilarious and received with hope and benefit of the doubt to Buhari, meeeeeeen!!!

It’s my pleasure, therefore, to circulate this great news far and wide. If a “prodigal son” (according to the Christian Holy Bible) comes home, or, in this case, a prodigal father (our President Buhari) comes home with a good change in character, I wanno be among the first to praise and welcome him home. It’s only fair, right, sincere, and objective, since I am in the forefront of condemning apparent nepotic acts of this government, meeeeeeen!!!

Please read and also circulate this with the possible renewed hope for “One Nigeria.”


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