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Note: First published on April 11 2021. The “published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site. Though some issues in this piece may still be current (depending on…), this is to avoid mistaking it as current news.

This is “No Bullshiting”, by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

Welcome to today’s “No Bullshitting” Blog (NBB) Praise Worship series titled “Sunday-Sunday Medicine.” Few fans have messaged me in the past couple of weeks wondering how come NBB has not been featuring the “Sunday-Sunday Medicine.” The last dude was so disappointed that he mimicked NBB and gave me a doze of NBB’s radical language in his query.

“What the fuck is wrong with you, meeeeeen?” he queried. “I always look forward to your doze of medicine every Sunday, and you suddenly stopped. Have you run out of Praise Worship songs, or what?”

As they say, don’t dish out anything to other people if you can’t handle your own dish yourself. I completely agree with that philosophy, so all I did in response to my ‘angry’ fan was to burst out in a heartfelt laughter, after which I found myself actually apologizing to him, as if I owe him any serious obligation to feed him my “Sunday-Sunday Medicine.” But the apology was not without retorting with a joke of my own, thus:

“Who the hell says that I must serve you my medicine every Sunday, huh? I can’t recall receiving any dime from you for it; or have you been paying my alter-ego “Mr. No Bullshitting” without my knowledge, huh, huh, huh???”

Anyway, the dude pushed me to get off my lazy ass and come up with today’s medicine. Like I told him, I do still have plenty of Praise Worship songs in various genres of music to offer. And, coming your way today is a mellow Jamaican reggae rhythm titled “PRAISE ONTO JAH.” 

In other words, “Give Thanks & Praises to Jah (God).” In my last couple of presentations I insisted on just praising God with songs, with my argument that too often, humanity only thinks of requesting and requesting and requesting from God, without much of thanksgiving for what He has already given us. Today’s song by “Israel Vibration” music group continues the message of thanks and praises to God. 

The message advises you to give thanks and praises to Jah (God) every day, when you wake up in the morning, and when you return safely home in the evening. And, I add my own advice that even if you do not achieve what you go out to pursue some days, but you always make it back home safe and sound, don’t forget that there are many who go out and never make it back home. So, always give thanks and praises unto Jah for what you’ve got, even as you continue to ask for more…you hear me so? Tell them that Harry says so, meeeeeeeeeeen!!!

That’s all I wanno say about the music as I bring it your way, but not without a little of what some of my fans call sermonizing, which I call putting some commonsense into some nonsensical acts and words of too many Christians, especially the Pentecostal Christians. My topic of the day is the common cliché, “God’s time is best,” which often goes with its co-traveler, “Man proposes and God disposes.” Surely, I do agree that God’s time is best, because we have no choice but to accept His time for everything anyway. You can’t fight Him if He says that it’s not yet the right time for that goal that you are pursuing; right? Yeah, but, I do have a problem with that cliché when some people push it too far in the stupid name of faith, meeeeeeeeen!!!

Are you one of those Pentecostal Christians who do not know where to draw the line between faith and commonsense realities of life; those who are too fucked-up to know where HARD WORK, REALITY, and FACTS must take over from faith in God? For instance, are you hiding under “God’s Time Is Best” to be lazy in pushing harder for success? Do you always satisfy yourself that your goal has not happened because “God’s time is best” and it is not God’s time yet, rather than work harder to push the goal to happen now? If you belong in that group, my questions are: How the fuck do you know when is God’s time, huh? Did you have a conversation with God, and He told you that the tomorrow that you are pushing your goal to, is His time? How do you know that God’s time is not today, or even yesterday, huh, huh, huh???

If you belong in that group, this is your wakeup call. Like the fake pastors of Pentecostal churches, I wanno tell you that I had a conversation with God, and He told me to tell you to wake up and stop deceiving yourself, and work harder for your goal to happen today. Stop hiding behind “God’s time is best” to be lazy. While you sit around misguidedly waiting for God’s time to come tomorrow, your counterparts are pushing harder and harder to break some barriers that are not erected by God, and succeeding today. It’s only after that extra pusH that you may now qualify to say that God’s time is best. Besides, haven’t you heard that you may push so hard and pray so much that God would actually say something like…“Okay, my child, here, take it TODAY and leave me alone already. You are wearing me out with your persistence, so let’s make my time to be today for you instead of tomorrow.” I can tell you that I have heard God say this in my own brand of conversation with Him, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

The difference between my conversations with God and the lies that some fake pastors feed you, is that they claim to have the gazillion conversations with God in order to emotionally extort you for their daily bread, private jets, and other sinful material riches of the world that they indulge in their vanity, which make a mockery of the humility of the Christ that they are supposed to emulate. My own kind of “conversations” with God are simple application of your God-given mind to think about some commonsense realities of life, and my tips cost you nothing. I trust, that you know, that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

And now, here’s NBB’s “Sunday-Sunday Medicine” prayer of the day titled “Praise Onto Jah,” by “Israel Vibration” of Jamaica: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qu30BUfIcU0

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