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NOTE: First Published December 1, 2021

This is “No Bullshiting”, by Harry Agina

Greetings, folks!

Currently trending in Nigeria, West Africa, is a recent pronouncement by the nation’s federal ruling political party, the APC, on fuel subsidy in Nigeria. The gist is that, come 2022, the government will no longer subsidize petroleum products, including and especially the Premium Motor Spirit that powers motor vehicles, otherwise commonly known as petrol, or gasoline, or fuel, depending on what part of the world that you are. The subsidy removal is expected with a whopping increase of 178 naira in the price of fuel, from its current 162 naira per litre, to over 340 naira per litre in 2022. And, as you can see among the above titling, No Bullshitting calls this move a political suicide by APC. Um huh, the leaders of APC are totally full of shit; and, this time, this is the shit that will nail the coffin of the already dead party, meeeeeeeen!!!

You can always trust that I make no frivolous comments. I always substantiate whatever I say with facts; and, where facts are not easily definable, I substitute with unimpeachable postulations. Currently, everyone in Nigeria who is conscious of the welfare of Nigeria and Nigerians is talking about the news of the subsidy removal. But, what nobody is talking about are the stupidity of the MISAPPLICATION OF THE POWER OF INCUMBENCY, THE POLITICAL SUICIDE, and THE EMBARRASSING, CRIMINAL STUPIDITY IN MATHEMATICS of the people who make decisions in the APC. As always, I am not interested in the subsidy removal news as news; instead, I am interested in the no bullshitting slant of the above three factors which mark the huge difference between political leadership in Nigeria’s demo-crazy, and leadership in the rest of the sane democratic world.

I will start with the true democratic application of POWER OF INCUMBENCY in real democracies of the world, versus the criminal POWER OF ELECTION-RIGGING by Incumbent governments in Nigeria’s demo-crazy. I speak of the fact that all the politicians in Nigeria have been so hooked by the criminal Power of Rigging, that none of them knows shit about the art of the Power of Incumbency, meeeeeeeeeen!!!

First, the definition of the word “incumbency” in politics, which, in simple term, means ‘CURRENT OCCUPANCY OF, OR CURRENT TENURE IN AN OFFICE.’ So, APC is the incumbent (occupant) party of the leadership seat of Nigeria’s federal government of the day. Now, let’s expatiate on my statement about “true application of the Power of Incumbency in election years in sane democratic world, versus the criminal substitution of Power of Incumbency with the evil Power of Election-Rigging in Nigeria’s demo-crazy.”

          In sane democracies with sane electoral laws where the votes of the electorates actually decide the candidates who win elections, incumbent politicians put their best feet forward in the twilight years and months that run up to the election years, and during the election years proper. In other words, incumbent political parties put out policies and execute projects that endear them to the people in election years, in effort to make voters happy enough to vote for their candidates. In fact, some incumbent leaders who understand the art actually hoard or withhold some of their best projects until the election years before they unleash them, so that the effects would be fresh on the minds of the people when they go out to vote.

          The story has been completely different in the demo-crazy of Nigeria, and we all know the reason for this difference. Nigerian rulers don’t give a fuck about the feelings of Nigerians and their votes, because they have always relied on election-rigging, whereby they murder scores of Nigerians in order to steal votes to get into power. But, here is what makes the current incumbent APC rulers so fucking stupid, more than usual. They are still basking in the euphoria of their past evil rigging machinations. They seem to completely forget that we have finally forced the crooks in the National Assembly to pass a reformed Electoral Bill. Um huh, they are too stupid to realize that when President Buhari signs that Bill that is now on his desk into an Act, the coming 2023 general elections will be completely different from Nigeria’s hitherto evil rigging business as usual. Yes, indeed, the APC leaders are too stupid to know when to wake up from their evil rigging mentality and smell the coffee in the new dawn of elections where the people will actually choose their leaders through the ballots. No wonder, the motherfuckers do not realize that they are nailing the coffin of their party, which they already killed with seven years of misrule so far, by introducing such evil anti-people policy of hiking the price of fuel to such evil level in an election year.

Let’s face it; it is very apparent that Buhari is no longer interested in politics, and he doesn’t really give a fuck about what happens to APC after 2023. He obviously believes that he has achieved what he had planned all those years that he fought hard to become president, which was to empower his Fulani people. Unfortunately, I disagree that he has actually done so, because he has only succeeded in empowering SELECT FEW with his excessive ethno-religious favoritism, by giving them the opportunity to corruptly enrich themselves beyond imagination. Note that I always add the word “excessive” whenever I talk about our president’s favoritism. This is for the fact that I do recognize that fair amount of favoritism to one’s own kin is okay; the problem with Buhari is that he does not know where to stop; he goes overboard. And, I advisedly say “select few” above, because any discerning mind knows that the Fulani masses have not really become any better-off with Buhari’s presidency. How could they, when Baba has been more interested in sustaining a trouble-making ancient mode of cattle rearing that continues to make life terrible for his people, than he is in reasonable developmental projects for them. Yes, indeed, the select few are smiling to their banks and underground bunkers where they hide stolen money, while ordinary Fulanis are suffering like the rest of Nigerians, meeeeeeeen!!!

Actually, in fairness to Buhari, besides his own election, he was really never so keen in helping APC candidates to rig elections even when he was still interested in politics. Hence, my words on democratically beneficial power of incumbency versus election-rigging are for the idiots who believe that they still want to continue with the already dead APC in 2023. So, even if Buhari proposed the subsidy removal move, those idiots in his party should have strongly advised him against it if they truly want APC to stay alive beyond the 2023 general elections, meeeeeeeen!!!

Next, let’s talk about the APC stupidity and criminality in what they call palliative for 40 million Nigerians for the fuel subsidy removal. How stupid can those people really get!!! How about the remaining 160 million Nigerians who will suffer the general effects of the evil hike, huh? But, let’s forget that for now, and talk about their criminal, embarrassing stupidity in mathematics. 40 million people multiplied by 5,000 naira is 200,000,000,000 naira (N200 billion). Then, multiply this by 12 months, and you have a total of N2,400,000,000,000 (N2.4 trillion) every year.

          Now, check this out: According to ‘Mr. Google’, Nigeria spent a total of 4 billion and five hundred million US dollars (U$D4,500,000,000) on fuel subsidy for 2021. Convert U$D4.5B to naira at today’s official exchange rate of 413.621 naira to one dollar (rounded off to N414 to U$D1), and we have a total of (U$D4.5 X N414), which gives us one trillion, eight hundred and sixty-three billion naira (N1,863,000,000,000). So, 40 million Nigerians will gulp 2.4 trillion naira palliative in 12 months; while fuel subsidy takes ONLY 1.863 trillion naira in the same 12-month period. Folks, our APC rulers plan to spend more of our money to punish us with terrible economic hardship!!! Nigeria has abundance of intelligent people, yet we have TOTAL IDIOTS RULING US ooo!!! Totally unbelievable, meeeeeen!!!

Now, do you see how criminal, and stupid, and idiotic, and crazy (all combined) that the people who are ruling us truly are? Those motherfuckers plan to spend much more money on the so-called palliative to just 40 million Nigerians (less than one quarter of our total population), than we actually spend on fuel subsidy. Now, remember that, besides transportation fares, the subsidy removal will shoot the prices of all commodities and services in Nigeria all the way to the sky, which will make life a living hell for the entire 200 million Nigerians, including the 40 million people who MAY or may not receive the so called palliative. In effect, the 40 million beneficiaries themselves will suffer acute poverty and hunger, and yet, the N5,000 that they MAY RECEIVE every month cannot even begin to cover the cost of the new transportation fares that are supposed to be cushioned for them. You can be sure that as soon as fuel is hiked from N162 to N340 per litre, a distance that is currently 100 naira fare, will jump to 500 naira, much thanks to the evil conscienceless greed of Nigerians who seize every excuse to exploit their fellow citizens to the max. So, the 5,000 naira cannot cover the transportation that it is meant to cover, not to speak of covering the skyrocketed costs of the post-subsidy food and other commodities and services for the beneficiaries.

And, finally, let’s address the FACT that the so-called palliative of 5,000 naira to each of 40 million people per month WILL NEVER GET TO THE SO-CALLED BENEFICIARIES. It is just another avenue created for the few privileged evil members of President Buhari’s cabinet to steal money. The insatiable gang is not yet satisfied with their Covid-19 palliative embezzlement and other forms of looting, and they had to come up with this as their twilight plot for their final looting spree before they exit in 2023.

          If Nigerians allow this subsidy removal to happen under this evil, criminal and idiotic condition, then we are truly as stupid as the APC idiotic crooks believe us to be. Every sensible person in the entire world knows that the reasonable thing to do is to make Nigeria’s refineries to function to refine our God-given crude oil, reduce fuel cost all the way down to something like 50 naira per litre or less, before the removal of the fuel subsidy. But the crooks in power since 1999 have refused to allow this to happen because they make evil money through the non-functional refineries. As always, I trust, that you trust, that I ain’t bullshitting ya, meeeeeeeeen!!!

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