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NOTE: First published on January 23, 2021. The “Published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this is to avoid mistaking this piece as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

On June 5, 2020, I blogged about the controversial debate over the right of Nigerians to migrate or/and sojourn anywhere within Nigeria. I stated that “I am a strong advocate of the constitutional right of every Nigerian to live and do business anywhere in the country.” However, I also stated that, “relative to some evil jihadist Fulani herdsmen, some folks are taking this constitutional right mischievously too far.” I stand solidly behind those two positions until death does us part, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

It is a fact that the migration right debate has never been so volatile, not until Mohammadu Buhari became president in 2015. Buhari’s presidency has planted the worst seed of disunity in Nigeria, which has resulted in the present escalation of right-of-migration controversy. Advertently or inadvertently, Buhari has emboldened some evil Fulani herdsmen to claim that they own Nigeria, with their jihadist movement to boot. So, rather than obey the conditions that have been established under the nation’s constitutional right of migration with mutual respect among all citizens; some evil jihadist Fulani herdsmen who suddenly decided that they own Nigeria now insist that they have the right to grab any land anywhere in Nigeria and make it their possession, because, according to them, their “Baba Buhari is president.” This evil impunity is very common now. I was once personally confronted with it by one underage little rat called a herdsman, who said it to my face inside my remote village in Anambra state. It did not bother the rat that he could have been killed and buried in that remote village and his “Baba” was not there to save his motherfucking ass, meeeeeen!!!

I have always prided myself that the hallmark of “No Bullshitting” Blog (NBB) is Mr. Objectivity, along with ‘his’ co-travelling brother, Mr. Sincerity. No wonder, I always highlight some key words of objectivity in my pronouncements. For instance, it’s not by error or by chance that I always highlight (with capitalization) the word “some” whenever I talk about herdsmen in Nigeria, because all herdsmen are not evil. In fact, I have had occasions to seriously quarrel with my fellow Igbo people who stereotype all Fulani herdsmen as killers, or all Muslims as extremist jihadists, because such stereotype is wrong and unacceptable. There are good and bad persons in every tribe and every religion. In fact, I actually maintain that good Muslims are more Godly than my average fellow Christians. On the other hand, whosoever that frowns when somebody says that there are extremist Muslim jihadists and killer herdsmen in our midst is a total idiot. They abound, and they must not be allowed to fester with impunity just because their “Baba” is president. Evil criminals exist in all other tribes and religions, too, and “Baba” does not empower, embolden, or protect them. As our president, he is supposed to be the “Baba” of the entire nation, not the “Baba” of the Fulani nation alone.

          Another hallmark of NBB is the consciousness of legal-correctness in my statements. No wonder, in my statement about Buhari’s government, I cautiously prefer to state or believe that Buhari inadvertently (unconsciously/unknowingly) has emboldened some evil herdsmen of his tribe to become monsters in our land, as against the insistence by many Nigerians that he supports the jihadist movement of such evil ones advertently (willfully or/and consciously). Contrary to those Nigerians, I prefer to give Buhari the benefit of the doubt by suggesting that he does obviously encourage the jihadist, but he does it inadvertently through his wrong body language, wrong actions, and inaction in some cases. One clear fact is that his stance is encouraging the jihadists.

          So, nope, I cannot rightly agree that Buhari is in support of his jihadist extremist Muslim tribesmen’s evil deeds as some Nigerians insist. But, YAP, indeed, he is aware that such evil Muslim jihadist land-grabbers do exist, and he is not doing enough to check it. Yap, following Mr. President’s body language and inaction, Nigerians cannot be blamed for feeling or saying that he has emboldened some evil members of his tribe and religion to commit atrocities against members of other tribes and other religions in the land. Based on his “body language,” it does seem that he does not mind all the evils that they are committing in his name, meeeeeeeeen!!!



Too many Nigerians are idiots, or pretend to be idiots, when they want to be mischievous. All of a sudden, Shehu Garba and his kind, some of whom are lawyers, can no longer interpret simple laws correctly because they want to favor herdsmen. For instance, where the hell does Nigeria’s constitution say that Fulani herdsmen have the right to invade and occupy other people’s forests and farmlands in the mischievous name of “right of migration”? Where the hell does the constitution say that Fulani herdsmen have the right to possess and inhabit restricted forest reserves? Which constitution says that Fulani herdsmen have the right not to negosiate and pay rent wherever they occupy? For such freedom from rent, they have to go back to their own ancestral inherited land. That’s what all other Nigerians do. And, if some of them have no ancestral inherited land, then, they are not Nigerians, period! According to history, if they are Nigerians, their ancestral land has to be in the north, and not in the south, meeeeeeeen!!!

          When they go to any state outside their ancestral inheritance, they do have the constitutional right to sojourn, of course. But, motherfucker, they must negotiate and pay rent, as well as follow all the other rules and laws that MUST go with the law of the right to sojourn, like everybody else does all over the world, not just in Nigeria. They must understand that their “Baba” Buhari has no power to grab their hosts’ lands and hand to them, as many sick idiotic ones among them truly believe.

          Many Nigerians feel, and some foolish jihadists actually boast that our federal government supports their jihadist tendencies. Are Shehu Garba and his kind now confirming this jihadist claim to us? And, where the hell does our constitution say that herdsmen are allowed to destroy farms, kidnap, rape, massacre, and maim their hosts? Anybody who chooses to play politics with the fact of the preponderance of evidence against Fulani herdsmen in such mayhem, is simply being evil, period!!!

These are the fucking issues; and, any motherfucker who opens his foul mouth in favor of the herdsmen must address these issues; otherwise, you show us the fucked-up counterfeit constitution that you are quoting from, meeeeeen!!! That’s what people like Shehu Garba must be made to understand. If they can’t understand simple explanation in English, then it’s high time we transcribed it for them in Arabic, and then pray that they understand Arabic. As I always insist, Buhari does not send these guys to do all these things that represent him in such terribly light. No, sir!!! The Buhari that I once risked my life to defend his integrity in “The Sun” Newspaper in 2007, would not do these things; no, sir!!! I risked my life (openly threatened) when I condemned Obasanjo and “Mr. Fix-it” Aninnih for rigging Buhari out in the 2007 presidency race. I sent that article from the USA to Buhari’s present Media man, Femi Adesina to publish, who was the boss of “The Sun” Newspaper. Today, I insist that Buhari’s men are doing most of his image-damages by mishandling everything for him, meeeeeeeeen!!!


Some idiots like Shehu Garba make some specific crazy and evil comparisons, as they tell us, for instance, that northerners do not order southern Motor Spare Parts Marketers and other traders to quit northern territories. Do the spare parts marketers in the north live in the forests; do they grab the land where they do their businesses from their hosts by force and through murders? Do they not pay heavy rents for, or purchase the shops where they do their businesses? Are the spare parts marketers not actually doing the northerners a great favor by developing their territories? Do they destroy the farmlands and farm crops of northerners where they do their businesses? Why the fuck should the federal government want Buhari’s tribesmen to possess other people’s property free of charge to do their private cattle rearing businesses, huh? As they claim to be great nationalists, why don’t Garba Shehu and northern elders tell northerners to give the spare part marketers in the north the properties where they do their businesses free of charge? They want the herdsmen to grab and occupy people’s land in the south free of charge, and destroy farm crops and massacre people in the process; but the spare parts marketers that they compare must pay rent and live in peace in the north!!! Why is Garba Shehu representing Buhari to openly support jihadist land-grabbing by Fulani herdsmen, huh?

          I still remember Femi Adesina’s mad pronouncement about a couple of years ago, that we should allow the herdsmen to take our lands and destroy our farms to avoid being massacred. That evil statement is still on record, and can never be erased. And, that’s exactly what Buhari’s government tends to be upholding today through idiots like Garba Shehu. Buhari has no right to force Nigerians to give their lands to his tribesmen free of charge. If he does; it will be called a government approved land-grabbing jihad. The constitution says that if Fulani herdsmen enter any land anywhere in the country, they must negotiate with the land owners to puchase or rent the property for their private herding business, just as all the other tribes purchase or rent where they do their own private businesses around the country. If Buhari wants to help his tribesmen, he MUST use his own private funds (and not federal funds) to purchase lands for them. If he uses our federal funds, then he should also do the same for the southern Motor Spare Parts dealers and other traders in the north, who mischievous northerners are comparing herdsmen with. And, if Buhari uses force to acquire free land for herdsmen, then he is using our federal might to enforce land-grabbing jihad for his jihadist tribesmen, meeeeeeeen!!!


For crying out fucking loud, some idiots in this twenty-first century are not ashamed to defend the barbaric nomadic practice of moving cattle all over the country. We cannot continue having cattle in the middle of roads in cities, and on highways. Stories abound about accidents that cattle cause on Nigerian roads and highways. In one recent case, a family is said to perish in their car, along with five cows that caused the accident. And, if any member of that family had survived, the herdsmen would most likely kill them to avenge the death of the cows, because they place more value on their cows than human lives. Herdsmen would not dare to have their cows in the cities or highways of our neighboring Ghana. If they dare, the relevant Ghanaian authority would slaughter the cattle and share the meat to the public. That’s the standing order issued by Ghana’s president a couple of years back. And, we have idiots in the so-called giant of Africa condemning Governor Rotimi Akeredolu for ordering cattle off the roads of our cities. I understand that such order was issued in Nigeria’s capital city Abuja, but the herdsmen refuse to obey it, because their “Baba” is in power, meeeeeeeen!!!

According to Nigeria’s constitution, the forests in the south belong to southerners, not the federal government; and the forests in the north belong to northerners. Sure enough, the constitution does allow northerners and southerners the right to live anywhere in the country, but when you migrate, you have no right whatsoever to grab any forest that you like as your own property. Anybody that interprets the constitution any differently is a total mad person. And, by warning Governor Akeredolu to rescind his quit notice to killer jihadists in Ondo forests without fairly balancing his statement with other issues in the debate, Garba Shehu is speaking like a mad man, meeeeeeeen!!!

And, check this out: The same federal government that claims to encourage farming is encouraging Fulani herdsmen to destroy people’s farmlands and farm produces around the country with their cattle, as well as prevent farmers from going to their farms. All because a Fulani herder is in power, advertently or inadvertently supporting unholy jihadist movement!!!

          And, before you say Jack, some Fulani groups, including “Fulani Nationalist Movement (FUNAM)” and “Miyetti Allah,” start to issue threats of war, because Buhari’s government has given them the impunity to threaten other Nigerians at the drop of a hat and nothing happens to them. A pertinent question is: Does FUNAM truly believe that they can beat OPC or/and Amotekun in a war, or are they banking on the support of Nigeria’s Armed Forces under the command of their “Baba” Buhari? We must all be cautious not to find out the ugly answer to this question, by avoiding the armed conflict that FUNAM openly threatens with utmost impunity.

Sorry to say that I am not in the mood today for the customary NBB Music Infotainment bit. It seems to me like running after a rat while our house Nigeria is on fire…and, I know, that you know, that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeen!!!

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