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NOTE: First published on June 15, 2021. The “Published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this is to avoid mistaking it as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting”, by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

I read yesterday an article with this caption—“Ndigbo not marginalized”—which is attributed to Chris Ngige, Nigeria’s current Minister of Labor and Employment. I’ve got to tell ya, the saying that “There is always a Judas among every twelve” will continue to be valid in the world, because humanity will continue to be human, and some human beings are BAD. 

Unfortunately, this proverb is as valid in my own Nigerian Igbo tribe as it can ever be in any society. It is unbelievably TREACHEROUS that, whereas many sincere Fulani brethren of President Mohammadu Buhari of Nigeria openly admit and regret that their brother has treated the people of Igbo tribe with hatred and injustice, some self-serving Igbos are defending the same man’s acts, simply for the reason that they have been patronized with positions to have power and enrich themselves, meeeeen!!!

Having introduced my basic topic and theme on treachery, and having named my subject—Chris Ngige—I am gonno hinge this writing on some very instructive conversations that I have held with several northern Nigerians—Hausa/Fulani in particular. 

It’s generally on togetherness or INTERNAL COHESIVENESS among members of a tribe, citing “major” tribes of Nigeria—Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa/Fulani. The common consensus among the Hausa/Fulani (northerners), is that southern Nigerians are often very willing to “sell out” their people for selfish gains. I totally agree, and Chris Ngige is the most recent example of this assertion! It does not necessarily mean that there are absolutely no northerners who also “sell” their people, too; but the trait is much more prevalent among southerners. 

In my encounters with northerners, many confessed that they (the northerners) always count on this treacherous tendency of southerners to defeat the south in north-south dichotomy contests, or conflicts of any kind. “Walahi, all we have to do is lure some southerners with selfish gains, and they will sell their own people,” many northerners confessed.

In getting into such conversations among northern friends and acquaintances, I first assess them for open-mindedness and objectivity, and the willingness to talk about the real problem of Nigeria, in a sincere way that is devoid of debilitating nepotic ethno-religious sentiments. In many cases, I tactically start by heaping some DESERVED-blames on my own Igbo tribe first. With this, I set an example of non-nepotic OBJECTIVITY and SINCERITY, before I condemn the flaws of other tribes or religions. IMPORTANTLY, I start with the FACT that EVERY tribe, every religion, every political party in Nigeria has GREAT members, as well as EVIL members, period!!!

And, naturally, once a typical objective, sincere northerner hears my condemnation of the EVIL PERSONS and EVIL ACTS not only in my southern Nigeria, but also in my own tribe and religion first, he/she is willing to listen to my observations about his/her own people, too.

 And, wonderfully, in many cases, he/she will also condemn the EVIL ACTS and the ‘EVIL-ACTORS’ in his or her own tribe and religion or party, too. This is example of EFFECTIVE SOCIO-CULTURAL COMMUNICATION (interaction) principle and technique in action, which should characterize every inter-ethno-religious national discourse in any sincere quest for ethno-religious tolerance and unity in Nigeria. 

All my “dogo turency” (long grammar) so far has been to state the unity among northern Nigerians, and how they put it in use to buy many evil, greedy, self-serving southerners who “sell their souls and betray their people”, as some northerners put it.

This is a good place to mention a Social Media group that I initiated, established with the communication/interaction principle of objectivity-and-sincerity—no partisanship, no nepotism, no clannishness, no religious debates, and NO RANCOR EITHER—where members MUST be willing to look their own mamas and papas in the face and say something like…“MAMA/PAPA, I LOVE YA, BUT YOU ARE WRONG IN THIS MATTER (whatever the matter at hand may be), when their mamas/papas are wrong. Obviously, Ngige WILL NEVER QUALIFY to be in this family of sincerity when he is willing to be insincere to defend Buhari who is not even his papa. 

The forum is named “Media Against Indiscipline,” and, in fact, you are welcome to join if you have such disposition to be sincere and objective. Here’s the WhatsApp link to join— https://chat.whatsapp.com/B4ljiBYgv1WHyJxTLGeGw2. And our Facebook page—

https://web.facebook.com/groups/1039993332720355/. The idea is to have a forum where Nigerians and non-Nigerians can condemn the COMMON ENEMY of Nigeria without sectional biases. And, the enemy is not the religions, not tribes, and not political parties either. It is ‘MR. BAD.’ Remember that the concepts called TRIBE, RELIGION, and POLITICAL PARTY don’t have lives, so they have no minds of their own. 

They can’t talk, and can’t raise guns and shoot anybody. Church and mosque buildings can’t do anything either! It is the BAD persons in all the religions, all the tribes, and all the parties who cause all the problems in Nigeria, meeeeeeeen!!!

‘MR. BAD’ exists in every tribe, every religion, and every party, causing all the inter-ethno-religious atrocities, by fooling, manipulating, and clashing members of the parties, tribes, and religions against one another, for ‘his’ evil selfish gains. Some of the bad persons are TRAITORS. 

The solution is that the GOOD PEOPLE in all the religions, tribes, and parties MUST shun unhealthy inter-sectional sentiments, and come together to fight the BAD PEOPLE in all the religions, tribes, and parties. And, this can only work if the GOOD PEOPLE are SINCERE and OBJECTIVE, without fear of, or favor to MR. BAD, regardless of ‘his’ tribe, religion, and party.

I repeat: if Ngige actually said that “Ndigbo (Igbo people) are not marginalized in Nigeria”, whereas politically-correct Nigerians nonsensically say that “it’s unfortunate”, “Mr. No Bullshitting” (not Harry Agina o), puts it bluntly, that “Ngige is full of shit! Not only is he a traitor, but a very daft one at that, and I will tell you why I say so, pronto, meeeeeeeeeen”!!!

Ngige is very MISCHIEVOUSLY DAFT in his hypocritical statement of his reasons for claiming that the Igbos are not marginalized. 

First off, the marginalization that the Igbo people are currently complaining about has very little or nothing to do with all the examples that Ngige cited in his propaganda. It is common knowledge that the Igbos WERE NOT BITTERLY COMPLAINING OF MARGINALIZATION, nor were they agitating for Republic of Biafra, until Buhari emerged as the president of Nigeria. The current agitation is going on because marginalization of Igbo tribe became BLATANT and HEINOUS in Buhari’s presidency. 

In his mischievous bid to justify his propaganda, Ngige cited that Ogbonnaya Onovo, an Igbo man, was once the nation’s Federal Police boss as Inspector General of Police (IGP). He also cited other Igbos in past positions, such as Pius Anyim, Mike Okiro and others. But he conveniently forgot to mention that those persons had the positions under previous governments, and not in Buhari’s current government. He mischievously, conveniently, forgot that, except on the lone issue of Igbo presidency, Igbos are complaining about injustice by Buhari’s government, and not the past governments.  Hence, his citations are daft.

Furthermore, when the Igbos had the named positions, other tribes were also in other positions, too, for balance. So, I’m like…Traitor, what the fuck have Igbo appointments in previous governments got to do with the cry of marginalization in the current Buhari’s government, huh, huh, huh??? Didn’t other tribes get their own shares in the distribution of power then, huh? But who the fuck is even talking about appointment of Igbo Ministers anyway? True Igbos are more interested in equitable federal infrastructural presence that benefit all Igbos—like inclusion in railway network—not appointing self-serving Ministers to satisfy the constitution, meeeeeeen!!!

You know, what truly pisses me off about Igbo apologists of Buhari, such as Ngige, is the fact that the Buhari who they are defending in their treacherous propaganda does not even want anybody to defend him. The man is proud to IMPLY as well as BLUNTLY ANNOUNCE at every opportunity, that he hates Igbo people, and they deserve whatever bad treatment that he accords them.

 I have heard two main excuses for Buhari’s sworn hatred for Igbos. One, according to him, is that Igbo people only gave him “5 percent of their votes during election.” His other reason (perhaps the root cause), according to Femi Fani Kayode (FFK), is that FEW Igbos killed Buhari’s “brothers” during Nigeria’s first military coup d’etat (January 15, 1966), which eventually led to the Biafra war of 1967 to 1970. I do possess a video clip of FFK, where he narrates that Buhari said this to him in a private conversation, vowing that “We (Hausa/Fulani) will never forget.” Imagine such bile boiling in an old man’s mind over an incident that happened almost fifty years ago. 

No Godly person can hate an entire race that way due to the conduct of less than ten coup plotters. The entire Igbo race, definitely, did not meet and agreed to plot a coup…just few military officers did. It’s like hating the entire Fulani race today for the atrocities of some Fulani jihadists, meeeeeeeen!!!

The man has meted so much injustice to the Igbos since he became president based on his sworn hatred. He does not deny it, but treacherous Igbo people like Ngige open their foul mouths to tell us that his government is fair and just to the Igbos, contrary to OBVIOUS FACTS. In fact, I believe that, one day, Buhari may come out in the open and tell such hypocritical traitors something like…“Shut the fuck up, I didn’t ask you to defend me.

 I am proud to teach Igbos—the Dot in a circle—a tough lesson on hatred in the language that they understand…you foolish traitor.” But, hey, all yee fake news creators out there, I have not said here that Buhari said it that way o! It’s my own composition, but the key contents like “dot in the circle” and “language they understand” actually came out of his mouth. 

He always seems very proud to make his feelings towards Igbos known. In essence, Ngige is crying more than the bereaved, just so that he will be seen to be loyal to the master. In his self-serving mind, the fact that Buhari made him Minister cancels everything that every sincere Nigeria, northerner or southerner, knows as huge self-confessed injustice to Igbo people by Buhari.

For a heinous instance, Buhari used a Transport Minister who bears Igbo names—CHIBUIKE Rotimi AMECHI—to conspicuously exclude Igbo land from the railroad network that traverses the rest of the country, and even extends to Buhari’s “cousins in Niger Republic” as he recently boasted to us.

 But, this does not matter to Igbo traitors, as long as they are Ministers. In his daft examples, Ngige does not care about all the clear marginalization injustice to the Igbos by Buhari, which stare him in the face, but he could go back in time to dig out appointments by previous governments, in defense of Buhari. Why the hell did he dig up those past appointments? Their APC political party was not even in existence those days, so, he can’t claim that he was/is defending APC’s integrity. Are you beginning to see why I say that his propaganda is daft in reasoning?

And then, Ngige tells us that “We (Igbos) are in Federal Executive Council (FEC), which is composed of a Minister per State.” This only goes further to infuriate many Igbos, by reminding us that all those Igbos called Ministers who supposedly represent the Igbos are there when the decisions are made to exclude Igbos in sharing all the “national cakes”, and they say or do nothing. They are just “Yes-sir” stock who watch their people flagrantly oppressed. They won’t raise a voice of protest against the injustice in that so-called FEC, for fear of losing their self-serving positions.

Typical of the condescending words and attitudes of many Nigerian RULERS towards Nigerians, which I hate passionately, Ngige said that “A lot of them (critics) don’t understand how government works… that I, as a member of FEC can influence things that will come to my State, my zone…” A man that behaves like a sycophantic fool is talking down on all critics of Buhari as if he is more intelligent. And, I’m like…Traitor, if you know so much, and we don’t know about “how government works”, then where the fuck were you when the HEINOUS circumvention of Igbo land in the VERY IPORTANT national railway network happened in that your FEC, huh? I reaffirm my standing position that, as an Igbo man, I am not even interested in Igbo presidency, IF ONLY BUHARI AND EVERY PRESIDENT OF THE COUNTRY WOULD RUN A GOOD DEMOCRACY and distribute the “national cake” equitably among all the tribes. And, the son of a gun called Ngige is talking about representation by Ministers like him who sat SUBSERVIENTLY in his fucked-up FEC meeting when Igbo land was schemed out of the nation’s railway network, among other things, and he did nothing.

I trust, as always, that you know, that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeen!!!

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