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NOTE: First published on July 1, 2019. The “Published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this is to avoid mistaking this piece as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting,” by Harry Agina.

Folks, back in 2007, I posited that the Christian Holy Bible is not The Word of God, but it contains the word of God. By this, I mean that God and Christ had nothing to do with some of the contents of the bible. I have two areas of argument on this, thus:

  1. Human Mischief: There are lies by man, which are attributed to God in the bible, in order to gain acceptance, period!!! :
  2. Sincere Human Errors: There are sincere man-made errors in the bible. The categories of errors that I have pointed out in my argument include:
  3. Trans-linguistic Errors or Poor Transliteration:This is an argument that addresses the fact that the original scripts of various books that make up the bible were written in ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek languages. And, during translation to English and other languages, some words and meanings were corrupted. This is true in all such translations across languages, unavoidably!!! My trans-linguistic errors position is given credence in a very instructive footnote contained in the “Fifty Bibles of Constantine I” as submitted to Emperor Constantine in the 4th century, thus: “This is the usual way in which Eusebius’ text is translated, but there are more possibilities, because the (Greek) phrase ‘ἐν πολυτελῶς ἠσκημένοις τεύχεσιν τρισσὰ καὶ τετρασσὰ διαπεμψάντων ἡμῶν’ has many meanings.” So, in this instance, the transcribers themselves admitted that the Bible is fraught with trans-linguistic errors or ambiguities; that the original ‘codices’ or manuscripts were not perfectly transcribed to carry the exact meanings intended by the authors.
  4. “Typographical errors,”which, as I will prove, happened.

For these positions, I was called anti-Christ and anti-God by some Christians, who misguidedly believe that questioning the contents of the bible is a huge taboo. Before I continue, I must first affirm that I strongly believe in, and worship God Almighty, and I am a Christian from birth. I was born Anglican, but as an adult I am essentially non-denominational because I disagree with some doctrines of all the churches that I know. I am also a “Practicing Christian,” meaning that I don’t have to go to any church to be a Christian. Many unholy practices have driven me away from churches. All I need to do is endeavor to practice the divine teachings of Christ, which  is much better than the hypocrisy of many so-called Christians (or church-goers) who go to church every Sunday, but commonly go against everything that Christ taught and stood/stands for. In fact, many commit those sins right there inside the churches; yet, they believe that a person who points out the fact that there are some lies in the bible is anti-Christ. And, as for being Godly, all I have to do is endeavor to follow the Ten Commandments of God.

Recently, it is said that the foremost authority of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, made some declarations that essentially concur with my 2007 position. Characteristically, some Nigerian Christians are also raining insults on the pope, calling him anti-Christ. Some call him the devil himself, and other manner of ugly names. Some non-Catholics have said to my hearing that the “End-time” is now here, and the entire Catholic Church has been captured by the devil. All this, just to hold on to ancient conspiracies and lies!

One of the pope’s declarations that support my position, is his statement that the line in “Our Lords Prayer,” which says “Lead us not into temptation” is wrong. Like me, the Pope is said to have cited Transliguistic error or poor transliteration (in his own way). This implies that the line was wrongly translated from the original script of what Christ taught his disciples. Simple common sense supports this argument!!! I was just past teenage in Texas when I learned this common sense, way back in the 1980s, from a Jamaican comedian who teased: “Unu tell God na lead unu into temptation.” Then he asked: “when Him ever led unu into temptation before…Him a devil??” After almost laughing my head off due to the hilarious Jamaican comic tone that delivered the message, I thought of what the dude said, and it made a whole bunch of sense to me. So, from thence, I have always substituted “Lead us not into temptation” with “Don’t let the devil lead us into temptation” when I do “Our Lord’s Prayer.” When temptation came to Jesus Christ himself, it was the devil that tempted him, not God. So, it is very unlikely that he taught his disciples to say “lead us not into temptation.” His words must have been misquoted or mistranslated.

My biggest problem with Christianity is the doctrine of hush-hush about the religion. The architects of the lies in the bible sure did a good job of indoctrinating Christians with undue fear that has kept them from questioning any of the lies for through all these past years. It is a fact that the holy bible is not as perfect as Christians have been made to believe. The indoctrination that says otherwise is no longer tenable in the wiser modern world where people are no longer killed for expressing the truth. The modern people should no longer be hoodwinked to believe that he that questions any content of the bible and the doctrines thereof, is anti-Christ that is doomed for hail. The time is gone when people were indoctrinated to believe that questioning anything that a preacher, any preacher, cooks out of the bible is tantamount to questioning God Almighty.

My condemnation of the Christian hush-hush mentality is justified in a passage in the same bible, where Father Abraham actually questioned the decision of the God Almighty Himself. Recall that when God wanted to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham confronted Him, in awe, of course, with his doubt of the wisdom behind His decision to destroy the region. God could have shouted Abraham down to shut up. He could have said something like “Abraham, who the hell are you ordinary mortal to question my decision.” But no, instead, the Almighty God calmly and nicely took His time to explain His decision to Abraham. So, it is stupid of pastors or any Christian to tell us that it is a sin to question the contents of a book complied by ordinary mortals, if God Himself was questioned, meeeeen!!! The bible or any doctrine that was handed down to us by ancient human beings must be studied by the modern race for necessary modernization. Those who tried to challenge the bible in not so distant past were killed in order to preserve the secrets and lies by all means. In fact, do remember that common people were not even allowed to possess a copy of the bible, until King Henry VIII got pissed off with the pope in the year 1539, and printed the bible for public possession. Before then, possession of the bible by any common individual attracted the death penalty!!! Only select few were allowed to read it and propagate the lies to the people, along with the true word of Christ or God.

That was then, and this is now, a modern world where such conspiracy cannot continue to thrive. Importantly, Christians need to understand that the pope and I, and others around the world who buy into this argument, are not challenging Christ; we are only correcting LIES AND SINCERE ERRORS that were made by man. Rather than call Pope Francis foolish names, Christians should thank him for his courage to free us from the dark ages of lies and half truths. Yes, indeed, the man has the guts to tell the world that the bible is simply a product of man’s imperfect translation of the perfect word of God!!! He should be hailed for the courage to break the age-old taboo of the Christendom; the unholy taboo of questioning the “unquestionable bible.”

Some doctrines, the divine and the man-made ones alike, were handed down to us as Christians, by persons who were mischievous in some cases, and meant well for humanity in other cases. I can tell you, for instance, that I have not quite formed any opinion on the matter of hell that Pope Francis spoke of; he may be wrong, or he may be right that hell does not exist. If we can agree that there are many secrets and conspiracies in the history of the Christendom; then, we should also agree that a pope may be in a position to see or know about some old secret documents. Maybe the man has seen a document that reveals a conspiracy to concoct the existence of hell by the early Christians. However, if the doctrine of hell is one of the lies in the bible, I hail the architects; they were security geniuses!!! It would be one of the lies that I see to be good for humanity. I truly wish that the pope did not lend his voice to the argument that there is no hell to suffer after death. It scares me that the pope’s pronouncement may cause all hell to break loose on earth. Yes, it is scary if his argument gains wide acceptance, and I will tell you why, in a moment.

It is important to echo that, like the pope, I am not disobeying God or challenging His word when I say that the bible is not entirely the word of God. Rather, the pope and I, and others around the world who have seen the truth are speaking for God. We challenge all the lies that mortals have been parading as God’s word. In my next blog, I will start a mini-series on some examples of doctrines that I call man-made lies, as well as possible misinterpretations of the words of Christ. Please be advised that I ain’t bullshiting ya, meeeeeeeeen!!!

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