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This is “No Bullshiting”, by Harry Agina.

Greetings, folks!

“I need you, and you need me, because we’re all part of God’s parish and family. Stand with me and agree with me…you are important to me, and I need you to survive…I pray for you, and you pray for me; I need you to survive,” and, vice versa, of course.

        That’s basically what Hezekiah Walker tells us in today’s No Bullshitting PRAISE WORSHIP Sunday-Sunday Medicine.

And, guess what? “It is God’s will that every one of our needs be supplied.” But, of course, we must do all the right things in order for those needs to be supplied. They include having faith in God (not your pastor); working hard (and not living in your church and praying for miracles for something that you didn’t work for); and, importantly, being Godly by helping your fellow man/woman in need (definitely not foolishly giving all your money to your brainwashing pastor, in the stupid name of paying tithe, or “sowing seed”).

Sure enough, your pastor is right when he or she tells you to sow seed or pay tithe in other for God to answer your prayers; but the farmland where God wants you to sow the seeds is not your pastor’s motherfucking bank account, meeeen!!! You sow your seeds by helping your fellow human who is in need. And, you don’t have to possess all the world before you help others; give according to what you have. When you see that there is someone near you who can’t afford one meal in a day, and you can eat three meals, with a little change left in your pocket; give the starving person the little that you can afford, so that he or she can have just one meal and survive for that day, meeeeen!!!

        As for tithe, if I said it once, I said it a gazillion times, that tithe is not for your pastor to live a flamboyant jet-paced lifestyle of countless exotic cars and heavenly mansions. Christ abhors such fucked-up material lifestyle by so-called ministers of God and Christ. So does Prophet Mohammed, or any other medium between you and God, depending on your religion.

However, don’t get me wrong o; if your pastor wants to live such flamboyant lifestyle, there’s nothing wrong with it, as long as he or she makes his money legitimately by working hard, as you and I do to make the money, and not by stealing God’s tithe for the needy people. Christians, please read Deuteronomy 14, verses 22 to 29 in your bible, and obey God’s command therein, about tithe. Stop obeying a thief that brainwashes you to obey him or her in the fucking name of pastor. Muslim Imams don’t steal zakat, and Muslims are not as stupid as Christians to worship their Imams.

However, please note that I’m not saying that you should not moderately contribute to help in running your church; just don’t be stupid to excessively contribute to the evil flamboyant lifestyle of your so-called pastor. Again, read the relevant passages in your bible to remind yourself what Christ said about the evil materialism of the people that you call apostles of Christ, who go extremely contrary to what Christ said and did in his lifetime. Such criminal pastors are worshipping Lucifer, and not Christ and God, meeeen!!!

Also, Hezekiah reminds us in this song to be mindful of what we say to one another:  “I won’t harm you with words from my mouth,” he says.

        You know, a lot of people don’t pay attention to this; our mouths are often so caustic and evil. We don’t give a damn about what we say to our fellow human, and how damaging some of our words can be to others. We vomit every rubbish that we feel like, not minding THE fact that some words we say to others can be more damaging than sticking a knife into their hearts. Some idiots even say evil words to their own little children, because they are too stupid to understand that such words can mentally affect the children in the most destructive ways as they are growing up. Some idiotic parents constantly bombard their little children everyday with words like…You foolish boy/girl…you are so stupid…you are this…you are that; no loving nurturing words to a child of two, three, four, five years old. And the poor little child grows with all the negativity bombarded into him/her. The same fucked-up parent blames the child when he/she grows up so fucked-up, because the parent is too dumb to realize that he or she planted the negativity in the child. Such verbal child abuse is often actually more destructive than physical abuse.

        Not to mention the EVIL parents who are so verbally wicked to children thst live with them, who are not their own children, but they are not that wicked to their own children…devil’s incarnate!!! Yet, such devil’s incarnates are the first to arrive in churches every Sunday, or mosques every Friday, meeeeen!!!

So, here is Hezekiah Walker with “I Need You To Survive”: https://youtu.be/LnaHTOUigJM

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