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Gentlemen of the press, this is to inform the local and global public, through yourgracious, patriotic services of disseminating inf ormation, that the World Boxing Champion, Bashiru (aka Bash) Ali, has finally decided to sue Nigeria’s Minister of Youths & Sports Development, Sunday Dare, and the federal government of Nigeria to court, for defamation of character, and for the related loss of wages.

 This has become necessary after all the tons of avenues to cajole the Minister to do the right thing to settle the matter amicably failed. 

The lawsuit was filed by a former Minister of Communications, Dr. Abdur-Raheem Adebayo Shittu, on October 14, 2021. The bone of contention is: Earlier in 2021, Sunday Dare circulated a message in the media, claiming that Bash Ali is a liar and a fraud. It is very important to note that Shittu is pursuing this case on pro-bono, because he is a great patriotic anti-corruption Nigerian, who always stands for what is right for Nigeria. He believes that no Nigerian should do what Sunday Dare has done to Bash Ali and Nigeria.


It is no longer news that Bash Ali desires and aspires to enter the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest boxer in history to engage and fight in a championship match. He will defend his current World Boxing Federation (WBF) title, in the first Guinness World Records (GWR) event on the soil of Africa. Since 2006, Bash insists to stage this great historical event in Nigeria, despite all the offers for it to happen either in Europe, Dubai, or USA. His sense of patriotism has defied all the frustrating obstacles that some Nigerians in the corridors of power have placed in his way. He wants to bring great financial benefits and honor to his father land, at a time that the image of the country is in dire need of something positive, having been severely battered by several negative forces and factors.

All four successive presidents of Nigeria’s Fourth Republic approved Bash Ali’s quest because they all saw/see its merit and benefits. It started with President Olusegun Obasanjo who approved it in 2006. Sadly, because of corruption and bad administration, the project failed to happen under Obasanjo. Subsequently, President Yar’Adua of blessed memory approved the project in 2007, but, again, he same scourge of corruption and bad administration set in, and, again, the
project was not launched before Yar’Adua’s regrettable ailment and eventual demise. 

When President Goodluck Jonathan succeeded Yar’Adua in 2010, he
approved the project; and, yet again, corruption and bad administration in the
Ministry of Youths and Sports Development killed it. And then, came Mohammadu Buhari as president in 2015, and, the project was the very first project that he approved, in that same year, because, again, he saw/sees the
merit and benefits to the country. Mind you, all the presidents inaugurated the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of the project, except Yar’Adua who did not have ample time to do it before his ailment. With all the foregoing, Sunday Dare said that “Bash Ali is a liar and a fraud.”
He went as far as writing a letter to the International Boxing Union (IBU) in
California, USA, claiming that “Nigeria has never approved, nor supported the
project.” Before stating Dare’s corrupt reasons for such defamation of the
character of our nation’s hero, let’s go beyond the above overview and take you
through a catalogue of specific actions of the FGN to make this historic event a
reality in Nigeria:


Again, the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) has been fully involved in this
laudable and lucrative Project from 2006 till date. By a circular
FMSSD/SD/ASSN/NABA/CON/VOL.11/193, dated 14 th July, 2006, President
Obasanjo’s FGN, through the then Minister of Sports, Bala Bawa Kao’je (of blessed memory), called for a meeting on 19 th July, 2006. The cost estimate for the fight and other necessary details relating to the project were discussed. The Minister subsequently arranged a meeting with President Olusegun Obasanjo, where the president was briefed about the progress.
FIRST INAUGURATION: On 9 th November, 2006, through the then Minister,
Bala Kao’je, the FGN inaugurated the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) for the
Through a Memo—FMSSD/ASSA/NAT/NABA dated 21 st March, 2007—Minister Kao’je requested President Obasanjo to intervene and request some private organizations and individuals to assist in raising the much needed funds, either through letters personally signed by Mr. President, or through a fundraising dinner to be hosted by Mr. President.
And, with a letter—NSC/SD/BWBC/GEN/V.11, dated 2 nd May, 2007—titled: “Appointment as lead Marketer for Bash Ali world Boxing Title fight”, the Federal Government appointed Chief Kenny Martins as the lead marketer for the event. Sadly, the arrangement was not concluded until Obasanjo left office in 2007. In late 2007, the late President Yar’Adua wrote two memos to the National Sports Commission to host the historic event. Again, it was not effected before the sad demise of Yar’Adua. With a letter—SH/VP/SEC/328, dated February 16, 2010—by the Principal Secretary to the then Acting President, Goodluck Jonathan, the project was again resuscitated. On 27 th February 2013, the FGN had a meeting with Bash Ali and members of the LOC, at the National Sports Commission. The Chairman of the meeting was the then Director of Grassroots Sports, Yakmut Al-Hassan, who later became the Director General.

SECOND INAUGURATION: On 7 th January, 2014, another inauguration was
conducted by the FGN through the then Minister of Sports, Bolaji Abdullahi. The
LOC was mandated to complete the assignment within the first quarter of the year. The instruction was to undertake the packaging of the fight in an efficient, effective, transparent, and accountable manner. The Minister’s statement went on
to say: “Let me reiterate the fact that the Federal Government of Nigeria will not condone sloppiness or any act that would undermine the integrity of this Great Nation.” It concluded: “In conclusion, let me commend Bash Ali for his determination and commitment to fight, and to wish him well.” From the foregoing, it is very clear that the Federal Government (all 4 presidents), through the National Sports Commission, duly endorsed the fight. Yet, Sunday Dare chose to malign the World Boxing Champion Bash Ali, and defame the character of such a Nigerian hero.
Not deterred by the antics of some persons in government, Bash involved the
National Lottery Trust Funds, and, by a letter dated 19 th May, 2014, Ref:
NLTF/ADM/41/1/V.1, the body called for a meeting on 22 nd April, 2014, to brief
the management on how they can be involved in the project.


And now, to the approval of this present administration. On 26 th June, 2015, Bash
wrote a detailed letter to President Muhammadu Buhari, titled: Guinness World
Record Boxing Championship Fight Versus Corruption And Bad Administration In Nigeria. President Muhammadu Buhari approved the project with memo No. SH/COS/22/A/627, dated 21 st July, 2015. And, on May 21, 2019, the Bash Ali Boxing Project Local Organizing Committee (LOC) was once again inaugurated by Buhari’s government. Sadly, administrative bureaucratic bottlenecks and corruption set in again to frustrate the project. The Federal Government, through a memo—SH/COS/22/A/627/ dated 21 st July, 2015—wrote to the National Sports Commission in respect of the project. The Commission responded with a letter to the Federal Government—NSC/GRSD/BABP/CON/72, dated 12 th August, 2015—stating the
immense benefits of staging this fight in Nigeria.

The INTERNATIONAL BOXING UNION (IBU), with a letter dated 17 th June,
2016, wrote to President Buhari and the Local Organizing Committee (LOC), giving a final deadline of Friday July 15, 2016, to pay the hosting fee, and to guarantee the safety of the 132 member countries coming to be part of the historic event in Nigeria; otherwise, Bash would be removed from the ratings, and the opportunity would be given to another boxer, and Bash may never have this opportunity again.
In a response with a letter dated 15 th July, 2017, Ref: HMY&SD/001/2016/153, the Federal Ministry of Sports confirmed to IBU President, Don “Moose” Lewis,
the FGN’s commitment to guarantee to the safety of the participating member countries, in line with its constitutional obligation and under International Law.
The letter also has it that, regarding the IBU Sanctioning fee of U$D1 Million, the
event is private sector driven and the organizers are already sourcing for the funds in a domiciliary account at the Central Bank of Nigeria to facilitate payment. The Ministry of Youths & Sports Development would follow up to ensure timely payment, it said/says. It concluded/concludes thus: “While looking forward to the hitch free staging of the historic fight in Nigeria, please accept the assurances of the Honorable Minister’s esteemed regards and a warm welcome in Nigeria.” Bash Ali’s resolve and determination in the face of several oppositions to have this fight in Nigeria was commended by the then Minister of Sports, Solomon Dalung, during a Press Conference on December 20, 2016, and he referred to Bash as “Nelson Mandela of Nigeria.” The Minister also talked about the involvement of the FGN in the said project. 

On January 19, 2016, Solomon Dalung met with several bank officials for the event. The FGN, through the Ministry of Youths & Sports Development, with a letter dated 6 th May, 2019, Ref: NSC/GRSD/BABP/CON/74, sent out letters to several financial institutions and corporate bodies to inaugurate the event on 21 st May, 2019.
THIRD INAUGURATION: Consequent to the foregoing, on 21 st May, 2019, at
11am, on behalf of the FGN, a 22-member LOC was inaugurated by Solomon
Dalung. The Ministry’s director of sports, Ademola Are, the Secretary with the
office of the Chief of Staff of President Buhari was a member of the LOC, to
facilitate easy access to Buhari.
Unfortunately, President Buhari replaced Solomon Dalung with Sunday Dare as
Sports Minister when he commenced his second term in office in 2019. And, on
15 th October, 2019, Mr. President personally directed Minister Sunday Dare to meet with Bash and conclude the plan to launch the historic event. A meeting
between Bash and Dare was held on 4 th November, 2019 in the presence of all of
Dare’s heads of departments. In the presence of those witnesses, Dare declared that Buhari directed him to launch the project, and that, “henceforth, it is no longer Bash Ali’s project, but Nigeria’s project.” Dare also declared that “all arms of the FGN will be involved in staging this historic event in Nigeria.” Then, Dare said that it would not be nice for the LOC to be in court with the FGN while hosting the event. Hence, he said that they should settle out of court a lawsuit that was pending against the Ministry, after which he would invite Bash to guide him on how to launch the project, since he (Dare) did not know anything about boxing. The said lawsuit had been instituted against Dalung by Bash, for infringement on

Bash’s rights.
Bash informed Dare that he was not interested in the lawsuit, and that a simple
apology from the former Minister Dalung would have prevented the lawsuit. Bash
also told Dare that he was happy that he won the case, but he was not interested in the N28M that the court awarded him. He told Dare that the FGN should keep the money, that he did not leave America to come to Nigeria to earn a measly N28M. His interest was to fight for a place in the GWR in his father land Nigeria, for billions of dollars, and not some chicken-change in naira. Dare promised that the lawsuit would be settled before the end of November, 2019, and they shook hands on it.

 Meanwhile, the International Boxing Union (IBU), through a letter dated 11 th October, 2019, offered Bash 50M Euros, and 30% of pay per view revenue, to hold the fight outside Nigeria, since Nigeria had frustrated Bash for too long; but,
because of President Buhari’s October 15, 2019 personal directive to Dare, and
because of the meeting with Dare on November 4, 2019, and the assurance from Dare that the event will hold in Nigeria, Bash turned down the IBU offer.


From 4 th November, 2019 till March, 2020, Sunday Dare and his cohorts came up with one ridiculous act and demand after another, against all the issues that had already been settled. In November, Dare wanted to provide a consultant for the LOC, by which unnecessary funds would be spent, and Bash turned it down.
Sometime in December, 2019, Dare made a request to nominate a promoter for the LOC. Again, in light of the situation at the time, this was absolutely unnecessary; so, Bash nicely said so to Dare. Worse than that, Dare insisted that Bash must give him half of the Pay-Per-View revenue (that’s half of U$D3 billion). “I have people to be settled at the presidency”, he claimed. Such corruption was not in Buhari’s directive, so, Bash, nicely, told Dare that he would like to meet with the said “people”, in the presence of President Buhari. The enraged Dare rejected Bash’s proposal, and then, swore that “the fight will not see the light of day”, if Bash did not cooperate.
On January 6, 2020, Bash wrote a letter to President Buhari through Minister Dare, requesting for a courtesy visit to Mr. President, to thank him for his approval, inauguration and support, and to present to Mr. President the event souvenirs—Tee-Shirts and a pair of boxing gloves with the inscription: “Knockout Corruption in Nigeria.”
On January 7, 2020, Bash received a reply from Dare, saying that “no approval was given by Mr. President”, that he only directed him to meet with Bash to discuss the event. Remember, this was the first project that was approved by Mr.
President soon after he assumed office in 2015, which he crowned with the 2019
inauguration, and personally directed Dare to meet with Bash. Yet, Dare said
that there was/is no approval, all for the reason that Bash rejected his corrupt

From 8 th January, 2020, through 8 th March, 2020, Dare did his best to undermine the FGN and the LOC, but Bash refused to kowtow to their demands; so, Dare’s threat that “the fight will not see the light of day” continued. Surprisingly, on March 10, 2020, Bash received yet another letter from the Ministry, which was a second response to Bash’s 7 th January, 2020 letter, which was addressed to the President. 

So, there are now two responses to the one letter that Bash wrote to President Buhari. Dare’s first letter had requested Bash to withdraw the lawsuit from court in order to launch the project; and the second contradictory letter said that “the FGN has never been involved in the hosting of the event.” Without doubt, this letter was aimed at damaging Bash’s image and career in the
international community.
The lawsuit was settled out of court on March 25, 2020, as had been agreed upon by the parties, with a payment of N15m to Bash by Sunday Dare, instead of the N28M that was awarded against the FGN by the court. It is very pertinent to mention that Dare refused to pay Bash the N15m through a bank; he insisted in paying with cash money, in a society where the government is encouraging cashless transactions. It is also pertinent to mention that Bash actually rejected the money; he asked Dare to donate it to President Buhari’s government, in appreciation of Mr. President’s support, but Dare refused, insisting that Bash must
accept the N15m. What does the rejection of Bash’s donation to the FGN, and the cash payment method imply? We let the public to be the judge.
Still determined to show his appreciation to Buhari, on May 18, 2020, Bash
returned a balance of N2m from the N15m settlement to the Ministry, after paying
his lawyers for the lawsuit. This was submitted with a letter to President Buhari,
which expressed Bash’s appreciation and the return (donation) of the N2m. He
also gave Dare some customized Tee-shirts that had the photo of Dare, and the
inscription: “Join The Minister And me To Knockout Corruption” boldly written on it, as well as a Boxing Glove that said, “Knockout Corruption.”
Rather than appreciate the gifts, Dare called Bash on phone, lambasting him that
he was making fun of him; that he did not need any gift from Bash; instead, “I need your cooperation as I demanded”, he fumed. He also ordered Bash to remove
the money aspect from the letter and resubmit it; otherwise, “the fight will not see the light of day”, he repeated. Bash refused, stating that the money was for Buhari, and not for Dare.
Still not done, on 20 th May, 2021, Dare called a Press Conference, and once again
told the world that the FGN has never been involved in the historic fight, hence, all the inaugurations, letters to the International Boxing Bodies, etc, “are all fraud.” Again, since 2006 when Bash started dealing with the FGN, he has turned down several juicy offers to fight outside Nigeria, because he is patriotic and truly believes that Nigerians should always put Nigeria first. Despite several reports by local and international newspapers, including the New York Times, which said that “Bash is Campaigning In Vain In Nigeria.” Bash is ready to shock the world by rewriting Boxing History and silencing all critics; and the only reason that this historic fight has not held in the past 15 years is because he says ‘no’ to corruption and bad administration in Nigeria!!!


Bash Ali is the only boxer in the entire world to win a World Boxing Title without first boxing as an amateur. He is also the only boxer to win every Cruiserweight boxing title that has ever been conceived, thus: United States Boxing Association (USBA), California; the continental North America Boxing Federation (NABF);
World Boxing Council International (WBCI—twice); and the current World Boxing Federation (WBF) Champion. Bash is the only boxer that has a World Boxing Organization—the World Boxing Federation (WBF). He is the current Champion of WBF, which he won by knocking out Terry Ray of America on
September 9, 2000. Bash is the No. 1 boxer who is qualified to be in the Guinness Book of World Records. In recognition of these achievements, as well as his financial contribution towards Sports development and promotion in Nigeria, Bash was bestowed with the highest national honor ever given to a Nigerian
athlete—Officer of the Order of the Niger, OON. WHAT THE FIGHT HOLDS FOR NIGERIA & AFRICA

All Guinness World Record Boxing Championship Fights so far have only held in the United States of America (USA). Bash’s fight will be the first outside America. Obviously, this means a lot for the continent of Africa, and Nigeria in particular. This historic event, because of the Covid-19 restriction of movement and gathering around the world, will be the most lucrative in the history of Pay- Per-View Television (PPVTV). It is expected to be watched live by estimated audience of between 30 million and 35 million people, at the rate of $100 per
view, for a $3 billion minimum revenue. This does not include another $1 billion revenue, minimum, from sales of souvenirs, sponsorships and adverts.
Importantly, sports Academies with Olympic size swimming pool and Sports Equipment Manufacturing Factory will be built across Nigeria in all six regions, costing $20m each. It is pertinent to point out that the Ministry of Sports is not putting up a Kobo to host this historic event. The ministry, on behalf of the Federal Government, is only to midwife the event.

 In fact, the Ministry stands to earn between 50 million and 100 million U$D (not naira) from the event, all things being equal, in addition to the 30% share going to the FGN. It is unfortunate that President Buhari is borrowing money to fund his developmental projects, and he has a Minister who flouts his directive for a project that will bring in such huge amount of free dollars into the nation’s purse because of his personal corrupt demands…unbelievable!!!
Mind you, Bash Ali is among the most generous persons on planet earth; so, he
was more than willing to share a reasonable sum to Dare personally, over and above the entitlements of the Ministry of Sports (U$D100m), and the Federal Government’s 30% share of the U$D3 billion PPVTV. But, Dare insisted that he had to have U$D1.5 billion. 

This point is very pertinent to conclude this message, for the reason that some Nigerians do wonder how come that Bash does not want other people like Dare to “chop” from the project. Please know it now that Bash did offer Dare much more than any other Nigerian would ever offer anybody. Dare is just very corrupt with unbelievable impunity; and greedy, too!!!

The prayers of the world Boxing Champion, Bash Ali, to the Court of Nigeria against Sunday Dare and the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria are contained in the following excerpt of the lawsuit, as filed by Dr. Adbayo Shittu, on October 14, 2021:
“Whereof the Plaintiff claims against the Defendants jointly and severally as

a. “A Declaration that the withdrawal of the support given to the Plaintiff’s fight by the 1 st Defendant despite clear and unequivocal approval of the fight by the Federal Government is wrongful, illegal,
unjustifiable, mischievous, unpatriotic, unlawful, null and void and of no effect whatsoever.
b. “A Declaration that the Press Conference addressed by the 1 st Defendant on 20 th May, 2020 is mischievous, ill-motivated, defamatory of the Plaintiff and most uncharitable and unpatriotic of a Minister of the Federal Republic.
c. “An Order directing the 1 st Defendant to retract the defamatory matter published against the Plaintiff and that the retraction be conspicuously published on the front pages of 4 National Dailies viz,
The Punch, The Nation, The Nigerian Tribune and The Guardian Newspapers respectively. d. “An Order directing the Defendants to resume their support for the Plaintiff’s Guinness World Record fight as sanctioned by the Federal Government, by making all protocol, security, consular and other logistics available to him and/or the Local Organizing Committee already set up. e. “An Order directing the 1 st defendants to pay the Plaintiff the sum of One Billion (N1,000,000,000.00) as exemplary and aggravated damages for the defamatory matter published against the Plaintiff. “An Order that the Defendants pay to the Plaintiff the sum of Five Hundred Billion (N500,000,000,000.00) for loss of income, arising from the unlawful, malicious and/or arbitrary denial of arbitrary suspension, cancellation, and/or withdrawal of governmental approval and /or patronage. g. “Cost of this suit which is assessed at N100,000,000.00.

Dated this 14 th day of October, 2021.
“Dr. Abdur-Raheem Adebayo Shittu Plaintiff’s Counsel, Plot 596, David Jembewon Crescent,
Opposite Casa De Lucy Hotel, Behind Eterna Oil & Gas, Apo Zone E, Abuja.”

Phone: 08035868386 & 09053666666
Harry Agina: Communication & Publicity Director, Bash Ali GWR Boxing
Project 08022806385

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