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NOTE: First published on June 13, 2021. The “Published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site.

This is “No Bullshiting”, by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

I picked today’s “No Bullshitting” Blog (NBB) Praise-Worship SUNDAY-SUNDAY MEDICINE song for two reasons, thus:

1) It’s the music of my buddy, Onyekwelu (Onye) Onubogu, fundly known as “Borgus” by friends.

2) The music is great, and it speaks to my inspired message of the day, which is very brief.

Oh yes, indeed; my message is brief and simple, because it is actually a repeat of a philosophy that I have blogged more than once before. The frequent repetition is due to my true belief in it. A lot of us, the humans, go to church every Sunday, or go to mosque every Friday, or go wherever it is that we regularly visit to worship God in our kinds of religion. And, we are always requesting something or another from God. But, do we ever remember that there are Godly codes and principles that help to give efficacy to those demands or requests that you put forward to God in prayers? I highlight ‘demand’ because of the modes of prayers in Christianity these days. Some Pentecostal Christians have been made by their new-wave pastors to believe that they must be “affirmative” in tone and words when they pray to God. They call it a show of faith that their prayers will be answered. Well, I don’t completely know about God, but I do know that if you shout and yell at me, commanding me to give you my possession, you ain’t getting shit from me, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Since God “made us in His image”, I am god, too (note the small ‘g’ for my own category as the image of God). So, I’m presently thinking like God, and telling you how He is likely to view the mentality of shouting at Him and commanding Him to answer prayers.

Hahahahahaaah!!! Yes, I laugh each time I hear some Pentecostal Christians shouting and yelling at the top of their voices as they pray. I’m like…Silly, God is not deaf, meeeeeeen!!! You can whisper to Him as you pray and He hears you perfectly. In fact, all you have to do is think about anything that you want to present in your prayer, and He already hears you. He can read your thought. If you don’t believe this to be true, then it makes you a hypocrite if you profess to believe in God. I’ll tell you why: You claim that you believe that God is omniscient and omnipresent. This means that He is everywhere inside you, outside you, and in the world, and He knows everything. This, among other things, means that he actually knows everything that you will say and do today, tomorrow, and all the way till the day you die.

So, what is the essence of all the shouting when we pray? Why don’t we pray quietly and gently to the God who hears us even when we think, huh, huh??

Anyway, my buddy’s song talks about a barren woman who was seeking a child, but failing to follow the right approach or do the right things that facilitate prayer to be answered. She was “the first to arrive in church every Sunday, and the last to go home”, yet, she was found wanting in Godliness, including failure to pay tithe. In other words, she was a hypocritical Christian. But, let me quickly say, as always, that the tithe that I talk about in my own context, is not to enrich your pastor, who steal tithe from the rightful owners. I mean for you to help your fellow humans in need…that’s what God commands us to do with tithe (Deuteronomy 14:22-29).

Anyway, the barren woman in this song eventually changed her approach, became more Godly, then, “she had a baby.”

In conclusion, I say that your own barrenness may not necessarily be lack of a human baby. Anything that you lack becomes the baby that you seek to birth. I pray that, as long as it is a righteous want or need, you will eventually get it if you remain as dogged as the little boy who was featured in my NBB of June 10, 2021. But remember that I believe that doing Godly deeds help to give efficacy to prayers.

Oh, by the way, I have not received positive answers to all my prayers o; so, pray for me too na, haba!!! I love that Nigerian lingo ‘na’, as a way of adding emphasis at the end of a statement. And, for my non-Nigerian readers, ‘haba’ is Hausa language way of expressing disappointment. It’s like saying, “what’s the matter with you” that you are not praying for me, too…as if I have any way of knowing whether you pray for me, or not; right? Don’t mind me, meeeeeeeeeeen!!! ������

So, here is “Barren Woman” by Borgus for ya: https://soundcloud.com/onubogu-onyekwelu/barren-woman

!!! 😁😁

So, here is “Barren Woman” by Borgus for ya: https://soundcloud.com/onubogu-onyekwelu/barren-woman

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