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NOTE: First published on October 18, 2020. The “Published” date on the tab is the date that it was uploaded on this new site.

This is “No Bullshitting”, by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

Today’s Sunday-Sunday Medicine is basically asking for salvation, not material things. But, do remember that, with salvation, “ALL THINGS ARE ADDED UNTO YOU.”

Pastor Donnie McClurkin is asking God to make him a good person who knows how to worship Him. And, of course, knowing how to worship God is knowing how to follow His Ten Commandments, and, if you are a Christian, then this means following the TEACHINGS OF CHRIST, as the right path to God and His Ten Commandments, period!!!

So, when you kneel down to worship or/and pray to God, do you ALWAYS ONLY ASK FOR THE THINGS THAT YOU WANT TO GAIN from Him, or do you also ask for your salvation and how to make heaven?

Sure, I am aware that some of us do not believe that there is heaven or hell anywhere. Many don’t even believe that there is God. To such people I ask; WHAT IF THERE ARE GOD, SATAN, HEAVEN AND HELL, huh, huh, huh??? I’m almost certain that somewhere at the back of your mind, you are not completely sure that there is no heaven or hell; right? So, suppose the little voice at the back of your mind happens to be right, and there are, indeed, God, Satan, heaven and hell?  Have you never wondered? My point is, why not give just a little benefit of the doubts to the possibility that there is heaven to reward your good deeds, and hell to pay for your bad deeds?

Of course, I believe in the notion that nobody can actually be perfect. The Christ that is the reason for this piece for Christians, confessed that he was not perfect either. I have not read this in the Qu’an yet, but I’m willing to bet that Prophet Muhammad did not tell Muslims that he was perfect. So, the race to heaven is basically by overshadowing or overwhelming your bad deeds with your good deeds, period!!! Make continuous effort to continue to diminish the bad aspects of you every day of your life; that’s the essence of today’s PRAISE WORSHIP song. How does your own scale read, huh? Is the pendulum tilted more towards good deeds, or bad deeds?

Yeah, okay, we do believe in God only by faith, and deduct through the notion of DUALITY, that if God does exist, then, Satan also exists. Indeed, by this notion of DUALITY, if you happen to be a devil worshipper, then, you have actually accepted that there must be God, too.

Either way, no human has ever really been there in heaven to see God, or in hell, and came back to confirm to us that those

LIFE AFTER DEATH phenomena actually exist. Please, don’t count all the bullshitting arranged 419/wayo/scam of some Pentecostal pastors, their brainwashed or paid and coached cohorts, and their

FAKE TESTIMONIES of how they died and God sent them back to the world. They tell us stories of the kind of scenes that often appear in my own dreams, and I’m supposed to accept that there own dreams are directly from God. And, I’m like…where the hell do you think that my own dream worlds come from, huh? I’m sure that you have noticed that those FAKE testimonies are always built around tithe. They always tell us that the reason that God sent them back to the world is to inform us about the importance of paying tithe to the crooks that are called pastors… almost always, meeeeeen!!!!

Check this out, will you; the Christ whose return to earth is promised by the bible has not come, but our fake pastors and their cohorts tell us that they have gone and come back before Christ. However, instead of the salvation and all the other goodies that Christ is to bring us when he returns, the crooks want us to believe that God only sent them to come and STEAL tithe. Yes, indeed, THEY STEAL TITHE, I always sing like a song, because, apart from the tithe that we are supposed to “eat” ourselves in merriment, in the presence of God (Deuteronomy 14:22-27), the other tithe belongs to “widows, orphans, strangers,” and all THE NEEDY in the Society, not pastors (Deuteronomy 14:28 & 29).

Tithe did not belong to the Levites in the ancient Israel; neither did Christ collect tithe, nor Apostle Paul and his colleagues during the formation days of Christianity. Instead, Apostle Paul used his own earnings as a tent-maker to feed and clothe the needy.

Anyway, having said all that, my key point is this: Since none of us really knows for sure (the believers as well as the atheists); what does it hurt you, the non-believers or the doubtful ones, to give your benefit of doubts to the little “possibility” that lingers at the back of your mind, huh? Just try to do good to and for your fellow human, and even animals, for that matter, shikena!!!

Sometimes my heart bleeds when I see cruelty on animals, meeeeen!!!  “The Society For The Prevention of Cruelty To Animals” in the USA would sanction you for treating your dog or other domestic animals, because they have feelings, too. Even if you want to slaughter your goat because we have to eat goats and other animals to survive (strict vegetarians disagree), we should slaughter them sensibly without torturing them first. You see a HARMLESS lizard around you, for instance; why kill it, meeeeeen!!!

You should enjoy it as part of the beauties of nature. By the way, I do have a couple of confessed atheists Who are caring, wonderful people, much, much, much better Godly persons than MOST of the so-called believers in their hypocritical religions as Christians and Muslims. Yeah, I know; if you could reach me in real-time now, you would tell me to shut the fuck up, and give you the music already. So now, here is your Sunday-Sunday Medicine for today, titled “CREATE IN ME A CLEAN HEART” by Donnie McClurkin: https://youtu.be/vQl8DBUbEoU

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