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This is “No Bullshitting,” by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

Currently trending on both the traditional mainstream broadcast and print media, is the call for the protection of Fulani herdsmen in southern Nigeria. The most resounding of this call is the statement by the Northern Elders Forum (NEF), which was first made public yesterday, the 2nd of February, 2021. NEF demands that Buhari must protect the herdsmen from the recent and ongoing “onslaught” on herdsmen in the southern region.

Guess what? I agree with the call by NEF, but only for the protection of the fulani race in general, and the innocent among the herdsmen. Anybody who calls for the protection of the evil jihadists among the Fulanis, whether herdsmen or not, is a purely a total mad and evil man or mad woman. I am going somewhere with this line of argument; give me just a second, and you will see where, meeeeeeeeen!!!

If you read the part 2 of my series on “citizen’s right to live anywhere in Nigeria,” which was published on January 23, 2021, you may already know where I and going in this part three of the series. For my fans who did not read part 2, and to remind those who did read it, I have a summary of the gist, which says that Fulani herdsmen have the constitutional right to live or do business anywhere in Nigeria, but, like all other Nigerians, they must abide by the following rules:

  • They have no right to invade and occupy other people’s forests and farmlands in the mischievous name of “right of migration”?
  • Wherever that they live or do their business, they must negotiate and pay rent to the owners of the land.
  • They must not carry AK-47 rifles, which are forbidden by law, and, importantly, they have no right to kidnap, rape, and/or kill their hosts.

In the said part 2 of my series, I did state clearly that “any motherfucker who opens his foul mouth in favor of the herdsmen must address these issues; otherwise, you show us the fucked-up counterfeit constitution that you are quoting from, meeeeeen!!! That’s what motherfuckers like Shehu Garba, LIAR Mohammed, and Madam Fake News Loretta Onochie who speak in partiality in defense of herdsmen MUST be made to understand. If they can’t understand simple explanation in English, then it’s high time we transcribed it for them in Arabic, and then pray that they understand Arabic.”

As I stated above in this current piece, I am totally in support of the demand by the Northern Elders Forum (NEF) that Buhara must protect the Fulani race in southern Nigeria, herdsmen, as well as non-herdsmen. The call is great, but I have carefully listened to and read on various platforms, the NEF press statement, and, something is very, very, very fundamentally wrong with their demand, meeeeeen!!!

          Oh yes, indeed!!! The NEF demand fails to address the issues that I reiterated above against SOME Fulanis who are prosecuting a jihadist war, as many of them have always boldly stated with utmost impunity, without any consequences from Buhari’s government that is supposed to reprimand them for challenging the rest of Nigerians to a war that they cannot possibly win without the support of Nigeria’s Armed Forces. I, Harry Agina, have consciously forced my blog alter ego, “Mr. No Bullshitting” to refrain from identifying the NEF with the above description that anybody who defends Fulani herdsmen without addressing the atrocities of the evil jihadist ones among them is a motherfucker who I see to be as evil as the jihadist killer herdsmen themselves. I don’t want to abuse NEF, but I must, with all due respect, tell them that they do not show one atom of maturity and wisdom as elders when they fail to recognize that the actions of the southerners who they condemn are justifiable in the face of the atrocities of some jihadist herdsmen. It is in that vein that they should ask for forgiveness on behalf of the evil herdsmen, as well as caution the southerners against stereotyping of all Fulanis and/or all herdsmen, meeeeeeen!!!

The wise point here is that it is absolutely evil to address a recation without first addressing THE ACTION that brought about the reaction. Fulani herdsmen are killing people all over the place, and northerner who talks about the reaction of some Nigerians to this fact without addressing the atrocities that cause the reaction does not deserve to be called a wise elder, and, this is a fact. To be called wise elders, the NEF members should have made two-step demand of their brother Buhari, thus: Step one, arrest and sanctioned the jihadist herdsmen who are causing the trouble. Show Nigerians that you are not officially supporting the jihad. And, step two (following step one and definitely not before step one), arrest and sanction southerners who are stereotyping and victimizing innocent Fulanis or/and herdsmen in the south. Failure to do this, the NEF have portrayed themselves as being nepotic like Buhari. And, by their apparent nepotic statement, the justifiable perception is that they, advertently or inadvertently, support Fulanization jihad, as Buhari’s government has been perceived to support by millions of Nigerians.

As always, and as an objective and sincere journalist, I want to remind NEF (if they get to read this, and do give a damn), that perception may not always be reality, however, it behooves the actor who has been perceived wrongfully to prove that the perception is wrong. You can’t simply wish away public perception with the fucked-up attitude of persons like the idiotic Garba Shehu and Liar Mohammed who want to force us to believe their stupid, arrogant, undemocratic, indeed, autocratic repressive propaganda statements of calling all public perceptions fake, without any intelligent effort to prove that the perceptions are wrong. NEF members do need to show us that they are not nepotically supporting a jihad, by addressing the evil activities of some of their kith and kin at the detriment of southerners, alongside their demand for Buhari to protect Fulanis in the south. I do know, that my fans do know, that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!!!!

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